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January 2017

Year 6 Assembly

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Last Friday, Prep were joined by parents, grandparents and friends during their assembly to watch Year 6 share some of the things they had been learning about in lessons.

Their assembly theme was linked to the fact that we all make New Year’s resolutions but often find it difficult to stick to them for long. We heard some of the children’s own resolutions and how we can stick to them by getting support from others to help us.

They were helped by some well-known characters with inspirational stories to share about their struggle to the top – Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Dame Kelly Holmes, J. K. Rowling and Albert Einstein all made a brief appearance.

The children acted out Rosa Parks’ story of segregation on buses in America which they had found out about during their RE topic on ‘Justice’.

Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech also made an impact on the children during their RE lessons and they wrote their own versions based on the world today. Some of these were read out during assembly.

Well done for your confident performance and inspirational messages!

Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Year Of The Rooster

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To celebrate Chinese New Year, the Reception children were kindly invited by Annabel Yu’s parents who have the restaurant Yu and You to visit and taste some Chinese food.

The children were served prawn crackers, spring rolls, prawn toast  and duck pancakes with rice and noodles.

They were all given chopsticks to try too as well as goody bags with fortune cookies.

To finish off, the children were entertained by Taz.

The visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and staff too who were also treated to some amazingly yummy food!

Thank you so much to Yu and You.



Chinese New Year

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Pre-Prep and Pre-School have been learning all about Chinese New Year this week.

They have listened to stories and songs, painted dragons using chopsticks, made a large dragon that they danced around the school grounds and role played in the Chinese restaurant.


Australia Day

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Maisey and Ruairi made and brought in some lamingtons to celebrate Australia Day.

Maisey had put together a presentation to explain to the class the origins of the day and also some examples of how people celebrate in the city where she used to live, Sydney.

Year 5 Multi Skills

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This week saw the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn Schools take part in the week long multi skills event which took place at Hyndburn Leisure Centre.

All pupils in Year 5 attended the event taking part in many challenges including skipping, hand eye coordination tests, agility runs, SAQ drills and golf target practice.

The second part of the session was spent learning and playing new games such as Kurling, boules and seated volleyball.

All of our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the morning and achieved some excellent scores in their events.

Dance Festival

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Ten lucky pupils were drawn out of a hat to take part in the Year 1 and 2 dance festival at Bowland High School.

The pupils joined in the festival taking part in a busy and active warm up. They worked on jumping and leaping techniques and then took part and performed a choreographed street dance. The pupils really enjoyed this and did it with some impressive attitude.

Pupils then got the opportunity to be creative as a team and designed their own eight beat routine using cannon to complete the dance. Once we had decided upon our starting and finishing positions the dance was complete. A fantastic event filled with lots of fun.


Fund Raising For Pendleside Hospice

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Year 5 pupils, Ruairi and Maisey, along with two friends, raised money for Pendleside Hospice by holding a cake sale on the day of the Pendleside Charity Tractor Run. The children raised the money from having 2 cake sales which they made most of the cakes themselves, with a little help from their family, neighbours and grandparents. The main cake sale was on the day of the tractor run which goes past their house in Barrowford.

They sold cakes on their stall as the tractors drove past and also gave free cakes to the tractor drivers and their passengers. Booths Barrowford also donated some soft drinks for the sale. They promoted the cake sale by hand delivering flyers to all the nearby houses. The cake sale was a great success with the children raising £162! They’re looking forward to the next tractor runs cake sale!

East Lancs Hospice 10k Run

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The East Lancs Hospice 10k run took place on Sunday 15th January, and an Oakhill team braved the mud to take on the challenge, and to raise money for this worthy cause.  The route was mostly off road and owing to the amount of rain that fell overnight and during the race, the team faced an ankle deep challenge!

Our team of four was made up of Miss Rollason, Mr. Lacy, Mr. Peel and Tyler Phillips from Year 10 representing the pupils from senior running club.  Tyler took on his first ever 10k and competitive race, and achieved an excellent time of 57 minutes.  He was the youngest competitor to take part out of nearly 500 runners!

The staff also did well with Mr. Lacy beating his best estimate at 60 minutes.  Miss Rollason came 10th in her category with 56 minutes, and Mr. Peel 4th in his category with 43 minutes.  Well done everyone – we all look forward to the next running challenge.

Extra Curricular Activities

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We returned to school after Christmas to our busiest, most exciting and varied extra curricular timetable we have had yet.

