Senior School Careers’ week got off to a flying start with a talk from James Pugh who has worked with planes and submarines in his Career. He talked about the importance of knowing what you want to aim for and the skills you learn in your chosen field of work. He brought some interesting demonstrations including a Pilots anti-gravity jacket and the sounds heard on sonar devices of submarines. He talked about how his interest in Maths at High School has taken him on a fascinating journey and inspired students to look at Engineering as a career. Our thanks to Mr Pugh.

Students were very fortunate to have talks from Burnley College and Mysercough exploring the options for further study. Burnley College teacher, Samantha Allen, brought her Performing Arts students who both acted and danced showing the range of subjects taught at Burnley.

Rebecca Reynaulds, explained the many courses on offer at Myerscough and the prestigious names which are associated with their vocational qualifications from Lewis Hamilton’s chief engineers to Real Madrid’s grounds men. Many thanks to students and staff who took the time to visit Oakhill.

Students heard two exciting talks on Thursday covering Law and Travel. Lisa Collier came into speak about her work travelling the world as Cabin Crew.

Mr Hawks talked about his career as both a solicitor and barrister in criminal law. He presented students with scenarios and explained the many different fields in which lawyers can work. He even showed his dress for Court. Our thanks to Lisa and Mr Hawks for giving such informative and inspiring talks.

Careers’ week finished with a fantastic talk on TV editing by Lindsey Dillon. Her talk to the whole school was fascinating and demonstrated the work of a TV editor with clips from some of the well known shows Lindsey has worked on. She explained how everyone who starts in Television works as a runner and then specialises in one particular area. She showed her office and explained the day to day nature of her work. We were so fortunate to learn so much in half an hour. Our thanks to Mrs Dillon for taking the time to see us with such an inspiring insight into the world of TV.