The final day of measurements for the Rocket Seeds experiment is tomorrow. They have grown nicely on the windowsill and we will still be none the wiser as to which seeds went into space until the end of the day tomorrow. As a result we have nearly two hundred rocket plants that are effectively homeless. If you would like to further the scientific experiment by taking some of each batch home and growing and then taste testing them then we would be most grateful for providing out of school care for our plants. Failing that pupils and staff will be treated to rocket salad for the next half term! Anyone interested should call into the office or send an email to enquiries@oakhillschool.co.uk stating how many they would like and they can be collected just before going home time tomorrow from the porch at the main entrance. It has been very exciting to be part of this national and what could also be called extra terrestrial experiment. Watch this space for the results!