Year 5 pupils, Ruairi and Maisey, along with two friends, raised money for Pendleside Hospice by holding a cake sale on the day of the Pendleside Charity Tractor Run. The children raised the money from having 2 cake sales which they made most of the cakes themselves, with a little help from their family, neighbours and grandparents. The main cake sale was on the day of the tractor run which goes past their house in Barrowford.

They sold cakes on their stall as the tractors drove past and also gave free cakes to the tractor drivers and their passengers. Booths Barrowford also donated some soft drinks for the sale. They promoted the cake sale by hand delivering flyers to all the nearby houses. The cake sale was a great success with the children raising £162! They’re looking forward to the next tractor runs cake sale!