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August 2015

Transforming Lives

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Proud Oakhill parents, Janet and Tim Darbyshire, remark on their son’s incredible Oakhill journey following his successful GCSE results.

 Our son, Sam, has had difficult school experiences, leading to anxieties which took him out of school for most of his senior years. He joined Oakhill in Year 11 and we have witnessed a complete transformation, resulting in excellent GCSE grades. Oakhill treated him as an individual and worked out a flexible, unique approach to ease him back into school life and learning. Through the dedication and support of the teachers he caught up three years’ work in just eight months with his confidence restored. He now has a place at Clitheroe Grammar to study History, Politics, Economics & Business Studies at A level. All this would have been unimaginable 18 months ago, we can’t express enough our pride at Sam’s results and our immense gratitude to Oakhill in helping Sam achieve his goals.”

LE JOG 2015 – A huge “Thank you!”

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Our group of staff and pupils have now completed the ultimate British cycling challenge of a journey from Lands End to John O’ Groats this August.  The route was 951 miles long and was completed over two weeks of continuous pedalling!  We enjoyed an amazing adventure and all successfully completed the challenge in one piece, and with only 10 punctures.

Pupils Jacob McHugh, Daniel Riding and William Singleton led the way, joined by Mr. Peel, Mr. Jepson and Mr. Kirkham, making a very diverse team aged between 14 and 68!  We were supported throughout our journey by Mr. Singleton’s best tractor and trailer, which also successfully completed the journey without any problems, attracting far more attention than the cycling team.  Our team of excellent drivers took on the roads of Great Britain with ease and confidence, usually followed by a stream of cars honking in support.

We are fundraising for our three school charities, CAFOD, Macmillan and Rainbows, and donations are still being accepted.  These charities were chosen this year by our own school pupils and together they serve a huge range of worthwhile causes, from cancer and bereavement support in our own and other local communities, to international aid for those in need elsewhere.  You can still donate on the link below:


We are very grateful for all the generosity and donations made to date and we have well exceeded our target of £3000.  We would particularly like to thank the following people:

Mr. and Mrs. Singleton for providing our fantastic support tractor and trailer, and coping with the logistics involved!

Mrs. Birchall and Birchall Catering Supplies for donating much appreciated food and supplies.

Our excellent team of drivers, Phil, Cath, Tommy, Gerard, Leo, Kathryn and Rob, for giving up their time and taking the wheel of ‘Beryl’ on her and their own adventure.

Mr. and Mrs. Baron for their ongoing support and a great celebration meal at the end.

Mrs. Sutterby and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Inglis (Jacob’s Grandparents) for their fantastic support throughout and a much appreciated barbeque at Loch Lomond, and coffee and bacon butties on our last leg.

Mrs. Rawlinson for her generosity, kindness and tolerance of 6 smelly cyclists.

All our friends at Oakhill who turned out to meet us as we passed through school to give us a boost and plenty of cake to keep us going to the end.

The people at the Severn Bridge for their special escort of ‘Beryl’.

Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Clemson for posting our daily blog.

To all who supported us through their kind words and donations, and the countless friendly strangers we met along the way.

Thanks very much to you all – we couldn’t have done it without you!

The LEJOG team 2015


LE JOG – Day 14 – They’ve done it!

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Congratulations on an amazing achievement from all at Oakhill!

Day 14. The Crask to John O’Groats.

Today we woke to clear skies and brilliant sunshine, clouded only by the mist of midges which accumulated into great swarms and made short work of us. We then followed an absolutely stunning route through the open moorland, surrounded by mountains, before descending through the trees to Loch Naver. There we were given bacon baps and coffee by Jacob’s grandparents which were much appreciated.

We then carried on along the road which took us to the A road. This was quite hilly and reminded us a little of Cornwall. We also saw the sea, as this was the coastal road taking us East.

After stopping for pies and pastries we set off again but unfortunately one of Jacob’s spokes snapped and buckled his wheel just as everyone disappeared over a hill. Luckily, Rob our driver saved the day and came back to replace it.

The last stretch was quite flat with a terrible headwind so the team was relieved to see the John O’Groats 1/4 mile sign.

At John O’Groats we were clapped in by huge crowds of adoring fans (4) as we toasted to the ride: finally finished.

We are proud and delighted our fundraising total has today tipped over £4000, way beyond our target. We have had tremendous support in many ways and encountered amazing kindness and generosity throughout our adventure. A huge thank you to everyone; we couldn’t have done it without you.