Weekdays at Oakhill are jam packed full of 49 extra curricular activities ranging from sport, music, arts, cooking, science and engineering to the academic extended study clubs.

The clubs have been popular right throughout the age range of school. Starting with our KS1 pupils embarking upon tennis coaching, multi skills and board games club.

Upper Prep have added to their already busy diaries and have taken up trivia club, striking and fielding, LEGO engineering, weaving, BMX and girls football which have all proved to be tremendously popular!

To keep our Seniors busy we have choir, cricket nets, girl power fitness camp, historical cookery, multi sports, future tech girls and rugby to mention a few.

Along with additional study time being offered by our dedicated staff for all current GCSE students.

One thing is for sure, nobody can ever complain of being bored at Oakhill!





Heysham Power Station

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Year 10 Triple Science enjoyed a trip to Heysham Power Station yesterday, it provided a fascinating insight into the workings of a nuclear power station and helped the pupils apply what they had been learning about nuclear fission as part of the G.C.S.E curriculum.

Upon arrival we were shown a presentation that explained the process of electricity generation using nuclear fuel, taking us through how the industry is regulated and the company’s plans for the future. The EdF staff were impressed at the pupils knowledge and the questions that they asked. We then had the opportunity to take a walk around the exhibition centre.

After lunch, we were taken on a tour to the top of one of the two power plants where we looked through viewing stations over both the nuclear reactors and control stations.  We were treated to a view out to sea, which we learnt was a vital factor in the location of all nuclear power plants due to the amount needed for cooling and then back to ground level where we saw the enormous turbines and generators which produces the essential electricity.

Historical Cookery Club

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The first session of Historical Cookery Club met this week and investigated prehistoric gastronomy. Students looked at rules of good hygiene when handling food and then considered the diet of the Palaeolithic and Neolithic time periods.

The early Stone Age seemed to be better for humans proving a rich diet in meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts, whilst the more settled New Stone Age developed early farming and a grain based diet.

Students then tried out their developing skills by making a prehistoric fruit salad with goats yoghurt, nuts and berries.

All were prepared to try the recipe with some students enjoying it and others missing the addition of sugar. Next week we will look at Egyptians. Well done our budding chefs!


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At the end of last term all pupils responded amazingly to the Advent challenge – using their talents to bake, wash cars, make hot chocolate or simply by being quiet – to raise £636.83 for CAFOD.

Year 7 raised £359.00 and are purchasing a medical outreach team (£300), vaccinations for a healthy mum and baby (£30), two pairs of pigeons (£18), a malaria net (£7) and a bee (£4).

Year 8 raised £78.85 – and are purchasing a goat (£28) and a donkey (49).

Year 9 raised £72.70 and are purchasing 2 Chirpy chickens (£20), a goat (£28), a pair of pigeons (£9), a malaria net (£7) and 2 bees (£8) .

Year 10 raised £64.50 – and are purchasing a donkey (£49), teach someone to read (£10) and a bee (£4).

Year 11 raised £61.78 and are purchasing a donkey (£49) and drought resistant crops (£12).

Well done everybody your efforts will be much appreciated.




Flipside Fitness

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During the winter term Year 5 & 6 have been having their PE lesson taught by gymnast Zoltan Lang at Flipside Fitness in Barrow.

The lessons have been fun, varied and fast paced. The pupils have taken part in a variety of activities from gymnastics conditioning, free running to trampolining.

The main focus was free running the classes have learned moves such as the palm spin, wall running, tic tacs, 180s, safety roles and lazy vault.

They conquered an obstacle course containing walls, blocks, ladders, ropes, jumps, ledges and trampolines. All have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and made good progress.

Year 3 & 4 will attend Flipside in the New Year. 





Year 6 Visit THOMAS

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Year 6 visited the T.H.O.M.A.S group on Monday the 19th December to hand in the food collected by Prep since our harvest assembly. Whilst we were there we saw a lot of food donated by other schools as well as us.

We were shown around the kitchen where the food we donated was being cooked. There were 2 cooks, 4 turkeys defrosting and a big pot of soup.

On the Wednesday before Christmas, they were having a Christmas party where all the homeless people who attend the Centre or people who can’t afford food, could get a nice Christmas dinner.

Some of the Year 6 children thought that the Centre was different to how they had imagined. It was very homely and was decorated with a Christmassy spirit.

We hope this inspires you to keep donating food.

By Sorcha and Florence Year 6