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November 2015

Sporthall Success For Years 3 & 4

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After the success of Years 5 & 6 winning the event the previous day Years 3 & 4 were determined to come home with some silverware. We had a young but strong team and after arriving we had our first practice on the turning boards. The team took to the boards like ducks to water and this really improved their performance. The team were confident and focussed as the competition began. They all showed fantastic sportsmanship and cheered one another on. The Year 3’s really impressed Mrs Smith and showed a good level of maturity not worrying that they were mostly competing against Year 4’s.


All of the pupils gave 100% in their events and achieved some fantastic results. Particularly the girls who scored in the top 3 in 6 of the nine events on the day. Special mentions should go to Maisie  and Paige Black burn who set the fastest time for the 2+2 lap race, they were fantastic and as fast as lighting, their faultless baton change overs helped towards the win. Pippa  showed excellent upper body strength and won the chest push event. Lilly-Ella  came in second in the girls long jump and Savannah  also got a second in the 5 stride challenge. These two girls also won their sprint heat exhibiting fantastic speed and turning techniques on the boards. The girls team scored the highest out of all of the schools competing.


At the end of the event all 14 schools sat down to hear the results and we were informed that all of the schools were in direct competition as there was no small schools competition for Years 3 & 4. This meant that we were in direct competition from much larger schools with up to 100 pupils to select their team from! As the results were announced we were declared the silver medal winners! This is an amazing feat and all who involved should be very very proud. This ended a very successful week for sports at Oakhill and there has been a great buzz of enthusiasm noted around school.


Cultural Visit To Saltaire

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Despite the wind, rain and cold, Year 8 donned boots, hats, coats and gloves to visit Saltaire and find out about the life works of Titus Salt. We were fortunate to have as our guide, Maria Glott who took us round the main buildings and informed us in an amusing and entertaining way of life in Saltaire in the 19th century.


She explained that far from being someone who provided for his workers as an absolute good, Titus was a shrewd businessman and ensured that Saltaire enabled his workers to work even harder for him. We were all given a person to find in the village and found out where they worked, how much they were paid and even some of the unusual language common to the time.


Following lunch, we then ventured into Salts Mill for an afternoon looking at David Hockney’s exhibition on Spring.


His works were made on an IPad and so students drew their own versions on theirs.


Hockney’s works were fascinating and it was wonderful to see the real McCoy after studying him in art lessons.


All students worked really hard and so were rewarded with a warming hot chocolate sitting next to a photograph of David Hockney, of course! Well done Year 8!




Going For Gold!

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Six boys and 6 girls from Years 5 & 6 competed in the Ribble Valley sportshall athletics event. The teams were led by our prep sports captains Olivia and Max. The team were under pressure from the start as we had won the event last year and the new squad were aiming to take the gold medals as their peers had the previous year.


Great solidarity, sportsmanship and sporting etiquette was evident throughout the event. All of our athletes gave 100% in their events and were placed well in their individual events and were seen congratulating their competitors on their achievements.  All of our team performed outstandingly well although Mrs Smith wanted to name a few sterling performances on the day.


Ben and Oscar took first place in the longest race of the day 2+2 lap relay they showed great speed, endurance and determination. Our boys relay team made up of Ollie, Arran , Monty and Oscar set the quickest time on the day. Outstanding performances from the girls were Felicity who won the speed bounce event beating all other competitors along with smashing her own personal best! Also the Bentley cousins, Olivia and Maeve showed great explosive power winning the high jump event for Oakhill.


As we waited nervously to see if we had done as well as the previous year, tensions were high. We knew we had done a good job and given it our all but it is all decided when every single result is added together to get the team score. As they counted down from bronze to silver and then finally GOLD! Oakhill was called out as the overall winners and we have progressed onto the regional round to represent the Ribble Valley.


Well done to all involved you should be very proud of yourselves. Training for the next places will be on Thursday lunchtimes.










Le Jog Assembly

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Wednesday marked a special day for the Oakhill LEJOG team. The group had a long anticipated assembly to tell everyone at school exactly how they fared on their epic cycling challenge from Lands End to John O’ Groats this August.  The route was 951 miles long and was completed over two weeks of continuous pedalling!