84 miles and 1100m of climbing. 951 miles in total. Job done.

Mr. Peel

LE JOG Day 13 – Inverness to The Crask

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We woke up to a chilly morning in Inverness which soon changed to an absolutely gorgeous beam of sunlight all day.

It was driver Rob’s first day today and he acted as a great support, offering more cake and a convenient lunch stop.

The roads today were absolutely exceptional, to say the least. The Scots actually managed to restore the road with brand new Tarmac, offering the smoothest ride of the expedition (in my opinion!). Not to mention that the views of the Sutherland mountain ranges acted as an excellent viewpoint for the lads during the ride.

We journeyed through Dingwall and descended over the moors and glens to Bonar Bridge before climbing up into the wilderness for our overnight stop.

Our accommodation tonight is the Crask Inn Pub which, in all fairness, is in the middle of nowhere! The views of the Scottish highlands are amazing.

It will be the last time the lads will be waking up for a ride and we are all more then eager to saddle up for our last leg and arrive at John O’ Groats tomorrow to finish off our adventure.

66 miles and 1100m of climbing. 867 miles in total.

Sutherland Tarmac – 8/10 Reported by William Singleton

LE JOG Day 12 – Glencoe to Inverness

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We enjoyed some better weather today and although we had a cold start we stayed dry and thoroughly enjoyed a ride through the glens and along the lochs.

We left Glencoe and headed to Fort William for the first cake stop then pressed on to Fort Augustus for lunch.  On the way we visited the commandos memorial to the soldiers who trained in the highlands during the Second World War.

We then cycled the length of Loch Ness to arrive at our overnight stop in Inverness.  We are excited at the prospect at being so close to the end now but looking forward to the next two days.

81 miles and 1100m climbed. 801 miles in total. Highland Tarmac 7/10.

LE JOG Day 11 – Loch Lomond to Glencoe.

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This morning we woke to a plague of midges before setting off down the side of Loch Lomond. The views were  stunning as we followed the cycle path.

We then went down through Glen Falloch; again a beautiful valley.  After our brew stop in a railway cafe at Crianlarich, the weather took a turn for the worse but brought with it a much appreciated tailwind.

We then climbed up through bare grassland with steep sided mountains around us before having a cracking lunch at the Glencoe ski resort cafe.

After waiting for the rains to subside we set out again and down the valley weaving our way between huge mountains shrouded in mist. Unfortunately, the rain hadn’t finished with us as it progressively became heavier drenching us all.

We had barely put the tents up when the rain and wind turned ugly; even leaking into William’s trailer room.

The weather has calmed down now and we are looking forward to crossing the breadth of Scotland along Loch Ness tomorrow.

60 miles and 1300m of climbing. 720 miles in total.

Reported by Daniel and Jacob

Clitheroe Food Festival Children’s Workshops – a great success!

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Saturday 8th August was the Clitheroe Food Festival and a new aspect for 2015 was the Food Academy – a series of Children’s Cookery Workshops throughout the day sponsored by Oakhill and Birchall Foodservice. The day was a great success with over 20,000 visitors to the town and the cookery workshops were fully booked with 160 children creating culinary magic and their families watching on.

CFF Academy Flyer



LE JOG Day 10 – Moffat to Loch Lomond

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Day 10 began with a wet start in Moffat, but once we had a bowl full of cereal and a few revolutions on the pedals we were bound to Glasgow. The ride started with an exceptional gradual uphill onto the lowlands of Scotland, with 10/10 ratings for the climb and the stunning scenery.

The ride through Glasgow was long and tedious but we glad to cross the Clyde and continue on the river side. We arrived at Loch Lomond a few miles later and the very welcome site of friends and family.  We are just enjoying a barbecue with Jacob’s grandparents and Mrs. Sutterby and her family. Again we are very grateful for our support along the way.

Tomorrow we look forward to leaving busy roads behind as we head into the highlands for our camp at Glencoe.

85 miles and 1000m of climbing. 660 miles in total.

LE JOG -Day 9 – Penrith to Moffat

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Unbelievably we are now on day 9 of our adventure, and we left Penrith in good spirits as the sun was shining, giving us a warm welcome to Scotland as we arrived in Gretna. After posing for a quick photo by the Scotland sign at the border we carried on North to enjoy lunch at Eccelfechan. The highlight of the afternoon was meeting a girl who was pushing a bed from John O’ Groats to Lands End to raise money for a children’s hospital.  She was on day 26 out of 60 and still had a long way to go!

