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February 2017

Pancake Day

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Year 1 have been very busy following various instructions and writing instructions in their Literacy lessons.

So seeing as it’s pancake day there was no excuse not to follow instructions and make some yummy pancakes!

The children had great fun measuring, sieving, cracking, pouring and whisking up a batter and then of course smothering their pancake with a topping of their choice

Happy Pancake Day!

The Pringle Challenge

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Year 5 has paired up with a school in Blackpool, Revoe Learning Academy.  Both classes are working on The Pringle Challenge.

They  are trying to send a single Pringle crisp though the post and have it arrive intact!  The children have worked extremely well together as a team and come up with three parcels which they hope will rise to the challenge.

They have used a variety of packaging materials, ranging from breakfast cereal and shredded paper to wool and material.

Mrs Crook and Year 5 await the big reveal after the half-term holiday to see if they have achieved their aim.


Year 5 & 6 Get Dramatic

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Last half term the theme for speech and drama lessons was monologues.

Each pupil worked hard at developing their own character and producing a written monologue under the direction of drama teacher, Miss Haymes.

Everyone performed their monologue in front of the group, using character voices and dramatisation.

They were really impressive.

You are all so talented! We enjoyed listening to them all.

School Disco

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A record breaking number of Prep school pupils came to the latest Oakhill Association disco last week.

Jed from Jedi Discos kept the tunes coming thick and fast.

A big thank you to Louise Birchall for supplying the snacks and drinks and to all those who helped out at the event.

Chess Challenge

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Oakhill is taking part in the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge.  Thirty four of our students in Years 3-6 are participating.

All players will receive certificates and those who qualify from each age group will be eligible to play in the regional Megafinal.

Prizes have already begun to be awarded with badges and mascots being distributed to students.

The overall winner will be awarded a trophy.

Chess has been a very popular lunchtime activity with our Prep students and there are a lot of talented players at Oakhill.

Prep Netball

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On Wednesday 8th February seven of our prep pupils travelled to Giggleswick to play in a triangular fixture against our hosts and Moorlands School from Leeds. After a tough game with lots of mistakes against Highfield the previous week our team were driven and focused on improving. They worked fantastically together and the ball flowed through the court. The girls played in a much more assertive manner and their shooting skills had improved 100% they were a joy to watch and the other teachers commented on the potential we had in this group. Final scores were Oakhill won both of their matches beating Giggleswick 4-0 and Moorlands 1-0.  Well done, you made Mrs Smith very proud!


Senior Cross Country

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This year’s cross country was a fantastic, positive and uplifting event. Snow arrived as our runners waited eagerly on the start line!

Our Elite Race was first up, this is a race for our trained runners who commit to running club or run outside of school.

With our largest cohort taking on the 2.5 laps proving that running has upped a gear in recent years at Oakhill.

There was a battle from the start to be first runner to the first Marshall point.

Louis Coupe and Herbie Davies battled it out throughout the enduring run keeping on each other’s toes and competing for the first position. In the end it was down to a sprint finish and Herbie took the title in his final run as a Year 11 pupil.

Louis completed a fantastic run and I’m sure he will keep on working for the title. Jacob Lutwyche was awarded 3rd place in the boys Elite Race.

Isabelle Pugh and Lucy Riding competed for the girls Elite title running with excellent pace and poise. Isabelle got the top spot with her graceful efficient style but Lucy was not far behind.

Second race of the day was our girls race which is 1.5 laps. This was a fantastic run with our Year 11 girls showing a fantastic level of determination in their final cross country with it being their 8th run for those who have been with us throughout their schooling career.

Some great results were achieved with Harriet Ashworth coming in 3rd in her final Oakhill run.

However,  the race belonged to our Year 8 girls with Ellie Brown and Juliet Griffiths pushing each other around the course.  Another exciting sprint finish took place down the bike track with Ellie coming out victorious and taking the title.

Finally it was our boys turn to complete 2 laps of the course.

