You would never have thought that Ant and Dec would be at Oakhill but there they were, their usual giddy selves, at the Year 5 assembly earlier this term. They were just one of the attractions in an assembly that was all about the oceans, the creatures that live in them and the threats that they face.

First up were the marine biologists telling us about some of the more unusual creatures such as the fried egg fish and the ugly angler fish.

Then came …..’I’m An Ocean Creature, Get Me Out Of Here!’ In a fun- filled game show, full to the brim with energy and enthusiasm, we saw green leatherback turtles, brilliant blue- fin tuna fish and delightful dolphins all put to the test against Plastic Pete, Nobby Net and Olly Oil.

Spectacularly, the ocean creatures beat their opponents with ease and with the pollution, the nets and the litter out of the ocean, all the creatures agreed that actually, there was nowhere they would rather be after all.

Lively music from the ‘Tech Man’ and knee slapping dancing from Ant and Dec ensured that everyone was entertained – and informed –  in Year 5’s  assembly and laughter rippled round the room.

It was a brilliant performance all round and one you would not want to have missed. Well done Year 5!