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June 2018

Together We Fly Further

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At the end of the Easter term Year 4 and 5 competed against each other to find out who could design the best glider. The team that flew their glider the furthest would go through to the next round if their flight distance was far enough. “The Girlz” team won our heat with an impressive 9.75m which was more than enough to qualify for the Regional Final.

Held at the Runway Visitor Centre at Manchester Airport under the wings of Concorde our team designed and constructed a new glider. Twelve teams from the North West were competing for a place in the National Final to be held later this term. The event is run by the RAF to promote STEM subjects in schools and culture an interest in aviation and what a fabulous location to host the competition.

It was awe inspiring being under the canopy of the wings that flew at supersonic speed across the Atlantic. Our girls were determined to break new records and with their super TAG line “Together We Fly Further” they designed, then amended, then retested, then amended to make sure they were giving it their best shot. Each team were given three flights and the furthest out of the three counted.

It was a really exciting event and although their glider didn’t fly the furthest our tremendous trio won the Most Innovative Design Award. Well done girls it was a real pleasure for Miss Stagg to spend the day with you and she was so proud to see you get stuck into an engineering task – full credit to you all as you were one of the only teams to do it all yourself.

Trip To Lourdes

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Our day started with celebrating mass in Saint Bernadette’s local parish church in the village of Bartrès.

The afternoon was spent tree climbing.

Very impressive teamwork from all of the children as the negotiated extremely high trees and tricky zip wires.

Year 7 Sunflowers

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Year 7 enjoyed learning all about sunflowers in their English lessons last term.  They learnt about how to make their writing more interesting and demonstrated this by writing as though they were sunflower seeds.  After analysing how the seed-packet instructions had been written, they planted their own sunflowers – most of which are still growing their way to victory in the class competition.  Year 7s own sunflower poems contained lots of figurative language – visit the English classroom to check them out!

World War 1 Research

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Those students who are embarking on the bike tour to Belgium next week, held a presentation on their preparations for the trip.

All students have attended a lunchtime club and researched a soldier who came from the local area and died in the Ypres Salient.

The stories have been moving and interesting and students were able to tell their parents, both writing and talking through their own section of the presentation.

It was also an opportunity for parents to meet all the students going on the trip and to share some corned beef sandwiches, trench cake and tea.

The next phase will be to visit the graves and memorials in Belgium.

Look on the website for more information next week.


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Staycation kicked off with a trip to Skipton Castle where pupils were treated to a tour and told about the history associated with this fascinating building. They particularly enjoyed being put in the dungeon with the light out – no 5 star accommodation! After lunch they set off in groups to complete the Skipton treasure trail.

Touring round the historical market town and down by the canal the groups solved clues and found landmarks to help them to work out the secret code. Well done to the Year 8 Boys: Ben, Roman, Matt, Jacob and Max for completing the trail accurately and in record time.

Year 4 Assembly

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Year 4 put on an amazing show with their recent class assembly which linked with the World Cup and their All around the World topic that they had been learning about within their geography lessons. They also sprinkled it with a multitude of different languages and the audience were even greeted with Liverpool’s finest footballer of the moment “Mohammed Salah!” Bravo Year 4!

Year 4 Save The Bees

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Oakhill are committed to helping to maintain and grow the number of bees in our area. Earlier in the year, our Year 4’s found out about the dwindling number of bees in our country and planted some Bee Friendly Seeds to place around the school to encourage bees to visit.

We then went on a rescue mission to save an exhausted bee by giving it an energy drink of honey, sugar and water and watched as it went on its way after drinking the sweet solution.

Saving our bees is important in saving our planet and it is essential to educate our children to appreciate the importance of these understated friends.

Lilly-Ella Heads To The British Championships

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Lilly-Ella and her Espoir team are competing in the British championships over the weekend at the international centre in Telford.

The girls will compete in a free routine today, a ball routine tomorrow in the hope to qualify for the finals on Sunday.

The girls qualified for the British Championship by achieving a place as one of the top six rhythmic Espoir teams in the country!



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Year 8 furthered their study of the Suffragettes by holding an Equalitea event. This is a project run by UK Parliament to mark 100 years since women were able to vote in national elections and 90 years since they were able to vote on the same basis as men.

Students enjoyed a variety of activities: playing a board game; decorating biscuits in Suffragette colours; making their own banner and, of course, having tea.

The WSPU held teas at the Savoy hotel on the release of those campaigners who had gone to prison for their devotion to the cause.

Year 8 also shared their biscuits with other pupils in school. Great work, Year 8.