This was a close race with the boys breaking into ability groups trying to catch the group ahead and not letting the group behind catch them.

It was evident they had trained well in lessons and started to apply tactics and employ a race plan.

RJ Hudson was first over the finish line with Niall Derbyshire and Ellis Lund coming in less than 15 seconds behind.

A fantastic morning of running by each and every pupil in the school with everyone completing the race with a sense of pride in their achievement.

Well done, you have made us very proud!














Year 5 BMX Club

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This term Year 5 have had the opportunity to take part in lunchtime BMX club.  We are lucky to have our own collection of BMX bikes and our own downhill course in the school grounds.

Pupils started on the senior all-weather pitch learning the basics of how to balance and handle the bike safely, progressing onto braking, cornering and riding at speed.  Some even managed a wheely and a bunny hop or two!

In this week’s session pupils progressed onto our downhill course, bravely taking on the sweeping bend and mini jumps.  Well done to everyone.  After half term Year 6 will have the opportunity to take part.

Key Stage 2 Gymnastics

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This week we took five Year 4 pupils, Imogen, Roman, Mairead, Edward and Nellie to compete in the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn school sports partnership competition.

The pupils had trained with coach Zoli in their PE lessons over the last half term.

All performed to the best of their ability taking part in both the vault and floor combined competition.

Each pupil performed a squat on vault, stretch jump and a squat on vault tuck jump.

The pupils then performed the set 10 part floor routine with precision and flair.




Year 3 French

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Year 3 have been learning about France and its geography. Have a look at their beautiful display!

Well done Year 3, excellent work!


In The Shadows

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Year 6 have been enjoying their investigations with light and shadows during science lessons.

They have designed their own investigations to test what happens to the shadow when an object moves closer to the source of light.

They will interpret their findings using the careful measurements they took.

Oakhill Choir

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It has been a great start to Oakhill Choir’s new year. Our new programme includes some traditional choral arrangements as well as some more modern numbers such as Lean on Me and Sister Act with our Year 8 soloist Holly. Keep a look out for them performing in upcoming events!


Year 9 To Spring Wood

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With the threat of heavy rain, Year 9 pulled on their wellies and waterproofs on last Tuesday and headed out to Spring Wood to undertake a Geography Field trip.  Spring Wood is an area of ancient woodland, local to Oakhill School and is well know by most of the pupils who visit it with their families or frequent with the weekly school running club.

The purpose of the field trip was to use scientific methods to investigate the human impact of the woods and to investigate the tree population of the areas selected.

The pupils were very fortunate to be met at the site by the Countryside Ranger, Paul who explained his role and the management of the woods along with invaluable information about the flora and fauna of the area.

Prep Trivia Club

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The fun quiz for last week’s Trivia Club was based on sporting knowledge. Do you know which sport uses the term ‘love’? Or maybe you know which sport uses the lightest ball?

We had fun combining our knowledge in teams to answer the questions.

We finished with a picture quiz made by one of our members. Year 6 pupil, Matthew made the quiz as part of his class topic on South America using animals as a theme. He was very strict with the rules and we had to get the correct name of each animal.

Well done all teams this week….there were some tough questions!


Mia The Musical Maestro

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Mia Preston in Year 5 has been awarded a merit for her grade 3 violin and a merit for her grade 2 piano whilst she was in Year 4. Mia is working hard now towards her grade 4 violin and her grade 5 theory exam. She also has her grade 2 flute exam in summer. Well done Mia!

Down On The Farm

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This week in Toddlers they have been learning about different animals.

The children have had lots of fun making collages and painting different animals,

they have stuck feathers on their chickens and even painted their feet pink to make little piggies!



Pre School Celebrate Chinese New Year

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Pre school had a very busy week last week, learning all about Chinese New Year. They painted with chopsticks, made a big dragon out of boxes, decorated it and showed it to the rest of the school to celebrate The Year of The Rooster.

Pre school also had a try at eating their lunch with chopsticks – which was quite tricky!