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May 2015

Cher Zoo

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The children in Years 3, 4 and Jessie from Year 6 were introduced, in French, to the characters from the book Dear Zoo.

They then went on to investigate the animals’ characteristics. Next we read the French version of the book ‘Cher Zoo’ and finally, the children put together their own mini-book, which can be seen in the photographs.

Building sentences in French

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Year 5 have been sentence building in French.

Well done Leigha and Lily for the longest sentence all about space travelling animals!

Also well done Betsy and Olivia for the most colourful animal sentences!

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Final Expedition

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Congratulations to our Year Ten pupils who successfully completed the expedition section of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award last weekend.

After their expedition training in the Ribble Valley over the past few months, pupils headed to the Yorkshire Dales to experience some more remote and challenging terrain.  Their two day adventure involved a 30km hike between Grassington and Hubberholme, with an overnight camp in Littondale.

All our adventurers passed the assessment, proving their navigation skills as well as being self sufficient for two days. Their assessor commented on what a great bunch of young people they were!

Well done and many thanks to our staff team for giving up their time to support them all.

Year Three have ‘BEAN’ going mad

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Year Three have ‘BEAN’ going mad in science lessons recently. As part of their science topic on plants they planted runner bean seeds in large clear plastic cups at the start of this half term in the classroom.

Having watched them germinate and studied their root and stem systems they marvelled at how much they grew on an almost daily basis. With the beans trying to curl round the blinds and up into the ceiling from their growing spot on the classroom windowsill it was time to plant them outside. We hope they continue to grow at the same pace and look forward to picking the first beans before the end of the summer term…hopefully!



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After a busy few weeks in Year 2 it was finally time to let the butterflies fly off to lay new eggs.

The children had watched the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly with great excitement and had learned lots of new information.

It has been an amazing experience and they were a little sad to say goodbye!

We took them to the tree outside Mrs. Riley’s office as it was full of flowers so there was lots of delicious nectar for the butterflies to enjoy.

Some children were able to hold the butterflies and put them on the flowers.

Down on the Farm

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Year 10 Geographers were out and about this week at Gazegill Farm near Gisburn.

Students had been contrasting the impact of intensive methods with organic and a visit to the real thing helped develop their understanding.

Feona explained the practises used in organic farming and Ian gave us all extra information about the government funding used to support the work at the farm.

Feona gave us all a hands on tour where we had the opportunity to taste herbs and flowers and feed lambs.

Thanks to Feona, Emma and Ian at the farm and well done Year 10 for getting the most out of the trip.




Prep Science Week Day Four

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Day 4 of Prep science week saw a change of personnel as some of the Year 4s had returned from Water Park.

Today’s theme was junk modelling and baking. Mrs Wilson and Mrs Keane became the Mary Berry’s of prep whilst Miss Ward and Miss Baron were more Blue Peter!

Vanilla cupcakes were on the menu with them being turned into bug cakes of the future.

The children had great fun mixing, weighing and beating but the favourite was the cleaning of the bowl always the best part of baking!


Oakhill’s Little Heroes

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On Sunday 17th May about 500 boys and girls walked 3 miles around Towneley Park in Burnley to raise money for Pendleside Hospice.

Eve, Edward and Nellie took part and they braved a cold morning finishing with a bag full of goodies, picked up along the way, as well as receiving a hard earned medal.

They were each given t-shirts emblazoned with Little Hospice Heroes and they all lived up to that. A much enjoyed morning and well done to all those that took part.



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Day 3 of Prep science week was a trip out to Eureka science museum in Halifax. It was an amazing day of discovery and fun.

The children shopped in Marks and Spencer’s, got money from the bank, put petrol in a car and even drove a truck.

The All about me section was fascinating although our best discovery was the picture of Noah and his dad who are part of the photographs used by Eureka themselves.

We also found Bella as a baby who was sat smiling whilst eating her banana.

We had a wonderful day with lots of fun.




Year 1 Pay Whalley a Visit

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Year 1 were lucky with the weather when they spent a lovely morning walking through Whalley as part of their topic. Armed with clipboards and maps they went on an adventure to see what they could find.

They followed the map identifying the different roads and kept a careful eye out for shops and landmarks.

Their long adventure finished off with a refreshing drink and brownie at Breda Murphy’s!


