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November 2018

Year 7 Are A Human Climate Graph

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Year 7 are studying the U.K. and have been looking at climate graphs. Here they are making a human climate graph of the U.K., dressed in appropriate clothing for their season. Their bodies represent precipitation so they are crouched down in the summer and the measuring tape is the average monthly temperature. The graph reads from January on the left to December on the right. Got it? Well done, Year 7!

Year 5 & 6 Basketball

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Oakhill hosted the boroughs year 5 & 6 basketball tournament last week. We hosted 12 teams from across the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn, Entering two teams of our own. Each game had to have two boys and two girls on the court at all times.

Oakhill oranges played very well convincingly winning their first two games but unfortunately came unstuck in their final two games against Gisburn and Simonstone who both progressed from the group stages.

Oakhill greens played fantastically well winning all 4 of their group stage games some by up to 17 points. Progressing to the quarter finals in first place in their group. In the quarters the met with Simonstone who had knocked our oranges out of the competition. So we knew it would be a tough game and we wanted to win for both teams. Great teamwork ensured a win but it was closely contended, Oakhill greens finally winning 7-4.

This meant we entered the final unbeaten in the tournament. We knew this would be a tough game but also knew we were the most structured team in the tournament. The game was end to end and full of excitement, unfortunately after our unbeaten progress the passion took over and we lost our formation at times rushing and struggling to get the much needed baskets. It was a great game finishing with Gisburn winning 4-2 a great Afternoon was had by all. Well done to all of our players, you did Oakhill proud! Also a big thank you to year 10 who organised, managed and umpired the event, working as young leaders in sport.

Learning About Other Religions

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We were very fortunate last week to have guest speakers in school in RE to help bring to life a range of different religions for our students.

On Tuesday year 9, 10 and 11 were entertained by Ashraf Varachhia from the Clitheroe Mosque who gave a fantastic presentation to students and answered lots of questions about the Islamic faith. The students learned so much about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. Mr Varachhia really opened the students’ eyes to the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity and we have asked Mr Varachhia to come and visit again, as what the students gained was so beneficial and directly relevant to their exam.

We were also fortunate to have Rev Andy Froud from St Mary’s Church in Clitheroe visit us to speak to year 7 and 8 about Christianity and being a vicar of a Parish. The students really enjoyed this visit and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions about  the role of a Vicar, reasons for choosing this vocation and were even entertained with magic tricks from the former TV Celebrity star of “The Chase”. We have been invited to go to St Mary’s to have a look around and further our knowledge of Christianity and look forward to this.


On Wednesday, Richard Foster who is a Buddhist came in to talk to year 7 and 8 students about Buddhism and the links between Buddhism and other faiths. He brought in lots of Buddhist objects used in meditation and spoke to us about Buddhist principles and the Buddhist way of life. We were very fortunate and the students learnt a lot about the Buddhist faith.

We really appreciate our visitors taking the time to come to Oakhill and to talk to us about their religion.

El Viejo Saloon

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On Monday 19th November, the GCSE Spanish students went to Blackburn to watch an Onatti Spanish production called El Viejo Saloon. The play was set in the Wild West and told the story of a saloon owner and his daughter losing their money and trying to win it back again through a talent show contest. They held a talent show of their own to decide the best contestant for the competition. In the end, they won the contest and the $100 prize but the prize money was stolen yet again! We all managed to understand it but the plot kept us guessing!


Year One Toys

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Year One have been learning about toys. They researched what their parents and grandparents played with and then enjoyed playing with some old toys in school.

They also got the chance to make their own thaumatrope , which they all enjoyed playing with. Although they all agreed their own toys were much better!


Inclusive PE Event

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Oakhill led and hosted the inclusive event for the Ribble Valley & Hyndburn school sports partnership. We welcomed 15 schools from across the borough last Wednesday morning to our sports hall. A range of our pupils from reception to year 6 took part in the event working alongside pupils with a range of social, physical and mental disabilities.

Our year 9 pupils worked as sports leaders on the events and guided the participants through various modified activities such as athletic activities, boccia, parachute games and new age Kurling. Along with enjoying the activities it was a great opportunity for our pupils to meet and interact with pupils from across the borough.

