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May 2016

Toddlers Enjoy The Sunshine

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Toddlers have been making the most of the sunshine and enjoying outdoor water play.

They have made rain with watering cans, filled and emptied big buckets and saw how fast water could move down pipes,as well as lots of jumping in the puddles they had made!


Year 9 Get In A Fizz

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Year 9 have developed their understanding of neutralisation by producing rainbow fizz which, if done correctly produces a full spectrum of colours across the pH range.

They all worked very carefully but the best results were achieved by Lily and Aadil. Lily’s patience certainly paid off as she obtained this clear banding of colour. Well done year 9 for your colourful chemistry display

Marine Habitats

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Year 7 have made some fabulous shoebox habitats. They chose their preferred habitat and researched seven different organisms that lived there, explained their special adaptations to their environment and produced their habitats. They then proudly presented their habitat to the rest of the class. Special mention must be made to Holly and Charlotte’s edible marine habitat where all the organisms were devoured soon after their presentation! An excellent effort was made by every pupil – well done year 7.



Rocket Seeds…The Final Frontier

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The final day of measurements for the Rocket Seeds experiment is tomorrow. They have grown nicely on the windowsill and we will still be none the wiser as to which seeds went into space until the end of the day tomorrow. As a result we have nearly two hundred rocket plants that are effectively homeless. If you would like to further the scientific experiment by taking some of each batch home and growing and then taste testing them then we would be most grateful for providing out of school care for our plants. Failing that pupils and staff will be treated to rocket salad for the next half term! Anyone interested should call into the office or send an email to enquiries@oakhillschool.co.uk stating how many they would like and they can be collected just before going home time tomorrow from the porch at the main entrance. It has been very exciting to be part of this national and what could also be called extra terrestrial experiment. Watch this space for the results!

Tennis Heroes

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Our Years 7 and 8 team competed in a local mini tennis tournament at the Tennis Centre in Clitheroe, yesterday. All players did extremely well and there was a good level of competition from the other schools. All players competed in singles and doubles matches and for some this was their first tournament. They all played extremely well and Mrs Pugh was very proud of all of them. They did excellent  to come second overall. Well done James, Sam, Ava and Juliet.

All students are welcome at Tennis Club on Tuesday lunchtimes.


Year 11 Leavers Meal

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This year’s Leavers Meal was held at The Eagle at Barrow in their private room. Pupils arrived by various modes of transport ranging from Aston Martins, Bentleys and even a Penny Farthing!

After enjoying a beautiful meal Head Girl and Boy, Jessica and Daniel thanked the staff and even told an amusing tale about one or two!

To end the evening Mrs Crouch used memes to describe each pupil and a song that was pertinent to them and of course showed the obligatory baby photos of each of them which had been kindly and eagerly handed in by parents!

We are all incredibly proud of our pupils and it really was an evening to remember. All the staff at Oakhill wish them the very best in their upcoming GCSE’s.


Not ‘A Run Of The Mill’ School Trip

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Years Three and Four are looking at The Victorians this term in history so as part of their studies they went on a trip to Quarry Bank Victorian Mill in Cheshire.

They wore traditional Victorian costumes and took part in a workshop all about weaving and textiles.

They then visited The Apprentice House where the rather strict and stern house mistress taught them all about the tough life apprentice boys and girls had to endure whilst they were working and living at the mill.

Everyone really enjoyed the day and learnt so much about what it was like to live in Victorian times.

Bronze Final D of E Expedition

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Congratulations go to all our Bronze D of E adventurers who successfully completed their final expedition last weekend.

Their journey was in excellent weather and involved a 30km hike over two days in the beautiful setting of the Yorkshire Dales.  Carrying everything to be self sufficient for two days, pupils left behind technology and home comforts to share in a great adventure together.

They walked through Littondale and Wharfedale from Grassington to Hubberholme, taking in some challenging climbs which were rewarded with some fantastic views across the fells.

In their three groups, pupils were assessed by our regular mountain guru John Kirkham.  They had to prove their navigation and mapwork skills, along with campcraft, cooking of meals, teamwork and survival skills.

John was very impressed with all our pupils who performed brilliantly over the two days.  They have learnt a lot from their experience and developed many new skills.  Well done everyone!

Ribble Valley And Hyndburn Quad Kids Competition

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Six boys and six girls from Year 3 & 4 completed in the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn Quad kids athletics competition. This is a great introduction to athletics where each athlete competes in a 400m run, a 50m sprint, a long jump and a howler javelin throw. This event is a challenge as the participants need to have a good range of skill and ability in both the track and field events.

