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Watch out Mrs Smith – there are some new PE teachers in town!

By March 23, 2015Uncategorized


This half term Year 9 have been studying sports leadership. They began by deciding on what makes a good leader and the qualities that all leaders should exhibit. Patience, empathy, experience and good communication skills were some of the criteria that Year 9 decided all good leaders should have. The pupils then held a hot debate on great leaders from sport and throughout history.


The class split into groups and were set a challenge to plan a session to teach to Years 5 and 6. Each group chose a different sport/activity to teach including basketball, hockey, netball, dodgeball and gymnastics. Each group had to structure the 30 minute session including a thorough warm up and stretch, a skills and drills section and finally ending in either a conditioned game or performance.


Before Year 9 were let loose on our juniors they fine tuned their sessions by practicing on their peers. This was an interesting experience and the whole group learned about the importance of confidence, voice projection and how to simplify drills and use differentiation to push our more talented individuals.


The sessions went extremely well and Year 9 gave each and every one of our Year 5 and 6’s a good learning experience. Many comments were made by our juniors and all requested another session. The year 9’s evaluated there individual and group performances and set targets for future sports leadership opportunities.


Our Sports Leaders will be busy throughout the summer term and will be assisting the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn School sports games organiser with a key stage one animal Olympics, a dodgeball festival and an inclusive disability sports event all of which will be held and hosted by Oakhill.