Prep Science Week Day Two

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Day 2 of Prep science week saw the children going out on a bug hunt. Our first stop armed with bug pots, nets and magnifying glasses was the stream. The children soon got over any fear of wood lice and beetles and were soon bragging about who had the longest worm or the biggest millipede!

The stream drew the children in too and they were desperate to find something exciting in their nets.

The next part of the hunt was around the school grounds looking for what they could find living in trees. Finlay managed to capture 2 bees!

Half way round the typical British weather caught up with us when we found ourselves in the middle of a shower of hailstone! Spirits were not dampened just cold although the hot chocolate made for the children by the teachers went down a treat!




Day Four at Water Park

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Year 4 enjoyed their full day of activities starting with ghyll scrambling (2 mornings on the trot for Mrs H!) followed by climbing outside in the sunshine in the afternoon. Everyone made two ascents of the climb so they could all be employed as chimney sweeps if needs be.

Year 5 journeyed up the lake in big canoes and walked back over a mountain, eating a picnic lunch amongst the bluebells along the way. Then they went out on fun boats for a sailing session. Mrs Livesey got to grips with all the technical aspects of sailing (feel free to test her new found knowledge).

Half of Year 6 headed off on a journey day to climb and scramble up Caw. They had lunch in a storm shelter! Upon return, they finished off by using the abseil tree.

The other half of Year 6 went kayaking and played water polo. Mr Lowry’s team won! The afternoon was spent on the high ropes. For reaching the top of the pole, several pupils were rewarded with cups of tea and hot chocolate.

The highlight of the week was the disco. Mrs Rawlinson and Mrs Hellewell hid in the library to sort out photo downloading and supervise Lego construction!


Drax Power Station

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Year 9 and 10 visited Drax Power Station – originally the largest coal fired power station in Europe. It now fuels the boilers with 50% biomass to conserve our diminishing reserves of fossil fuel and lower its carbon footprint. The pupils were taken on an environmental bus tour of the site which really highlighted the vast size of the station which employs 950 people in various roles from chemists to lawyers.

Process engineers explained the intricacies of electricity generation and outlined the need for the business to make profit and run as efficiently as possible with minimum waste and maximum output. Touring inside the turbine hall gave all pupils an appreciation of the scale of the plant and the importance of maintenance and safety. It was a very educational and interesting visit.



Day Three Water Park

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Wednesday morning got off to a great start. Everyone was up to full speed on sandwich prep having had a good night’s sleep. Some Year 6 went ghyll scrambling followed by kayaking across the water to go climbing in the quarry. The other Year 6 group had a journey day canoeing up the lake and walking back. Sam nearly didn’t return as he lost Geraldine the Duck in a game!

Year 5 used the climbing wall and spent the afternoon kayaking.

Year 4 first group scrambled up Tilberthwaite Beck before saying a very sad goodbye after lunch. We also said goodbye to Mrs Overton and Mrs Keane. Group 2 arrived ready for action and launched straight into canoeing. We were joined by Mrs Rawlinson and Mrs Livesey, fresh faced and ready for action closely followed by Jack Edgar who has come to join in the fun.

The teachers enjoyed the highlight of the week, namely Manhunt. Part of this consists of the teachers hiding in the grounds with all the pupils trying to find them. Being the dedicated professionals that we are, we were not found!

Spring has sprung in Year Three

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Well spring has certainly sprung in the Year Three classroom. As part of their science topic on plants pupils in Year Three have planted runner bean seeds, four different varieties of radish seeds and have been investigating the best growing conditions for pansies.

They have already had to repot their runner bean seeds as they are growing so well and all the radish seeds have germinated over the weekend having only been planted four days ago!

So with their fingers well-and-truly green it’s move over Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh and say hello to a new breed of ‘budding’ gardeners!!!

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

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After the Bank Holiday weekend Year 2’s classroom was a hub of excitement on Tuesday morning. The boys and girls arrived back at school to find that one of the eggs had hatched!

Just like The Lindo Wing where the princess was born, the Prep building was busy with lots of visitors too as they welcomed their new addition. They aptly called it Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and have been sat cooing over the chick all week! It has been a wonderful experience and the children have learned so much.

