Salt Of The Earth

By June 19, 2017Uncategorized

Our three super scientists, Alex, Alexander and Bobby, headed to The University of Manchester on Monday to take part in the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry. These festivals run every year where schools compete against each other to test their practical and analytical chemistry skills. There were fifteen schools from the North West this year so the challenge was tough.


The first task was to find out “Who was the Prime Suspect?”. The trio had to undertake tube tests and run chromatography samples as well as decipher codes to decide who they suspected committed the crime. The afternoon task involved flame testing and density determination to produce the best rainbow possible. After all their hard work they got treated to the University Flash Bang Show which demonstrates the beauty of Chemistry with lots of spectacular reactions.


It was an excellent day and the icing was definitely put on the cake as our lads won First Place in the University Challenge providing the school with a full set of Molymod molecular modelling kit.


Well done boys you represented Oakhill exceptionally well and we are very proud of this great achievement.