Our young leaders did us proud and a great morning was enjoyed by all. We have since received emails and verbal feedback from a number of schools commending the performance of our year 9 leaders. Robyn stole the show with her excellent introductions, demonstrations and motivation of the pupils.

A special mention should also go to Louis who was a participant in the event throughout his years in prep, but now is working as a young leader and role model to the pupils. Well done Louis, we are very proud of the confident young man you have become. We look forward to the next event in March as we have been promised that we will be able to take part in wheelchair basketball.

Vocab Express

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Year Three proved themselves to be amazing linguists during the recent Vocab Express competition. They completed activities using languages ranging from French and Spanish to Polish and Portuguese. So ‘Fantastico’ and ‘Molto Bene’ to Year Three!


Mountain Biking – Gisburn Forest

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Nine pupils from years 6 to 11 enjoyed a day of mountain biking adventures at Gisburn Forest last Saturday.

The group took on the blue route with an added couple of loops of the ‘Hope Line’ – a fast downhill section with lots of sweeping bends and jumps.

The group did very well, riding safely and skilfully covering nearly 20km.  We were pleased to welcome some new riders from Year 6 to our regular rides, and we look forward to more in the future.  Well done everyone!

Best Dressed Guy Competition

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Form groups in the Senior School went head to head during the week before the bonfire and fireworks evening, pitching their creative skills against each other as they made their Guys for the bonfire.   With the coveted prize of the ‘Best Dressed Guy’ Shield and prime place atop the Oakhill fire, the competition made for a busy week, with lunchtimes spent painting, stuffing and sticking.

Pupils were given the task of creating miniature guys from cereal boxes.  Year Seven opened proceedings with a fantastic Mike from Monsters inc, followed by Year Eight with their excellent Mr. Strong (complete with miniature dumbells) and Year Nine with their inventive Ladybird Invasion.  Year Ten went for a simple sock puppet, while Year Eleven created the three little pigs from different sized boxes.

Year Eleven scooped the prize, owing to their great teamwork and creative talents, and the pigs were given prime place on the bonfire.  Their shield now takes pride of place in their form room.  Well done to all for such fantastic creations.

Wiz Of The Week Wizards

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Prep children, who are awarded wiz of the week, will now be lucky enough to look after their very own wizard. They have been hand-crocheted by our  very talented Reception teacher,  Miss Young. They are already providing to be a very big hit with children who have got very excited and are now even giving them individual names and some classes have even started on the construction of homes for them!


Whalley Remembers Lantern Parade

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Year 5s lanterns were taken on the Lantern Parade to represent Oakhill on Saturday over the Whalley Remembers weekend. Over 300 children attended the parade to commemorate the centenary. They walked round to the war memorial and as the sunset came, their lanterns shone as a beacon of hope marking the peace which came at the end of the war. Thank you to Year 5 for making such fantastic lanterns, the pupils who came to carry them and to the Whalley Scout organisation for organising the event.

Year 6 Remembers…

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Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Whalley library to look at the items on display as part of the Whalley Remembers activities which are running in the village to mark the hundred year anniversary of the end of World War One.

The children were particularly interested in the military hospital model and had the opportunity to ask questions and see old photos of the buildings as well.

It was lovely to see the work produced by other schools in the village and to also to see their own poems about WW1 soldiers on the walls as part of it.

Visit To Hansons’ Cement

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Year 8 Geographers learning about geology and the use of rocks visited the cement works and quarry in Clitheroe on Tuesday.

Michael and Paul, who have both worked there for many years, gave an interesting and informed tour of the whole site, explaining the different grades of limestone and the blend of materials used in cement production.

They took students to look at every aspect of the site from the loading bays to the kiln and store as well as the amazing control room with its robotic tester of samples. Year 8 were fantastic, as usual, and asked excellent questions.

A really excellent insight into our local industry and the use of limestone. Thanks to Hansons’ Cement for organising the tour, Michael and Paul for their time and the great goody bags.

Prep School Annual Book Fair

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A massive thank you to everyone who supported the recent Prep School Annual Book Fair. You spent over £750, which means that we now have £376 to spend on new books for the school. Well done everyone!