The team of Daniel, Jacob, Will, Mr Peel, Mr Jepson and Mr Kirkham enjoyed an amazing adventure and all successfully completed the challenge in one piece, and with only 10 punctures!


The group thanked everybody who helped out with the support vehicle; Mr Singleton and drivers: Mrs Sutterby, Mr O’Kane, Mr Baron and Mrs Rawlinson, and also to thank all those who supported the ride and donated to the charities with now over £5,000 pounds raised. Mr Peel has even had to reopen the fundraising page to take on belated donations.


Mr Peter Donnelly, a local director of the Rainbows Child Bereavement charity, came in to officially accept the donations raised.


The group would like to again extend their thanks to everyone who donated to the charities and supported their ride.

Year 6 Get ‘Internet Savvy’!

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Year 6 have been learning how to be ‘Internet savvy’ and keep themselves safe online.


They have designed these fabulous colourful posters to remind themselves and others of the rules they must follow when using the Internet.


These posters are on display outside their classroom for all to see.



Grandparents Tea

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Years 5 & 6 welcomed their grandparents to a special tea party in the Millennium Hall.


As their grandparents arrived, half the children served them a selection of sandwiches and scones whilst the others chatted and made their special guests feel welcome.


However, the invited guests had to work for their tea as a landmark quiz was left on the tables to be completed.


Once everyone had enjoyed the fabulous spread the entertainment began.


First to entertain was, the Year 5 brass group with a rousing rendition of God Save The Queen


Next up was all of Year 5 and 6 with one of their LAMDA warm up exercises, Shark Attack, which was very amusing and lively. Calming the mood next was Ruby with a beautiful rendition of Allegro played on the piano. Time then for our first poetry recital by Joshua who entertained everybody with, ‘The Computer Swallowed Grandma’! Time then for the Year 5 woodwind group playing Oranges and Lemons.


Another musical solo and it was the turn of Olivia on the recorder who entertained us with, ‘Over the Rainbow’. The first half of the entertainment was brought to a close with a poetry recital from Year 5 & 6 of the poem ‘Warning’.

Next there was a short interval whilst Mrs Overton read out the answers to the quiz to see who the quiz masters in the room were. Back to the entertainment and time for the Year 6 band and an excellent performance of ‘Oh when The Saints Go Marching In’.


Then, it was time for something a bit different, Florence reciting, ‘Thrials o’Life’ in a reet grand Lancashire accent, something that certainly brought back memories for most of the Grandparents. Time for another musical piece, year 5 recorder group playing Legend.


Maeve then entertained the grandparents with, ‘When Grandma Came to Visit’. The penultimate act of the afternoon was Matthew expertly playing, “Ode to Joy’.


The final piece of the afternoon was performed by the whole of Year 5 & 6 who brought the house down with their rendition of, ‘Oh ye Cannae Shove your Granny off a Bus’. The final word was given to Mrs Crouch who thanked all the people who had helped make the day such a success and requested another rousing performance of, ‘Oh ye Cannae Shove your Granny off a Bus’.

All the grandparents agreed the afternoon had been a great success and all looked forward to next year’s Grandparent’s High Tea.








Watch Out Andy Murray!

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Years 2, 3 and 4 benefitted from some expert tennis tuition last week.


Mark Schofield from the Tennis Dome in Clitheroe came along to Oakhill to deliver a taster session to pupils in the preparatory school.


After skills work and a competition Mark commented on how impressed he was by the standard of the pupils play.


Watch out Andy Murray!



World Faiths Day

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Last year we had the idea of organizing a day where the whole school would focus upon one of the major religions, as part of our programme of education focusing upon Citizenship as well as Religious Education. We decided that we for our first ever World Faiths Day we should look at the second largest world faith – Islam, and set the date for 12 November.


We are fortunate to have a contact with Vasiyyullah Bhayat – an Imam in Preston and a Chaplain at UCLAN. He came into school to meet with Mrs Crouch and Mr Kelly and from that meeting our plan for the day emerged.


