Year 8 completed their work on the Industrial Revolution by imagining they were curators of a gallery and their brief was to design an interesting exhibition on this tumultuous period of history. They could take any interpretation on the period and, in preparation, considered views by contemporaries such as Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria as well as more modern views of Margaret Thatcher and the Olympic Games opening ceremony in 2012.

As such a capable class, they relished the challenge and came up with brilliant interactive exhibitions. In pairs, they worked to select exhibits and thought carefully about how they would be displayed. Some groups focused on the negative impact with items on the Opium Wars, slavery and child labour whilst others considered the positive changes to farming, transport and sport. They could present their findings in any format with many choosing Keynote presentations on their iPads and others working on models. Their final Presentations were enjoyable and informative – excellent work, Year 8!