Our route to Moffat should have been straight forward but we were diverted by a road closure high up in to the hills giving us an extra challenge for the day.  The extra climb was worth it for an extra enjoyable downhill.

Everyone is in great spirits and still living off five portions of cake a day.  All the best to everyone in England and see you all soon.

63 miles (plus some extra!) and 800m of climbing. 575 miles in total.

Scottish Tarmac 3/10 so far.

Mr. Peel

LE JOG – Day 8 Stainforth to Penrith

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Today we started in Yorkshire making our way back into North Lancashire and then on into Cumbria.

The team woke to brilliant sunshine which made a great change to the overcast skies of the past few days.

We soon set off and started climbing through the Yorkshire Dales through Austwick, Clapham and on to Ingleton before making our way along some very narrow lanes in Cumbria. Some of these were so tight that Gerard Singleton, the tractor driver of the day, commented that the tractor was ‘touching both sides’!

We also reached our halfway point of 475.5 miles in the village of Casterton today making us realise the enormity of our adventure!

For lunch we stopped in the foothills of The Calf, one of the Howgill Fells, and started the mammoth task of working our way through all the donated cakes and snacks. Many thanks to everyone who brought some, it is much appreciated by all of us.

Then, disaster struck as Mr Jepson took the wrong turning at a junction after falling too far behind! It turned out that whilst the team waited, and Mr Peel searched for him, Mr Jepson had continued along the main road and shot ahead! Wisely, he told a passing cyclist to tell the group of cyclists ‘with the tractor behind them’ that he was well ahead.

We found Mr Jepson near the entrance to our campsite, pitched our tents and welcomed Leo Baron; our next driver. We look forward to the start of our Scotland adventure tomorrow.

54 miles and 1200m climbed. 512 miles in total.  Cumbrian Tarmac 7/10

Reported by Daniel Riding

LE JOG – Day 7 Warrington to Stainforth

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After a good night’s sleep at the Premier Inn, our newest tractor driver Gerard Singleton arrived full of enthusiasm for the following ride. We set off at 7:45 with a tail wind which was quickly joined by heavy rainfall as we came closer to Lancashire.

We cracked on, made good progress and had a welcome brew kindly provided by Mrs Singleton at their farm house. Her brownies and flapjack were especially appreciated.

It was a further 14 miles to the welcome party at Oakhill where huge crowds awaited our arrival. The riders took it like celebrities and gratefully accepted the pasta and cake with open arms! It gave us a boost to see friendly faces and we are very grateful for the kind gifts which will keep us going for the next week.

We then set course to Stainforth with a pleasant 25 mile run through the Ribble Valley.  Bring on the Yorkshire and Cumbrian hills tomorrow!  We will also reach our halfway point just outside Kirkby Lonsdale in the morning.

64 miles and 1000m climbed. 458 miles in total.

Lancashire tarmac rating – 3/10

Reported by Jacob and William

LE JOG Day 6 – Bishop’s Castle to Warrington

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Today we moved on North leaving Shropshire and it’s excellent scenery and endless hills.  We started the morning in cold and wet winds but they soon cleared to give us a dry days and a few glimmers of sunshine.

We had a morning break in Shrewsbury before heading up to Wrexham, Chester and finally Warrington.

Our journey was a longer distance today at 84 miles but with few climbs and the flat roads in Cheshire were a welcome change.

We have been boosted along our way by the kindness and generosity of the people we have met, stayed with or eaten with.  Thanks must go to the kind and friendly people at The Gateway in Shrewsbury who had a whip round while we drank their coffee this morning, and also the people at Foxholes Castle campsite for their kind donations for our very worthy causes.  On Monday Mrs Sutterby was guided around a road closure through fields by a friendly farmer who also made a donation.  The tractor and trailer are turning heads in every county and are proving to be much loved members of the team.

Tomorrow we head through Lancashire and are very much looking forward to lunch at Oakhill (and of course seeing all our friends!) before heading into Yorkshire.

84 miles and 700m of climbing.  394 miles in total.  Cheshire Tarmac 6/10

Mr. Peel


LE JOG Day 5 Monmouth to Bishop’s Castle

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Day 5 of LEJOG 2015 was one of the most challenging with the rolling hills of Herefordshire combined with 3 punctures and other mechanical shenanigans. The weather did not help either as the majority of the day consisted of the fine rain that soaks you to the bone!

