The staff and pupils at Oakhill are celebrating after receiving their best ever Inspection Report. The inspection team visited at the end of January and they came into lessons, spoke to staff and children, looked at books and at the pupil and parent questionnaire responses. They were in school from Tuesday to Friday to complete this work.


The published report shows that the school has improved in four main areas. Teaching, governance and leadership were awarded excellent and Oakhill Nursery and Early Years were given outstanding. Oakhill was already excellent in the previous report on the pupils’ personal development, pastoral care and welfare, health and safety and remained excellent in these areas.


The inspectors said “The pupils’ achievement and learning are good; standards of attainment have improved in recent years and they are outstanding in EYFS. Pupils are strongly supported by the excellent quality of teaching throughout the school. Links with the local community are strong and the pupils benefit from an enriching range of trips and visits.”


They also said “The quality of pupils’ personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent. The school fully meets its aim of developing spiritual awareness within a cohesive community, whilst instilling mutual respect and understanding. Service to others permeates the daily life of the school.”


Of Oakhill Nursery and Early Years the report says, “ the early years provision is outstanding at meeting the needs of the range of children. All members of staff are highly committed to the children in their care. They know them and their families extremely well.”


Oakhill Principal, Mrs Riley, said, “We are absolutely thrilled that Oakhill’s strengths have been recognised. The school has improved from good to excellent or outstanding in four key areas – teaching, Early Years, governance and leadership. Oakhill has always had an excellent reputation for its caring, family environment and the improvement in academic attainment for all of the pupils in our care is a cause for celebration.”


“I am particularly pleased with the fact that the distinct nature of Oakhill was recognised by the Inspection Team. The report states that ‘Focusing upon the needs of pupils as individuals is a hallmark of its ethos.”