Run The Lights

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During the half term holidays a group of Oakhill runners headed to Blackpool for our own annual ‘Run the Lights’ trip.

This is now a traditional event and a great alternative way of experiencing the Blackpool illuminations.

Running south to north, and the full length of the light show, the route is over 5 miles long and takes in all the sights along the way including the piers and Blackpool Tower.  Our running group kept up a great pace, motivated by the fish and chip supper at the end in Bispham.

Staff, parents and pupils of all ages took part from Year Eleven right down to one of our toddlers (who slept all the way in her pram!).  Well done everyone.



Whalley Remembers

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On Wednesday Prep had a visit from two members of the Committee for Whalley Remembers, Cliff and June, who came to talk about the importance of this centenary year and the events taking place this weekend. Cliff asked lots of questions of the pupils who were ready with their answers and he told them the importance of the military hospital in Whalley which looked after 60,000 wounded soldiers. They also brought a beautiful patchwork quilt made by a local group to symbolise the work done by those women in Whalley left at home.  The committee then presented all the pupils with a special commemorative mug. Our thanks to Cliff and June and the Whalley Remembers committee. The next event will be our memorial service on Friday at the war memorial and there are events taking place over the weekend. After the Remembrance Sunday parade there is a special lunch at Whalley Abbey with a brass band and tickets are available from Whalley Post Office. Please visit the Whalley Remembers page https://www.facebook.com/Whalley-Remembers-556632281380965/ for more information.


Hockey Coaching Clinic

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A group of year 3 and 4 girls travelled to Giggleswick to take part in a coaching clinic.

This was a fun tournament based afternoon where the girls played in mixed school teams each competing in 3 mini games.

The girls developed their dribbling throughout the afternoon and started to become more assertive when tackling. The girls all really enjoyed the afternoon and celebrated a couple of goals being scored by tucking into sausage and chips!

Our U11 hockey team also travelled and played two coaching games against Giggleswick. Our first game against their A team was exciting with the ball travelling end to end in an evenly fought game which ended 0-0.

Our second game against their B team some fantastic defence was seen and numerous saves by Nellie our goal keeper who was selected as player of the match.

The final score we lost 2-0 as we struggled to send the ball into the oppositions D. A great afternoon was had by all.


Les Miserables

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Year 9 pupil Charlotte has been rehearsing for Les Miserables for a whole year, culminating in 6 shows in October at the Colne Hippodrome. Every performance was a sell out show. Charlotte was in the chorus and featured mainly in the first act  in the ‘lovely ladies’ scene and ‘master of the house’. Charlotte has been with Basics for 5 years but this is her first year in the Seniors. Well done Charlotte!




Oakhill Remembers

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As part of the Whalley Remembers community events, students from Seniors and Prep hosted a tea for pupils from Whalley and Barrow Primary schools and for members of the local community.

Bully Beef sandwiches were served alongside tea and scones and James Hawks played World War One songs on the piano.

Professor Hudson from Derby University provided items belonging to soldiers from the trenches and information on local solider, William Herbert Doxey, was provided by Pat Doxey.

Pupils from the Senior School spoke of the research they had conducted into local soldiers over the past four years from 2014 to 2018.

They had travelled to the Ypres Salient twice on bicycles, cycling over 250 kilometres in 5 days on two separate visits in 2016 and 2018 and spent time visiting the graves and memorials of local men.

During the two visits they had stayed at Talbot House in Poperinghe which provided a good cup of tea to all ranks of soldier who found themselves far from home.

In the same spirit, all who attended shared a cup of tea and time together.

Oakhill pupils also presented pupils from Whalley and Barrow with a rose from the garden of Talbot House, marking their links in this 100 Centenary Year.

Year 5 and 6 boys from the Prep School then gave a moving performance of “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae who was a surgeon at a dressing station on the Ypres canal.

Our thanks to all who came along to the event and to those who supported by sharing information, making food, knitting poppies for the displays and to the pupils who worked so hard to create such a memorable afternoon.

Whalley Remembers continue with events over the weekend 9th-11th November. Please visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Whalley-Remembers-556632281380965/ for more information or contact school.