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December 2017

The Great British Bake Off

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The Great British Bake Off returned to The Year Three classroom this week as they had a go at making a traditional Christmas fruit cake and then decorated it with marzipan, icing and all kinds of sweet treats.

Mrs Mitchell (mother of Saul) weaved her culinary magic not once but twice to help create a festive feast for the pupils.

Many thanks Mrs Mitchell for your skill, expertise and endless patience. Tuck in Year Three!

Year Three Crack The Code

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As part of their history topic on The Romans Year Three puzzled over Roman numerals.

The box of lollipops that sits in the stock cupboard for most of the year unused came in very handy and helped the pupils understand how the numbers came about.

They used the Roman system of numbering to crack some secret codes.

Smashing Pumpkins

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There’s nothing better than starting Christmas with a bang! Finishing off the topic on atomic structure, Year 9 were investigating the reactivity of elements and we thought it would be good to end the year explosively.

We added calcium carbide to water to make acetylene, an explosive gas, and lit it to pop the face out of the pumpkin.


Year 10s Steps To A Successful PE Revision Session

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Year 10 PE students requested a festive theory Lesson in their final lesson of the year. So Mrs Smith created a new game called steps to success. Each pupil had a coloured path to follow that they got to progress along each time they correctly answered a question based on the syllabus they have been studying.

Every time they reached the end of the path they got to collect a treat from the box. Questions covered anatomy and physiology of the body, the energy systems and the components of blood. To make it festive each pupil was given adorned with a piece of headwear. Some were more appreciated than others! If the pupil wanted to answer a question they have to sound their musical instrument.

The second round was a modified version of twister where the pupils had to place the muscles or bones they had learned on the games board. This round increased their knowledge of movement types including abduction, addiction, flex ion, extension and rotation! We finished off with a game of anatomy musical bumps which tested the classes knowledge of anatomy along with their reaction times!

This picture depicts CRANIUM – YELLOW! As you can see from the photos lots of fun was had by all and a pleasing level of knowledge was exhibited hence their stacks of individual treats at the end of the lesson.

Prep School Christmas Competition

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The Prep School Christmas competition this year was Christmas Glasses, with the money raised going to new playground equipment.

Many pupils entered and the variety of glasses was amazing.

Mr McGuinness and Miss Stagg had a very tough job trying to pick a top three but after much deliberation they finally got there.

The top three were… 1st Jemima , 2nd Stanley and 3rd Maisie.

Thank you to everyone who entered and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Christmas Dodgeball Event

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Due to the fields being out of action because of the frost and snow this has had a knock on effect on our extra curricular timetable. We decided to host a lunch time dodgeball tournament for all sessions.

This was welcomed by the majority of the school who either took part or worked as umpire or photographer. The ages were split into upper and lower school. Along with those who wanted to play hard ball competitively and those who wanted to play for fun.

Five games were played and great sporting etiquette was seen throughout the session. A great fun activity that we may add to the extra curricular time table for the next term. Well done to all involved!

Year 2 Make The Transfer List

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Year 2 have been writing poems citing all their good and bad points. They make for very interesting reading! So they’ve put themselves on the transfer list. If anyone is interested in putting in an offer Mrs Wilson is keeping an open mind!

I’m A Kelly Get Me Out Of Here

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On Tuesday Oakhill said goodbye to Mr & Mrs Kelly as they depart on their next adventure to Australia. Mr Kelly has been Oakhill’s RE teacher for the past 3 and a half years and Mrs Kelly has enthused and encouraged many of Oakhill’s pupils to play an instrument.

The Kelly’s were treated to an ‘I’m A Celebrity’ style assembly where everybody was welcomed by Mr Lacy playing his digeridoo.

Hosted by Head Boy Giles and Head Girl Phoebe, The Kelly’s first bush tucker trial was, for Mr Kelly, meal worms which Mr Kelly ‘seemed’ to enjoy, poor Mrs Kelly’s trial was puffed rice – full of sugar and colourings, much worse than Mr Kelly’s meal worms!

The Kelly’s second trial involved crickets and jelly beans – well done again to Mr and Mrs Kelly for completing the task, although Mr Kelly did find the crickets a little bit crunchy!

Finally, the toughest trial of all for Mrs Kelly – a glass of Australian wine and for Mr Kelly, a plague of locusts for Mr Kelly

Four Year 9 boys spoke about their favourite memory of Mr Kelly, which involved his football skills.

Mrs Crouch spoke of life being an adventure and we all wish The Kelly’s all the very best in their new life in Queensland.

L. S. Lowry

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Over the last term Year 2 have been looking at the work of L.S. Lowry.

Using just the primary colours as well as black and white they firstly recreated a seascape picture. They also looked at perspective and how to draw objects showing them near and far.

The boys and girls enjoyed copying his work ‘Matchstick Men’ and the results were amazing. Some budding artists in Year 2.

“St Bernard’s Goes To The Dogz!” 

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Chris Martin – playwright and author came to Oakhill on Friday 8 December to host an English workshop for Years 5-8.

Five students from Years 7 to 8 rehearsed and performed a mystery play – “St Bernard’s goes to the Dogz!”

It was as though the characters had been written for them – their performances were brilliant.  Mr Martin said that of all the schools he had been to, our talented students were the best he had worked with.

Well done to the students who gave Years 5 to 8 a thoroughly enjoyable performance and thanks to Chris Martin for coming to visit us.