Our pupils worked exceptionally hard in all of the rounds giving 100% effort in all that they did. We did very well in the sprints all either being placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their heats. Savannah Neill showed exceptional speed and coasted over the finish line in first place with ease.

Taylor Beaumont was outstanding showing his exceptional speed in the fastest heat of the afternoon. There were some exceptional performances in the challenging 400m run with Pippa Morgan, Zara Pycock, Rauri Dillon and Joseph Bank coming 3rd in their heats. Amazing sprint starts were seen by all 12 pupils in order to get a good position on the inside lane, this proved they had thought strategically and had formulated a race plan.

Some excellent long jump performances were seen by Paige Blackburn and Lilly-Ella Smith. Finally came the howler Javelin event which saw Marcus Neil throw over 33 meters!

We knew that we had done very well but it was a tough competition with 19 schools competing in the event. We had an anxious wait over night for the results. We found out the following day that we had only just missed out on coming home with a medal! We came fourth out of the 19 schools which is a fantastic achievement, only missing out on the bronze medal by 14 points!

A great afternoon was had by all and the children enjoyed a day of competing in the sunshine. They celebrated with an ice lolly reward bought by one of our proud parents!

Well done to all involved!

Year 11 Leavers Mass

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Year Eleven Leavers’ Celebrations began with a prayerful and poignant mass celebrated by Father Leo. Father Leo spoke about how much we are loved by God and how we should do our bit to live in God’s love.

He advised Year 11 to work hard in their exams and to pray that they are asked the questions that they have revised for.

Mass was very well attended by parents and grandparents and we wish Year Eleven every success in the weeks ahead.

First Holy Communion Mass

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On Wednesday the Prep school came together to take part in mass to celebrate the children having made their First Holy Communion the previous Sunday.

Prior to that they enjoyed afternoon tea in the Atrium with their families and it was another opportunity for the girls to wear their beautiful dresses and the boys to don their outfits.

The mass was led by Father Leo who as always made it very special and once again brought along his bag of props. This time it was a bag of hats although his final hat, a Burnley one, caused a little consternation amongst some Blackburn Rovers fans!

The children and parents led the mass and it was another enjoyable celebration of a very special occasion. Thank you to all who helped.

First Holy Communion

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On May 8th 2016 eight of the boys and girls from Year 3 and 4 made their First Holy Communion at English Martyrs R.C. Church, Whalley.

The weather dawned bright and beautiful and helped to make the day even more wonderful.

It was a very special occasion for all concerned and was another step on their Sacramental Journey.

The children enjoyed every moment and as the photographs show there was a lot of happiness and love surrounding them.

They all had huge smiles on their faces throughout. The children read the bidding prayers and took up the offertory and did so with reverence and pride.

Father Price asked us all to remember what Jesus did for us when he shared His last meal with his disciples and this too will be a day for us all to remember.


Teddy Bears Picnic

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Saturday, saw a blue sky and a warm sun up above, pupils from the nursery, pre-school and the preparatory school enjoyed a busy morning with a treasure hunt, teddy bear’s picnic and a disco.

Everyone had a fantastic time…including the teddies!

A massive thank you to all the staff from the nursery and pre-school who organised the event and to Louise Birchall who donated some of the food.

A big thank you also goes to everyone who placed an order for the annual plant sale, which also took place on Saturday. Such beautiful plants hopefully heralds a beautiful summer ahead!

Travelling In Style

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You may have noticed our shiny new buses, around the area. They are rather outstanding – as vehicle livery should be! The new buses reflect our continued investment in the School and the importance of our pupils travelling in safety.


Gymnastic Gold

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Last week Oakhill entered 3 pupils into the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn Gymnastics competition. This event was open to gymnasts who compete at a club level and train for more than two hours each week. There was a vault and a floor competition. Felicity Griffiths, Finn Connelley and Lilly-Ella Smith entered both competitions. They first competed in the floor event, the girls performed a Disney Aladdin themed routine that had to last for 90 seconds and have 6 specific gymnastic elements.

Felicity who is not a competitive gymnast (but hopefully now will be) is a natural showing amazing grace and elegance in her performance. Lilly-Ella performed her routine with precision and great form. Finn was extremely dynamic and showed great tumbling ability.

The second part of the competition was the vault. Finn entered the competition with the most difficult vault a full handspring, again this was a fast acrobatic performance showing a great amount of training and dedication to gymnastics. The girls performed a more simple ‘squat on’ to the vault with and excellent long stretch jump to dismount. Lilly-Ella performed exceptionally well, incurring no deductions and scoring the maximum result for the technicality of the vault.

