A group of Year 9 pupils achieved marketing success at an enterprise event hosted by Young Enterprise at UCFB Burnley. The team of ten pupils invested in a mobile milkshake business based in London. Upon securing financial backing they decided to develop the business by capitalising on its mobile nature and touring the summer festivals. “Shake Shak” chose to launch at Glastonbury Festival with music themed specials such as “Uptown shake” and “All about the shake”. Creativity flowed through the design of the logo which featured across staff uniform, promotional materials, menus and on the “Shake Shak” van.


The Marketing award was given to the team that communicated most effectively with its customers.

Congratulations to Abbie, Adam, Amy, Charlotte, Emma, Hannah, Harriet, Imogen, Sam and Taylor.

Move it! Shake it! Enjoy it! at the Shake Shak.