But the lads took it on the chin and, in the true Oakhill form, manned up and dealt with it. We call it rule 5; to toughen up and get on with it!

The highlights of today’s ride were riding back into the motherland of England and leaving sunny Wales behind us. Other honourable mentions consist of helpful Halfords offering discounted bike parts after hearing of our charitable ride.

Tommy and the tractor did a great job too. We are looking forward to a long day tomorrow as we descend the flat land of Cheshire.

62 miles and 1200m climbed. 310 miles in total.

Herefordshire Tarmac rating – 4/10

Reported by William Singleton

Staff Vacancies

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Vacancy for an Apprentice Nursery Nurse

We are seeking to recruit an apprentice in a full time position.

Must be over 17 years of age.

Applications for all vacancies to: Mrs Lindsay Shuttleworth

Please send current C.V. and a letter of application. Salary to be discussed at interview.

Closing date: Friday 21st August  2015

LE JOG Day 4 – Glastonbury to Monmouth.

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We have enjoyed another fine day of pedalling as we left Somerset and Glastonbury to continue our adventure.

Heading through Wells and up to Bristol it was an excellent day for bridges as we first crossed the spectacular Clifton suspension bridge and posed for a quick photo before lunch.

We then headed up to the Severn Bridge crossing and the highlight of the day was seeing our support tractor and trailer cross the bridge, which as a motorway does not normally allow tractors, and we were given special permission and an escort!!  Mrs Sutterby thoroughly enjoyed herself.  We finished the day with an excellent ride up the Wye valley into Monmouth.

We said goodbye to Mrs Sutterby in Monmouth who has done a great job as support driver and welcomed Tommy O’Kane onto the team who will drive the tractor as far as Warrington.

It felt good to cross into Wales and to be finally heading straight up! The team are in excellent spirits and are having a great time.

61 miles and 1200m climbed. 248 miles in total.

LE JOG Day 3 – Moretonhampstead to Glastonbury.

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Today we waved Devon goodbye as we cycled through Exeter and towards the Somerset Levels.

The weather started off cool as the mist from the night lifted. The team was soon flying over the hills and valleys, before Exeter, and one fantastic, sweeping downhill with 10/10 tarmac was greatly appreciated.

After Exeter, we entered the rolling hills of Somerset, cycling towards Taunton, and the temperature rocketed before we stopped to welcome our new tractor support driver Mrs Sutterby. Unfortunately, this meant saying goodbye to Phil who has been a great support over the past three days and full of enthusiasm.

Then, we carried on against a stiff North Easterly wind. We made it to Glastonbury, the ancient Isle of Avalon, at 3:30. We look forward to a good nights sleep on a mattress tonight and heading over the Severn Bridge into Wales tomorrow.

72 miles. 1100m climbed. 187 miles in total.

Reported by Daniel Riding.

LE JOG – Day 2 Lanlivery to Moretonhamstead

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Day 2 was a tremendous effort from all the cyclists and we were challenged by the colossal climbs and the fine rain.  The ride took 5 and a half hours and all riders were safe and sound at the campsite by 4 o’clock.

We left Cornwall behind and crossed the river Tamar into Devon.

The highlight of today was climbing up onto Dartmoor. The 450m climb was, as quoted by John Kirkham, “a minor inconvenience”.  We were greatly rewarded by the exceptional downhill cruises and the traditional Devon delicacy, clotted cream on a scone!

52 miles and 1800m climbing. 115 miles covered in total.

Devon Tarmac – 7/10

Reported by William Singleton.

LE JOG – Day 1 Lands End to Lanlivery

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The LE JOG team got off to a flying start today with our first stage from Lands End to Lanlivery. Cornwall was kind to us with sunny weather and a light breeze but very cruel with its constant hills!

Setting off the team were full of enthusiasm leaving Lands End and were in Penzance for coffee after an hour! The journey then took us over plenty of rolling hills up to St. Austell. Highlights were visiting Daniel’s former home village of Stithians before dropping down to the King Harry ferry at Trelissick to cross the river.

We arrived into camp around 4pm and are now busy recovering!  We look forward to getting into Devon tomorrow and crossing Dartmoor.

1679m of climbing and 64 miles.

Cornish Tarmac 6/10.