Last week Oakhill entered 3 pupils into the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn Gymnastics competition. This event was open to gymnasts who compete at a club level and train for more than two hours each week. There was a vault and a floor competition. Felicity Griffiths, Finn Connelley and Lilly-Ella Smith entered both competitions. They first competed in the floor event, the girls performed a Disney Aladdin themed routine that had to last for 90 seconds and have 6 specific gymnastic elements.

Felicity who is not a competitive gymnast (but hopefully now will be) is a natural showing amazing grace and elegance in her performance. Lilly-Ella performed her routine with precision and great form. Finn was extremely dynamic and showed great tumbling ability.

The second part of the competition was the vault. Finn entered the competition with the most difficult vault a full handspring, again this was a fast acrobatic performance showing a great amount of training and dedication to gymnastics. The girls performed a more simple ‘squat on’ to the vault with and excellent long stretch jump to dismount. Lilly-Ella performed exceptionally well, incurring no deductions and scoring the maximum result for the technicality of the vault.

The pupils performed excellently well with over 40 gymnasts entered into the competition and over 60 spectators this was a very demanding event. We waited anxiously for the results. Finn Connelley won both gold medals for the floor and the vault and dominated the boys event.

Unfortunately the girls were not placed in the girls competition but all at Oakhill are proud of their achievements. Special thanks must go to our coach Zoltan Lang and Choreographer Yvette Lang. A great opportunity and experience for all involved.