The children, from all year groups, have been keen each day to find out if Charlotte would stay an only chick. Unfortunately none of the other eggs hatched, but Charlotte had plenty of human siblings to keep her company!

After looking after Charlotte for a week and watching her grow Year 2 and the rest of Prep finally had to say goodbye to the class pet. The boys and girls were very sad to see her go and the classroom has certainly been a lot quieter without her!

Water Park Day Two

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Year Four had a great day developing their team skills on high ropes, climbing and problem solving. Felicity turned into Spiderwoman on the climbing wall!

Year Five rose to the challenge of a medley of activities including high ropes canoeing, orienteering and low ropes. Finn and Louis enjoyed their sandwiches (which they made themselves) . The girls have been a huge support to the team keeping everyone in order.

Some of Year Six had a thrilling time on the water when the weather suddenly changed and caught them off guard! We counted them all out  and we counted them all back in!!

The other Year Six group went kayaking and completed the most difficult high rope challenge impressing the Water Park staff.

Everyone made their own sandwiches. Bedroom inspection resulted in great improvements. One person in Year Six (you know who you are) confessed to not knowing how to make a bed. He now can!!


Prep Science Week

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Reception, Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 enjoyed a morning full of interesting critters as part of their Science week.

The children were visited by Becky from Coopers Critters who taught the children (and teachers) lots of interesting facts about the creatures but most of all taught the children to care and be mindful of the living things around us.

We met Giant African Millipedes – Millie and Minnie, a Bearded Dragon called Bob, Giant African Land Snails – Linford and Christie, a Chillean Rose Tarantula named Wincy,Reception

a Tortoise called Trevor, a Royal Python named Stanley, a skunk called Humbug and a Continental Giant Rabbit by the name of Florence!

The children had a great time and would like to thank Becky for bringing in all her fascinating animals.


Katie saves the match!

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Year 11 Deputy Head girl, Katie Maher was part of the highly successful team which sealed a fourth successive Northern Counties Cup after a dramatic penalty shootout win against fierce rivals Cheshire at the Arbories.

It was a night when the record breaking Lancashire Under 16s Girls team were full of heroes but none more so than goalkeeper Katie. The Hyndburn and Ribble Valley shot stopper pulled off a string of wonderful saves – including a stunning stop midway through extra time – to keep her team in the match.

These heroics carried through to the shoot-out where Katie pulled off a vital save to deny Cheshire an advantage. Katie also made three top class saves in extra time to deny Cheshire before her team-mates proved to be spot on in the shoot out.

Katie is also one of the team members of the Lancashire squad that were victorious in the National final against Essex. The team score was 2-0. This is the first time the under 16s girls have won this trophy.

Well done Katie and the rest of Lancashire Under 16s Girls team!


Water Park Day Two

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Everybody was up bright and early this morning raring to go – especially one young man whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday Oliver White!

After a hearty breakfast the boys and girls lined up to make their sandwiches for lunch.

Well done boys you’re doing a great job.

Water Park Day One

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After a wet drive up the M6, we arrived at Water Park in good spirits and ready for action.

Year 6 were either ghyll scrambling or sailing. Year 5 also went ghyll scrambling and year 4 set off across the lake in canoes.

Everyone got thoroughly wet and had a great time.

Dinner was pizza, wedges and salad followed by chocolate trifle. We all enjoyed a game of aliens which is a good excuse to wear out anyone under the age of 12!

After cocoa and a fashion parade of pyjamas and teddies everyone went to bed.








Year 11 Leavers’ Dinner

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There was great excitement about the Leavers’ celebration Dinner which was held at Mitton Hall. We hired a private room and the surroundings were suited to such a well dressed and well behaved group of young men and women.

The students certainly arrived in style – Head Boy, William Singleton arrived by tractor,

Head Girl, Georgina Bentley arrived driving her own rally car,

Declan O’Kane and Thomas Exton arrived in style in a Jensen

Sports Captain, Meghan Whitehead looked very elegant being chauffeured to the event.

Abigail Hindle also arrived at Mitton Hall in style

We hired a private room and the surroundings were suited to such a well dressed and well behaved group of young men and women. Everybody enjoyed a lovely meal which was followed by an entertaining speech from Head Boy, Will and Head Girl, Georgina of their descriptions of all the members of staff.