The pupils performed excellently well with over 40 gymnasts entered into the competition and over 60 spectators this was a very demanding event. We waited anxiously for the results. Finn Connelley won both gold medals for the floor and the vault and dominated the boys event.

Unfortunately the girls were not placed in the girls competition but all at Oakhill are proud of their achievements. Special thanks must go to our coach Zoltan Lang and Choreographer Yvette Lang. A great opportunity and experience for all involved.

Showjumping Success

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Georgia Rishton in Year 2 had a great day show jumping this weekend in Shrewsbury where she came first in both her classes, at only her second show.

Well done Georgia and Posy!




Year 5 Assembly

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You would never have thought that Ant and Dec would be at Oakhill but there they were, their usual giddy selves, at the Year 5 assembly earlier this term. They were just one of the attractions in an assembly that was all about the oceans, the creatures that live in them and the threats that they face.

First up were the marine biologists telling us about some of the more unusual creatures such as the fried egg fish and the ugly angler fish.

Then came …..’I’m An Ocean Creature, Get Me Out Of Here!’ In a fun- filled game show, full to the brim with energy and enthusiasm, we saw green leatherback turtles, brilliant blue- fin tuna fish and delightful dolphins all put to the test against Plastic Pete, Nobby Net and Olly Oil.

Spectacularly, the ocean creatures beat their opponents with ease and with the pollution, the nets and the litter out of the ocean, all the creatures agreed that actually, there was nowhere they would rather be after all.

Lively music from the ‘Tech Man’ and knee slapping dancing from Ant and Dec ensured that everyone was entertained – and informed –  in Year 5’s  assembly and laughter rippled round the room.

It was a brilliant performance all round and one you would not want to have missed. Well done Year 5!

Bronze D of E Practice Expedition

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Continuing their D of E adventures, pupils from Year Ten working towards their Bronze award enjoyed their first two day expedition this week.

Heading out into the Ribble Valley, pupils successfully completed a 30km journey from Whitewell to Sawley, with an overnight camp at Newton. For many this was a journey of new experiences; cooking themselves a meal, carrying all their equipment, building their own tent for the night and of course some challenging walking in a wide variety of weather.

Pupils rose to the challenge and although they found it difficult at times, maintained a positive approach throughout and enjoyed the experience.

They are now looking forward to their final assessed expedition which will take place next weekend in the more remote terrain of the Yorkshire Dales.  Best of luck everyone!

Cinco De Mayo

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We celebrated the Mexican Cinco de Mayo festival today with lots of ‘papel picado’ decorations.

We didn’t manage to eat the 81 million pounds of avocados which Mexico and the US will consume today though!


Prep Swimming Gala

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Last week the whole prep school downed tools for the morning and went off to Ribblesdale swimming pool in Clitheroe for their annual swimming gala.

With many family supporters looking on the house teams of Martyrs and Scholars went head-to-head in races comprising of front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and relay races.

Scholars took a narrow lead after the first set of races and maintained that lead to the end, with Martyrs finishing only eleven points behind them.

Three new records were set-one by Olivia Bentley in year six and two by Nellie Wilson in year three in only her first swimming gala!

Well done to everyone who took part.

French Exchange

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Our three French exchange students, Sophie, Léna and Maëlig were kept busy last week in school working with a variety of different classes.

They have given presentations on their school routine, French pop music and French nursery rhymes to some classes and played Countdown and Scrabble with others.

They had a lovely time teaching year 4 a French action rhyme, Tourne petit moulin.

Years 1 and 2 had a very enjoyable time learning French with the girls

In Maths, Mr Peel set the girls to work

We hope Sophie, Léna and Maëlig have enjoyed spending time with everybody at Oakhill as much as we have enjoyed meeting them. Have a safe journey home and we look forward to hopefully seeing you again soon.

Mini Tennis

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After only 1 hour of tennis we asked Mark Schofield our tennis coach to select a team for the mini tennis event for Years 3 and 4.

Mark choose Lydia Lutwyche who attends tennis coaching out of school, Thomas Kelly who attended school coaching last year and finally newbies Roman Allison and Lilly-Ella Smith who demonstrated good legal serves and agility on court.

This was a great event and we were in a group with Brookside, Whalley and Edisford. All of the pupils played three singles games, out of the twelve games we won half, a really pleasing result for a first attempt.

Lydia was outstanding and the player of the team on the day winning all of her games by more than double her opponent’s score.

A fun enjoyable afternoon for all involved. We look forward to seeing the progress they make over the summer term and hope to arrange some friendly matches against other schools.