On Wednesday Prep had a visit from two members of the Committee for Whalley Remembers, Cliff and June, who came to talk about the importance of this centenary year and the events taking place this weekend. Cliff asked lots of questions of the pupils who were ready with their answers and he told them the importance of the military hospital in Whalley which looked after 60,000 wounded soldiers. They also brought a beautiful patchwork quilt made by a local group to symbolise the work done by those women in Whalley left at home.  The committee then presented all the pupils with a special commemorative mug. Our thanks to Cliff and June and the Whalley Remembers committee. The next event will be our memorial service on Friday at the war memorial and there are events taking place over the weekend. After the Remembrance Sunday parade there is a special lunch at Whalley Abbey with a brass band and tickets are available from Whalley Post Office. Please visit the Whalley Remembers page https://www.facebook.com/Whalley-Remembers-556632281380965/ for more information.