Day 4 and we planned to progress north from Cambridge to Lincolnshire. Flat with a westerly breeze and blue skies; a perfect journey in the making!

After battling with the numerous workers for the campsite showers, we set off at 8:03; only three minutes later than Mr Peel expected. With firm instruction for no more punctures, at pain of death, all was well. We delivered the first 15 miles at great pace and enjoyed a delightfully unhealthy trip to the local bakery in Ramsey.

The next 20 miles took us though some utterly delightful countryside. Clearly the heart of the UK’s arable farming activities with mile upon mile of crops. Jumping into Lincolnshire the crop of choice converted to potatoes with the occasional very strong odour of onions hitting us on the westerly breeze.

We enjoyed lunch at the idyllic village of Crowland and the Spar did some great trade with 10 ravenous bodies in need of sustenance. Friday lunch, and the local lads from the pub opposite were most engaging in wishing us all the best for our journey.

Finally we reached our destination of Folkingham and headed straight to the local drinking frequent to join the progressing wake. We’ll cut the blog short as the evening feast is landing on our table as I type.

Jonathan Lutwyche