Premier League Poetry

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Year Five have been busy writing poems for the Premier League Primary Stars KS2 Poetry Competition.  Each poem was based on the theme of Resilience but, nonetheless, the pupils produced work in a range of styles, reflecting inspiring messages to fellow pupils of how important it is to keep striving for success and to try again, even when things are difficult.  Their entries included acrostic, shape and sound poems

The poems have now been sent to the Premier League to be judged by Frank Lampard, Yannick Bolasie and Lauren Child (the 10th children’s laureate), amongst others.  The children are very excited to hear if any of their poems will be a winning entry.  However, this week, they received some fantastic news, as the class was chosen to receive a set of poetry books, as a reward for being one of the first classes in the country to enter the competition.  As you can see from the photo, they couldn’t wait to start reading these!

Prep Student Council

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For the Christmas Fair this year the Prep School Student Council decided to have three different stalls going on at the same time…decorating Christmas biscuits, making Christmas lanterns and selling biscuits/cakes. The Prep school pupils didn’t disappoint and donated biscuits by the tin full.

On the day itself members of the council took turns to run the stalls and they raised £77. In the new year the council will meet to decide what food they will buy with the money and then deliver the food to the THOMAS Group in Blackburn, who care for and support homeless people. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

The Prep School Student Council wish everyone a very happy CHRISTmas and a peaceful new year.

Hyndburn And Ribble Valley Badminton Tournament

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This week, Sam, RJ, Alex and Louis competed in the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley badminton tournament. Oakhill were selected in the one of toughest groups in the tournament. In Oakhill’s first game we won 4-1 against Hyndburn with all the boys playing very well. In our second game it was very tough and we narrowly lost to Ribblesdale, 3-2.

In our final game of the group we needed a win to go through to the knockout stages. Convincingly we won 5-0 with a great display from all the boys.

In the quarterfinals we were drawn against Bowland. We played extremely well showing great tactical plays throughout the game. Unfortunately we were again narrowly beaten in a closely fought game losing only 3-2. We ended up in the top 5 out of 16 schools. Well done to Sam, RJ, Alex and Louis.

Young Artists

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Pre Prep have been discovering the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. They have explored natural materials in their play, painted with mud and went down to the woods to make their own environmental art.

Year 5 & 6 Basketball

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Last week Oakhill hosted the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley School Partnership basketball tournament. Due to the rise in popularity of Basketball in Prep with our coach Steven Gayle we were the only school to enter 3 teams. Our teams were of a mixed ability and all were in with a good chance of success. The games were fast paced and furious, our players were exhausted but continued to put up a good competition. Oakhill Greens, made up of Year 5 pupils Taylor, Lilly-Ella, Josh, Charlie and Mairead won 5 out of 8 matches but needed a little more height on their team to ensure success!

Oakhill Yellows Nellie, Imogen, Edward, Roman and Gabrielle won 3 of their games. This was down to the super shooting of Edward who was the team’s star player!

Our Reds had a fantastic tournament winning 7 of their games. This team moved the ball fantastically through the court with short and sharp passing. They also had Pips height to their advantage, who rarely missed a shot and at times was substituted to even out the play. One game ended 42-0! Lydia was their star player, she was fast paced, assertive and dominant on court. Congratulations to Oakhill reds Rocco, Isaac, Pip, Joseph, Zara and Lydia on your win and well done to all involved.

Greek Club

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Greek club have been making traditional Christmas boats to celebrate St Nicholas’s day. He is the patron saint of seafarers.


Hibernating Hedgehogs

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Year 2 have finished finding out all about hedgehogs and made their own using clay. It’s time to take them home now so they can hibernate-the hedgehogs that is not the boys and girls!

Year Three Visit Waddington Fell Quarry

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As part of their science topic on Rocks and Fossils Year Three recently visited Waddington Fell Quarry. It was a truly memorable visit. The tour around the quarry was very informative and the pupils learnt a lot about how the quarry works. Alas the weather conditions made the whole experience much harder to enjoy. The chilly weather was indeed bitingly cold and the frosty wind added to the feeling of being in a freezer. To defrost the pupils stopped off at Mr Lowry’s mum’s home in Waddington for homemade cakes and drinks.

Many thanks to Emma, owner of the quarry and our tour guide and to Mr Lowry’s mum for the hospitality!

Mr Lowry, Mrs Chatburn and Year Three

Mr Baron’s Investiture

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Tony Baron, Managing Director and Chair of Governors of Oakhill School and Nursery in Whalley has been honoured with the highest accolade bestowed on a private individual by the Catholic Church. On Wednesday 29th November, Tony was awarded the Papal Knighthood of St Gregory the Great in an Investiture ceremony, which took place at the School.

The Knight of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great is one of the five pontifical orders of the Holy See in the Catholic Church. The order is bestowed on Roman Catholic men and women in recognition of their service to the Church, the Holy See, and acknowledges exceptional endeavours and the good example they set in their communities and country. Pope Gregory XVI formed The Papal Order of Saint Gregory on 1 September 1831 with four classes of which a Knight is one.

The ceremony took place at Oakhill in a Mass officiated by the Right Reverend, John Arnold, Bishop of Salford, in the company of 400 invited guests, parishioners, parents and pupils. Tony was regaled in a fine green jacket, black hat with feathers, a short sword with a handle made of mother of pearl with a medallion of the order and an eight-pointed cross, the insignia of the Order.

The Pontifical Order particularly recognizes Mr Baron’s work at Oakhill School and Nursery. Oakhill College, as it was formerly known, was formed in 1978. In the late 90’s it was under the threat of closure and Tony Baron stepped in to save it. Oakhill’s motto is “faith stronger than the Oak’’ and generations have passed through the school receiving a faithful education. Tony started his career owning and running a group of Petrol Filling Stations across Preston and the Fylde Coast. On selling this business he anticipated retirement but was motivated to save the school and continue the Catholic ethos, warmth and special nature of the School.