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March 2015

Prep Cross Country

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On the 26th of February, Prep held their annual cross country race. Despite the wintry weather in the morning, the sun came out to greet the runners at the starting line.


All of prep did very well, showing grit and determination and true Oakhill spirit.

Those making it around in the fastest time were: Grace Garstang and Jake Chippendale.


Everyone cheered each other on and it was an enjoyable afternoon.

Well done Prep!





Oakhill film makers

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Year 7 pupils Isabelle and Ruby have been busy making their own stop motion video. It was a real joint effort as Ruby kept the camera still whilst Isabelle moved the objects. Each time Isabelle moved an object the girls took a snapshot and moved the object only slightly so that it looked effective. The girls got their idea from the Lego movie which helped them to perform the video.





Year 5 are hoping for a bumper crop!

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Year 5 have carefully chitted their potatoes as part of the Grow Your Own Potatoes competition. The annual event involves preparing, planting and harvesting two varieties of potato – this year Rocket and Athlete. The winning school will be the one that achieves the greatest yield of potato on a set date. After great deliberation the green fingered group decided that most of the crop should be used to make chips (well there’s a surprise!), some should be baked and some used to make William’s favourite mash!


Whole School Mass

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Mass was celebrated on the first day back to school this week to remind us that Lent has begun. Prior to the mass students wrote down up to 3 things they wanted God to help them with during Lent – these anonymous notes were then collected by the student chaplains from Years 6 and 9 and placed in baskets on the altar throughout mass. Our celebrant, Fr Peter Hopkinson, made special mention of these during the penitential rite.


Students from across the school as usual took an active participation in the mass, with our Head Boy, William Singleton introducing the Mass and welcoming Father Peter. Readers were from Years 5 and 7. Year 3 performed a drama called The Lost Sheep, which was a retelling of the bible story when the Shepherd went in search of a lost sheep; a parable for how Jesus seeks out the ‘lost’ and cares for them. A group from the Prep Choir sang the psalm and the offertory was brought by Year 2.  Mr Lacey, Mrs Sutterby and Year 9 pupil, Amy Wellock played a woodwind trio to abide with me during communion.


After communion, our student Chaplains from Years 5 – 11 were given their certificates from the Diocese of Salford and commissioned to be chaplains within the school.  Our celebration concluded with Mr Lacey and the Year 8 Samba Band leading us all in “Be Bold”.

Mrs Riley thanked all who had taken part – especially Mrs Keane and Mr Lacey for organising the music and Mr Kelly for planning the liturgy.