Last Friday, Prep were joined by parents, grandparents and friends during their assembly to watch Year 6 share some of the things they had been learning about in lessons.

Their assembly theme was linked to the fact that we all make New Year’s resolutions but often find it difficult to stick to them for long. We heard some of the children’s own resolutions and how we can stick to them by getting support from others to help us.

They were helped by some well-known characters with inspirational stories to share about their struggle to the top – Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Dame Kelly Holmes, J. K. Rowling and Albert Einstein all made a brief appearance.

The children acted out Rosa Parks’ story of segregation on buses in America which they had found out about during their RE topic on ‘Justice’.

Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech also made an impact on the children during their RE lessons and they wrote their own versions based on the world today. Some of these were read out during assembly.

Well done for your confident performance and inspirational messages!