All of our Key Stage 2 children were lucky to have the presence of the sun on the morning of the annual Prep Cross Country Inter House race. It was last Thursday on the hottest day of the year so far. The race took place in the morning so the weather conditions were perfect!

Our Year 3 to 6 girls ran first, the girls set off at great pace with many of our Year 5s leading the group. Once they got into the long straight of our top field they all began to bed in and put the race plans they had done in lessons into action.

Next up was the down hill bmx track the most technical part of the course where the brave stride out and take over on the specific bends. By this point Maisey was striding ahead and there was a battle going on between 4 other girls for theĀ silver and bronze medals. Jamimah in Year 4 appeared from nowhere and took everyone by surprise, she employed an excellent race plan and executed it perfectly. Saving just enough to complete the race quicker than those she had tracked throughout the run. The final results were:




Next up were our boys and as boys do every year they set off like a bullet out of a gun! Sprinting to get into pole position and be the first to make it to the first corner. Rauri pulled away leaving the majority of Year 5 boys battling it out in a bunch behind him. Taylor and Isaac battled through the course each swapping positions almost every 5 metres! Again it came down to tactics on the bike track and who had left enough to power out of the bonfire site! All of our contending boys gave it their all and the final positions finished:




Each year it is noticeable that our runners are getting stronger and the hard work that they put in in lessons is paying off. Every single pupil completed the course giving 100% effort and every bit of energy they had. I am really proud that they all finished with beaming smiles on their faces and were proud of their own achievements. Those who did not achieve medals or certificates are just as worthy as those who did as the main focus is self development and all achieved their target of improving upon their time or position from the previous year! Well done everyone, keep up the hard work!