Interhouse Orienteering

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Teams from Years 7 to 9 took on the challenge of the interhouse orienteering competition this Monday at Gisburn Forest.  Working in pairs from Martyrs and Scholars in each year, they took on a tough, overgrown course to find as many controls as possible.  This involved reading the map at the same time as dashing around the forest.

All did extremely well, earning plenty of points for their houses.  Scholars total was boosted by Ellie and Alicia from Year 9 who earned the best score, leading to a Scholars win of 175 points to 155 for Martyrs!  Well done Scholars and all who took part.  We look forward to more interhouse competitions over the next three weeks to decide this year’s winning house.



Year 4 Save The Bees

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Oakhill are committed to helping to maintain and grow the number of bees in our area. Earlier in the year, our Year 4s found out about the dwindling number of bees in our country and planted some Bee Friendly Seeds to place around the school to encourage bees to visit.

We then went on a rescue mission to save an exhausted bee by giving it an energy drink of honey, sugar and water and watched as it went on its way after drinking the sweet solution. Saving our bees is important in saving our planet and it is essential to educate our children to appreciate the importance of these understated friends.

Year Three Assembly

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Last Friday Year Three did their class assembly.

As they are studying Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl in lessons they performed scenes from the story and then highlighted the importance of teamwork through a game, a presentation and three video performances.

Everyone agreed that their assembly was ‘Fantastic!’

First Holy Communion

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Five pupils from Oakhill School have recently celebrated their First Holy Communion. Our sincere thanks go to Father Price and Father Kelly for their kind and thoughtful words as they co-officiated the Mass on this momentous occasion.  

The sun shone brightly in Whalley as they took the next step on their important journey in the Catholic faith, at the English Martyrs RC Church.  The whole of the Prep School then joined them and their families, with a Mass celebrated by Father Leo at Oakhill.  

The children were even treated to a very special afternoon tea.  Our sincere thanks are extended to the clergy who have helped to make this a very memorable time, and our prayers and best wishes are with all the children.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze Expedition

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On Tuesday 12th June, Year Ten headed to the Yorkshire Dales to undertake their final expedition for their Bronze D of E Award.  After undergoing training throughout the year, including a practice expedition in the Ribble Valley, our explorers were ready for the challenge. 

This involves carrying all equipment to be self sufficient for two days, cooking meals and making camp overnight.

With the sun shining, Year Ten headed to Wharfedale, taking in a 28km route from Grassington to Yockenthwaite, staying overnight near Arncliffe. 

They enjoyed some excellent walking routes and great views across the Dales as they climbed into Littondale.

All pupils did very well and passed their assessment confidently.  Well done, Year Ten!

Flipside Gymnastics

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The first group of Year 1 & 2 pupils have completed their 5 week scheme of gymnastics at Flipside fitness with Coach Zoli.

Each week they participated in a variety of gymnastic activities which all focused on their core stability and body control.

Have a look at the pictures to see what fun we have been having! Coach Zoli also spotted some potential in our pupils and started to look at the keys steps routine that the children will compete in when they move upstairs into Year 3 & 4. 

Well done to all involved and thank you as ever to Coach Zoli for making the sessions so fun, enjoyable and educational!

Prep Inclusive Sports Afternoon

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On Wednesday 23rd of May, we hosted the inclusive sports afternoon .

A variety of schools from across the Borough took part in inclusive activities such as Seated Volleyball, Kurling, Boccia, Wheelchair assault courses, Wheelchair tig and Goalball.

Many of our Oakhill pupils  took part ranging from reception to year four.

The event was led by our year nine sports leaders after they completed a sports leadership course during their PE lessons earlier in a the year.

Take a look at the photos to see the fun we had.

Holly P Year 9


French Exchange

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We were delighted to welcome two pupils from our link school, Jean Paul 2, in Rouen before half term.

Nathan and Emma threw themselves into all the opportunities they have had and have been a great help in prep French lessons as well as taking part in the normal Year 9 timetable.

Year 2, in particular, spent an hour questioning them on all sorts of topics in French.

The prep boys have also enjoyed playing football with Nathan at break time. Emma did some pétanque (bowling) training with Year 3.

All of the staff and students who have previously taken part in the exchange to Rouen were invited to a Cream tea where we introduced our guests to scones with cream and jam and buttered crumpets.

A big thank you to our two host families who have spent the evenings and weekends showing Emma and Nathan different aspects of our region from ice hockey to Pendle Hill. We are looking forward to hearing how the return trip to France goes in September. Bon retour!