We planned for separate whole school assemblies for Prep and Seniors and then rather ambitiously to focus on the 5 Pillars of Islam in workshops throughout the day. Mr Kelly coordinated the day and Vasiyyullah and his team of 5 Muslim volunteers delivered the workshops throughout the day.


The day started with removing shoes, greeting each other in Arabic, listening to the call to prayer and facing South East towards Makkah whilst we prayed the Oakhill prayer.


The assemblies introduced the Islamic faith to our students – for Prep there were Islamic artifacts to see and try on, whilst the assembly for Seniors focused upon stereotyping and the migrant crisis in Syria.


Throughout the day, students were engaged in the workshops on the 5 Pillars of Islam and were able to ask lots of questions of our guests to deepen their understanding of the true meaning of Islam. Students learnt and demonstrated how to perform Wudu – ritual washing before prayer and the actions associated with Salah (praying). It was interesting to learn about these and the declaration of faith (the Shahadah); charitable giving (Zakah); fasting during Ramadan (Sawm) and what was involved in going on Pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj).


It was a fun, engaging and informative day which benefitted all our students who took part – from Reception to Year 11. We are grateful to Vasiyyullah and his team for giving up a day to be with us


As they taught us, Islam is by definition a religion of peace. The Prophet Muhammad said, “Do not cause harm, nor respond to harm with harm”. It also says in the Qur’an “…Whoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” (Qur’an 5:32)  We remember with sadness the atrocities committed by a few Muslims in Paris, the Lebanon and Kenya in the past few days but appreciate that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are no different to ourselves and want to live in peace as Allah has commanded. We remember all those who have died, or lost loved ones and friends in recent atrocities and as a faith community we will remember them all in our prayers.




Pre School Learn About Diwali

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This week Pre School have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali. They acted out the story of Diwali,


they have tried lots of new foods including poppadums’ and chutney,


the children have made diyas, which are small oil lamps,


they have looked at some beautiful rangoli patterns, and made some of their own.


One of the children even modelled a Sari which her mum picked up on her travels in India.



Jac’s Candles Gets Off To A Flying Start

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The Oakhill Bonfire was a fantastic success for Jac’s Candles. The young enterprise business sold over 20 candles and many more pre-ordered which will be ready in time for Christmas.


The group were selling candles at £4.95 each and £9.00 for two, with a great selection of fragrances such as;

Lavender and Bergamot
White Jasmine and Mint
Candy Floss

Snow Fall
Noir Pomegranate
And many more!


Our special ‘Pink’ candles which are the scent of Candy Floss, are to raise money for Breast Cancer Research, all of the money made will go to the organisation.


The other candles’ profits will go towards a school project. Throughout the night the group did an amazing job and made £184.00 which was a lot more than expected!

For any orders and enquiries please contact us at jacscandles@oakhillcollege.co.uk

Remembrance Day

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Inspired by their attendance at the Whalley War Memorial Service on Remembrance Day, Year 6 have written their thoughts about wearing poppies and taking part in the annual Service of Remembrance.


They learnt about how the poppy became a symbol for this important time and how the two minute silence first began.

Their work is displayed outside their classroom for all to see.



Stations Of The Cross

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We are inviting students to design one or more of the Stations of the Cross, partly as an Art competition but also from a religious perspective for devotional use within the School during Lent. We would hope to unveil the Stations of the Cross around the school from Ash Wednesday (10 February 2016) so that students can follow the way of the cross during Lent.

The stations are traditional for Christians to follow during Lent and Holy Week and re-tell the journey Jesus made from being condemned to death by Pilate to the cross, His death and burial.


The fourteen stations are as follows:
1st Station:    Jesus is condemned to death
2nd Station: Jesus carries His cross
3rd Station:    Jesus falls the first time
4th Station:    Jesus meets his mother
5th Station:    Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross
6th Station:    Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
7th Station:    Jesus falls the second time
8th Station:    Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
9th Station:    Jesus falls a third time
10th Station:  Jesus clothes are taken away
11th Station:  Jesus is nailed to the cross
12th Station:  Jesus dies on the cross
13th Station:  The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross
14th Station:  Jesus is laid in the tomb


Students may interpret the stations in any way they wish be it abstract or traditional in style. They may use any media such as; paint, collage, pastel etc. Any mosaic pieces would be wonderful. The size of their artwork must be A4. Students should clearly sign their work on the back in pencil and number it according to the station they have depicted. All artwork should be submitted to Mrs Rawlinson in the Office by Friday 4 December.

