Despite the cold and rain, Year 10 were bright and cheerful on Saturday morning as we travelled to Preston station and then onto London Euston for a day of History. Having navigated the Underground,  they delved straight into the Elizabethan period and took on the mighty Globe, a reconstruction of the Lord Chamberlain’s company theatre, run by Burbage and, of course, a certain W. Shakespeare. Tim gave a fascinating talk on the construction and goings-on in at the Theatre which was seen as most ungodly by the Puritans across the river who ran London city.

After a well deserved lunch, our attention then turned to the 19th Century and a visit to the oldest Operating Theatre in Europe at the old site of St. Thomas  Hospital. Students were “entertained” by a talk on bladder stone removal which was achieved in 45 seconds, if you were lucky, and then an amputation which ideally would be performed in 2-3 minutes, all without modern day anaesthetics and antiseptics. A surgeon’s skill lay in speed and not necessarily in precision!

Students then returned to the 16th Century to see the reconstruction of Drake’s Golden Hinde. They even then managed to squeeze in a quick look at the Tate Modern, conveniently located on the South Bank.

Our arrival at Euston was greeted by train cancellations and with the help of Virgin staff we rerouted our return journey, arriving back in Skipton 2 minutes later than scheduled. Clearly, our dabbling in historical drama, speed of operating and undertaking unknown journeys paid off!

Well done to Year 10 Historians who were fantastic throughout our travels and to Mrs Hipwell for joining us on our day out in London.