Oakhill led and hosted the inclusive event for the Ribble Valley & Hyndburn school sports partnership. We welcomed 15 schools from across the borough last Wednesday morning to our sports hall. A range of our pupils from reception to year 6 took part in the event working alongside pupils with a range of social, physical and mental disabilities.

Our year 9 pupils worked as sports leaders on the events and guided the participants through various modified activities such as athletic activities, boccia, parachute games and new age Kurling. Along with enjoying the activities it was a great opportunity for our pupils to meet and interact with pupils from across the borough.

Our young leaders did us proud and a great morning was enjoyed by all. We have since received emails and verbal feedback from a number of schools commending the performance of our year 9 leaders. Robyn stole the show with her excellent introductions, demonstrations and motivation of the pupils.

A special mention should also go to Louis who was a participant in the event throughout his years in prep, but now is working as a young leader and role model to the pupils. Well done Louis, we are very proud of the confident young man you have become. We look forward to the next event in March as we have been promised that we will be able to take part in wheelchair basketball.