To help students with their designs Ms Pendlebury has put together a board on Pinterest. If you type in: art teacher and then scroll down to: Ms Pendlebury art teacher you will then find the board ‘Stations of The Cross.’ There is a good variety of colourful images created in a way that all students will find something accessible and to inspire them.


The competition will be judged by Mrs Crouch, Ms Pendlebury, Mrs Wilson and Mr Kelly with the winners to be announced in January. Each station will be framed and acknowledge the artist. Students are not limited to the number of entries that they can make.

Please encourage your child to be creative and participate, as they will be creating artwork that will hopefully be on display for years to come.


Best Dressed Guy Competition 2015

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Form groups went head to head this week, pitching their creative skills against each other as they made their Guys for the bonfire. With the coveted prize of the ‘Best Dressed Guy’ Shield and prime place atop the Oakhill inferno at stake, the competition made for a busy week, with lunchtimes spent painting, stuffing and sticking.


Molly and Megan from Year 9 were the first to present their guy to Mrs Crouch, their guy was Sponge Bob Squarepants who wore an Oakhill tie!


Secondly, was the turn of of Year 8 who presented their guy which was the Grinch, they wanted to burn him as he stole Christmas,


Year 7 were next with Alexander presenting to everybody as he described their guy Bing Bong from the film Inside Out, Bing Bong is made up of many different aspects and Year 7 felt that summed up Oakhill, as we too are made up of many different people.


Jack was next for Year 10 who presented their guy, Where’s Wally.


Finally for Year 11 Jessica and Millie presented their guy, Olaf.


For the first time since Mrs Crouch has been judging she could not pick a clear winner as all the guys were of such a high standard. Finally after much deliberating two winners were chosen, Year 9 with Sponge Bob Square Pants and Year 8 for The Grinch who will share the trophy.

Well done to everybody for such fantastic creations.



Oakhill Bonfire Night 2015

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Thank you to all who attended the annual Oakhill Bonfire Evening on Friday 6th November. Over 600 people came and enjoyed a fantastic, spectacular, mud-free firework display and bonfire. The meat pie/cheese pie and other food all went down well on this mild dry evening


The PTA had a successful fund raising stall selling lots of treats and goodies.



See you all next year for what is definitely one of the highlights of our calendar.



Pre School Get Ready For Bonfire Night

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Last week Pre school learnt all about Bonfire night.


We each had our own sparkler


and we made lots of crafts including making rockets to splatter painting,


we also made some bonfire Play Dough.


What a busy but fun week we had!

Running The Lights

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Our running club ventured a little further than usual on Tuesday 3rd November as they headed to Blackpool for a night time run through the Illuminations.


Our group of 14 was made up of pupils, staff and parents and Mrs Rawlinson who kindly drove the bus for us. We left after school to make the journey to Blackpool and were dropped off at the South shore just in time for the illuminations to light up the whole of the Blackpool coastline at 5pm.


We then jogged North along the sea front, past the Pleasure Beach, the Tower and the three piers gaining an excellent view of all the lights. In total the group ran 8km (5 miles) arriving in Bispham an hour later, where we all enjoyed well-earned fish and chip supper!


All runners did very well and enjoyed the sights along the way – we even had time to enjoy a couple of ‘rides’ at the pier! Well done everyone.


Leaf Printing

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The babies really enjoyed leaf printing last week,


they used the paint brush to paint the different leaves


using autumn colours of brown and orange


and then they pressed the leaves onto the paper to leave a leaf print.




Jac’s Candles

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Trading has begun for our budding entrepreneurs; Amy, Charlotte, Jack and Sam, otherwise know as Jac’s Candles. The team submitted their business plan to Tycoon For Schools, an enterprise competition championed by Dragon’s Den Peter Jones. Jac’s were delighted to have their plan approved and their entry into the competition confirmed.