Headingly Water Treatment Works

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Year 10 visited Headingly Water Treatment Works, one of Yorkshire Water’s main sites for supplying drinking water to Yorkshire which has an excellent education centre. The new GCSE Chemistry topics cover the treatment of waste water and the processes involved in making water safe to drink. It was an interesting day as pupils found out more about the three main steps of filtration, coagulation and sterilisation before touring round the site to see all the main steps in real working order. We were lucky to be able to see one of the filter beds empty – a rare occurrence – which enabled our pupils to appreciate the depth and internal structure of the bed. A great learning experience for all our year 10s.

French Trip

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Pupils from Years 5-8 have recently returned from an exciting and fun-packed educational trip to Warsy, France.

Before they even arrived at their accommodation, they were treated to a tour of a chocolate factory in French, where they learnt exactly how various types of chocolate are made.  They were in awe of the creations from the experts there and were understandably very keen to sample the chocolate for themselves.

Some even decided to treat family members by purchasing items to give as gifts but we aren’t sure if temptation proved too much during the coming days and how much actually made its way back!

Next, they headed off to see where they were going to be staying for the next few days.  Audible gasps could be heard as the children caught their first glimpses of the impressive château that was to become their home.  Their excitement to explore and see their rooms was fantastic to see and they were not disappointed as they were greeted with authentic surroundings – including the amazing bathrooms!

Their first sampling of French cuisine that evening lived up to, and even surpassed their expectations, as the staff encouraged them to make their choices using their French learned in the classroom

Saturday brought what was, by the children’s own admission, one of the highlights of the trip.  We were extremely proud of their enthusiasm and skill as they greeted the French market sellers and made their own purchases, entirely in the French language.  The children revelled in this opportunity and made the most of the chance to sample some traditional and local delights.

Saturday afternoon was a trip to the goat farm.  Again in French, the children learn about how goats cheese was made.  They were keen to milk a goat themselves and then try the goats’ milk and cheese too.  The best part for many was undoubtedly the opportunity to meet and cuddle the goats first hand.

The campfire on Saturday night saw the children toasting marshmallows and working with the Château staff to impress with their group skills – and singing talents!

Sunday morning was a choice of fencing or a raft-building activity.  Those who chose fencing soon picked up the etiquette and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning this new skill.

The laughter from the children, who opted for the raft-building, could be heard resonating around the château grounds.

Their teamwork was highly impressive, as they built their own rafts and then tried to steer them across the lake.

Sunday afternoon saw a totally different aspect to the trip.  The children were very interested to visit both German and British cemeteries, as they made an inspiring visit to The Somme.  They then moved on to the Thiepval monument, which commemorates more than 72,000 men from the British and South African forces who were reported missing in the Somme.

Towering over 45 metres in height, it dominates the landscape for miles around. It is the largest Commonwealth memorial to the missing in the world. and some children even managed to track down the names of some of their relatives who had lost their lives in the war.

Finally, the children visited the Albert Somme museum where they were able to learn more about the conditions experienced by the soldiers and see some artefacts from the war.  It was certainly a very moving afternoon, vital to our children’s learning.

Sunday evening brought a first for many children – the opportunity to sample frogs’ legs and snails!

Whilst some were not overly keen, others absolutely devoured the traditional delicacies.

Traditions continued into the night, as the children tried their hand at pétanque.

They loved this game and it certainly brought out their competitive sides.

Monday was our final day but, not content with simply making the journey home, children headed for the snail farm.  The farmer clearly explained the process from rearing to eating the snails.  The children once again impressed with their understanding of the French explanation and the asking of their own questions in French.

They were fascinated by and interested to hold the snails.  Our host had prepared not one but five variations of the national dish.  Two cold choices included snail pȃté and snail sausage.  These were followed by three warm dishes, all cooked in different ways.  They proved to be very popular – particularly the one which is eaten in French households at Christmas time.

The final visit of the day was to the pȃtisserie.  The owners explained, in French, the process for making both commercial and traditional bread, highlighting the importance a freshly-baked baguette plays in the lives of the French.

The baker, in his own unique style, encouraged the children to translate the ingredients for bread before demonstrating how to make croissants.  This was a priceless experience for everyone involved, with all children enjoying the humorous style of the connoisseur.

Wow!  What a trip!  The children seized every opportunity to immerse themselves in the French culture.  For many, it was their very first time away from home, let alone going abroad without family.  They were a credit to Oakhill and there is no doubt that they have created memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.