You don’t have to look too far to find evidence of the past. A walk down to Whalley Parish church with Year 5 and 6 showed just how true that is. As part of our local time line topic, the children set off to see what they could find in the church yard. Their first find was the ancient chancel door complete with sanctuary knocker. Thought to date from the 13th century, the door was a reminder of the days when the church offered protection to those in danger.


Next were the three Celtic crosses standing tall and proud amidst the many tomb stones. These were said to have dated from the time of Paulinus in the 7th century but more recently, historians have agreed that they are more likely to have been from the 10th century – still very old! A huge variety of windows gave us the opportunity to study Norman and medieval architectural details, while the tower proved a fine example of 15th century engineering. The children were intrigued by the grave stones and searched determinedly for the oldest and the most interesting.


Armed with iPads, the children took photos of the evidence they found; back in class they have been using their photos for further research work and as the starting point for some careful observation drawing. We didn’t have long in Whalley but we discovered a huge amount about the history of our beautiful village. Next stop – the Abbey!