Jacs’s are selling handmade candles in a variety of fragrances. The jarred candles have an expected burn time of 20-25 hours and are priced at £4.95 – a perfect Christmas gift.


The trading period runs for seven weeks between 2nd November and 19th December, please support Oakhill’s Enterprise Team – Jac’s. Candles will be on sale at the Bonfire on 6th November and the Christmas Market on 12th December, both events are at Oakhill.

Interhouse Conker Competition 2015

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The whole school walk at the end of last half term was the setting for the annual inter-house conker challenge. Martyrs house went against scholars with a girls and boys pair from each year group. The conkerers were allowed 2 minutes to destroy their opponents following the Oakhill conker rules!


The girls were the kindest in their matches with all resulting in a draw with the exception of Katie in Year 11 who made light work of beating Jessica ! The boys were more aggressive with all matches resulting in a destroyed conker – Tom in Year 9 was the quickest to finish off his opponent in just half a minute.


There was nothing to separate the two houses and the overall results gave 50 points to each house. This starts both houses evenly on the grand scoreboard. We all look forward to more competitions this year.



Dramatic Times For Years 3 & 4

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Dramatic events are taking place in Years 3 and 4!


They combine together once a week on a Tuesday morning for their Speech and Drama lesson with Claire Haymes.


They have lots of fun, they are very creative and they support and learn from each other.


Each lesson starts with a physical and vocal warm-up, as you can see in these photos.


All the pupils are working hard on their presentation for the Christmas Carol Service. Let the dramatics continue!


Year 11’s Cultural Visit To Dublin

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In the first week of half term Year Eleven pupils enjoyed a visit to Dublin – their chosen location for the annual cultural visit.

Despite the cruel early meeting time of 5.30am on Tuesday morning, pupils were very excited as they headed to Manchester airport. Once in Dublin we dropped our luggage off at our hostel then headed out to explore the city. We first visited O’Connell Street and the scene of the 1916 Easter Rising which Mrs Pugh had introduced us to the previous week in a mini Irish history lesson. We were amazed to still see the bullet holes in the GPO building, along with the Millennium Needle and the statue of ‘himself’ – Daniel O’Connell.


We then walked along the river Liffey to the National Museum at Collins Barracks where we enjoyed a tour of the war and conflict exhibition. After lunch we visited the grave and memorial to those executed in the Easter Rising. The afternoon was finished off with an eerie guided tour of the creepy vaults and crypts of St. Michan’s Church which features tombs of Dublin residents including the very large skeleton of a crusader – some pupils were able to ‘shake hands’ with him which is supposed to bring good luck! In the evening we enjoyed dinner in a traditional Irish pub.


We enjoyed a lie-in on Wednesday morning then headed South of the river to explore the main City centre. We visited Trinity College, and the National Museum of Kildare Street which features examples of bog bodies and Irish gold preserved for hundred years in the peat bogs, before enjoying some shopping time. In the afternoon we travelled north again to visit Glasnevin cemetery. This proved to be one of the highlights of the whole trip, as we enjoyed a tour of the cemetery and museum which is the focal point of much of Ireland’s history. Our tour guide brought to life the events which led to the formation of the Republic of Ireland and the many men and women who fought for it. After an action packed day we returned to the hostel and enjoyed another meal together in the evening.


On Thursday we packed up and headed South again to St. Stephen’s Green where we met our Viking Splash tour guide. Here we climbed aboard an amphibious vehicle which took us around the streets of Dublin where we were introduced to yet more fascinating places, including an insight to the Viking history of the city. The ‘bus’ then headed to the docks where it dived into the water and suddenly became a boat! Pupils enjoyed wearing their Viking helmets and growling at innocent bystanders on the streets and waters edge. To round off our trip we visited the Natural History Museum (known affectionately as the ‘dead zoo’) and the National Art Gallery, before heading back to the airport for the flight home.


Pupils and staff all had an excellent time together on an action packed trip.