The evening was rounded off with a speech from Mrs Riley about each individual pupil and amusing and sometimes embarrassing photographs of them as youngsters kindly donated by parents.

Everybody was incredibly proud of our pupils and it really was an evening to remember. Hopefully the pupils enjoyed it just as much as we did. We wish them all good luck in their upcoming GCSE’s.










Animal Olympics

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Oakhill hosted the inaugural key stage one animal Olympics event for the local Ribble Valley primary schools.

Twelve schools in total participated in a variety of athletic events all of which linked to an animal.

We had monkeying around (obstacle course), slithering snakes (hockey dribbling), cheetah sprints and busy bees (target throwing practice).

Oakhill entered two teams into the competition incorporating all of our Year 1 and 2

Both teams performed with grit, determination and great sporting etiquette.

Our Year 9 young leaders ran the event on the behalf of the schools games organiser who remarked that our leaders were fantastic with the children and were great motivators who encouraged all of the competitors.

A fun day had by all and we look forward to fine tuning our skills and making it an annual event.



Teddy Bears Picnic

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Most staff and pupils look forward to a quieter Saturday after a hard week of work at school. Well last Saturday was anything but at Oakhill.

By 8.30am Duke of Edinburgh students and staff were preparing to leave for the weekend, treasure hunt clues and teddy bears were being placed around the ground and plants were filling the area outside the Millennium Hall ready for the annual plant sale.

By midday there were a lot more pupils around the place searching high and low for clues and teddies.

Then all went quiet outside for an hour as everyone danced inside the hall to Jedi Disco.

It was a very active time for all and a little too active for one little fella (wake up Max!!!)


Loom band wars

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Year 4 have been very busy creating a communal loom band length and today they decided to measure it. They comfortably beat the Year 2 attempt of 25.5m, theirs measured 88m which is twice the length of the all weather pitch and they haven’t finished yet!!!

Who will win the battle of the loom bands? Watch this space!


Manchester 10k

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On Sunday 10th May, Mr Peel, Mrs Sutterby, Mrs Rawlinson, Mrs Langford, Mrs Hennighan and Mrs Spencer ran the Manchester 10k race.

The team had been in training since January and ran in support of the three school nominated charities; CAFOD, Macmillan and Rainbow Trust.

One of the ways of fund raising was for the students to guess the total time it would take the whole team to complete the race in and the correct answer was 6 hours 24 minutes and 24 seconds. The winner with the nearest guess was Year 10 pupil Jacob McHugh who was highly delighted to receive his sports cap and water bottle as a prize. This raised £30 which the school council kindly agreed to double the amount.

Along with this and other sponsorship money the team are hoping to raise almost £1,000 which will be split between the three charities. Well done all of you, great effort.


WISE Women

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Year 10 girls recently attended an event at Johnson Matthey plc. in Clitheroe. The event was to encourage girls to consider a career in Engineering or Science.

WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) hosted the event to demonstrate that women are equally as good or better, than men in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) related jobs.

This encouraged all the girls from other schools taking part to contribute in the activities. We had a tour of the site, and had a chance to speak to role models who work in STEM jobs and found out about the different qualifications available.




Library Visit

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Mrs Westwood from Whalley Library recently visited us to read 4 stories to the Pre school and Reception children.

Once all 4 stories had been read the children voted on which story they enjoyed the most.

After a very close decision the winning story was ‘Busy Bookshop’ by Campbell books. The children really enjoyed this visit and our thanks go to the Lancashire Library team.

The stories we read were,

‘Rex wrecks it’ by Ben Clanton.

‘Do Dare Duck’ by Joyce Dunbar.

‘Busy Bookshop’ by Campbell books.

‘One To Ten Animal Mayhem’ by Thomas Flintham.



Year 11 Leavers’ Mass

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Year Eleven Leavers’ Celebrations began with a prayerful and poignant mass celebrated by Father Leo. Father Leo spoke about how much we are loved by God and how we should do our bit to live in God’s love.

As an example Father Leo said that we must work hard for our exams and pray that we are asked the questions that we have revised for. That certainly seemed to be the case as Year Eleven’s first exam was Religious Studies. The mass was very well attended by parents and grandparents and we wish Year Eleven every success in the weeks ahead.