Over half term Year 10 pupils, Phoebe and Giles spent several days in Rouen, read their reports below:

Over half term I enjoyed an interesting trip to Rouen. I stayed with a French exchange student, Sophie, and her family. They lived in the centre of Rouen so it was easy to get out and about and see different places. I visited the gothic Rouen Cathedral and the Grande Horlage, a splendid clock located near the Cathedral. One of my favourite visits was to the Jean of Arc museum which was beautifully presented with projections onto walls and screens. We also managed a trip to a local funfair and beach. It was one of the biggest funfairs I have ever been to.

Towards the end of my trip I spent two days in John Paul II, Sophie’s school. It had a very different atmosphere to Oakhill and I especially liked the fact you could wear your own clothes. I went to classes in the attached primary school and joined our year group in French lessons. I really enjoyed my time in Rouen. It was a good experience and I now know some new words in French.

Over half term Phoebe and I stayed with our French exchange families. I stayed with Maëlig and her family. We looked around Rouen and walked along the river on some days. It was really fun and interesting learning about the French culture and how you could drive at a younger age but you only had one chance for getting something wrong. The school we went to was massive! It was interesting to see how the students worked and how the teachers taught the class. The food was different to what we normally have in England, but it was interesting to see what they ate at lunch.