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January 2019

Indoor Cricket

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On Wednesday 30th January, Oakhill entered the LCB winter cricket tournament. We came up against local school St Augustine’s who brought a strong team. We won the toss and elected to field. After a strong fielding and bowling performance we restricted the opposition to 71. After a positive start we were well in the game but a little blip in the middle overs meant we had a tough task to get their score. Unfortunately we lost by 15 runs. Both teams performed extremely well and we wish St Augustine’s luck in the next round.

International Year of the Periodic Table

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Year 8 were in their “element” yesterday as they made an edible Periodic Table to celebrate its 150th birthday. 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table as it is 150 years since Dmitri Mendeleev arranged the elements into the modern version that we accept now as being the most accurate arrangement of the elements.

Year 8 were very enthusiastic as they walked into the lab to see lots of bowls of sweets and considered what elements make up these sugary delights. Colour coding Alkali metals, Alkaline Earth metals, Halogens and Noble gases with food colouring they then careful marked the symbol on each – remembering upper case letter for the first letter and lower case for the second (if there is one). Of course all good things must come to an end but this time it was an enjoyable end as they got to eat their creations. Well done Year 8 a very impressive display (not that it lasted long!).

Netball Club

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Netball club is proving a popular club on Friday lunchtimes, where Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to train for netball with a Ribble Valley Netball coach.

Their skills and tactics are improving weekly.

A Perfect Cup Of Tea

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Everyone loves a nice steaming hot cup of tea…especially when someone else has made it for you. Well just don’t get Year Three to make you a cup of tea! As part of their literacy topic of writing instructions the pupils were given the task of tea making instructional writing.

When judgement day arrived each pupil read out their instructions and Mrs Turner and I did as we were told. An hour of chaos ensued. Quite a few cups were made using only a kettle and no cup at all whilst others lacked any boiling water. One cup even overflowed with milk!

However one pupil did manage to make the perfect cup of tea and it was even accompanied by a slice of lemon. Well done Leonie. Perfect instructions for a perfect cup of tea ?

Latin Club

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Pupils from KS2 have started the Minimus course in Latin with Mrs Crouch.

We have met the family and experienced a Latin birthday party.

It was Madame Crook’s birthday so it was the ideal opportunity to wish her happy Birthday in Latin, with the help of our favourite mouse, Minimus.

Felix dies tibi sit!

Next week we will be learning all about food and what the Romans liked to eat.

Pilates Comes To Oakhill

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Pilates has proven a welcomed addition to the extra curricular timetable for our year 5,6,7 with over 20 pupils attending Mrs O’Kane’s weekly Wednesday club.

The pupils are working on their posture and core stability to aid in their chosen activities and everyday life.

It is also a great opportunity to increase their knowledge of the human anatomy through Mrs O’Kane’s in-depth knowledge.

Pupils are welcome to bring in their own yoga mats and grip socks if they wish to do so.

We hope to open this up to Year 8 to 11 pupils to help them through the tough exam period in the Summer term.

Catterall Shield

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William, Roman, Finlay, James, Christopher and Thomas went to the Catterall Shield cross country tournament at Giggleswick school on Wednesday the 16th January.

The boys ran well with Roman coming 75th and William 77th in the under 11s race.

Thomas coming 24th, Finlay 43rd, Christopher 56th and James 57th in the under 13s.

They all did very well and deserved the sausage and chips afterwards.

Report by Thomas Year 8, Cross Country Captain

Year 1 & 2 Firecrackers

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Year 1 & 2 have been working on a block of dance with the stimulus being fireworks.

Last week we worked on the different travel lines of a variety of firework types.

Rockets moving in long straight lines, Catherine wheels in circles and bangers making short sharp explosive moves.

The pupils were extremely inventive using all parts of their body to travel on.

In the second lesson we added sound with some instruments and dance props. Rockets worked with gymnastic ribbons and silver crackly paper.

Bangers with drums and Catherine wheels with maracas and cheer leading pom-poms.

The class worked in pairs mirroring one another. We saw some fantastic ideas and some great rhythm. Check out our little firecrackers in the pictures.


Board Games

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Board games club is proving popular again this term as children from the KS2 classes come together to play a mixture of traditional and new games with each other.

We are always looking for new games to try so if you have any good quality, complete board games which are no longer in use in your house, please send them to the Year 6  classroom and we will put them to good use!

Oakhill Takes The Title For The Third Year!

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This week our Year 5 & 6 athletes competed in the borough Sportshall athletics event that we hosted at Oakhill. With the whole of our Year 9 running the event as young leaders. Our girls and boys worked together fantastically producing some excellent results and team cohesion was evident.

After performing their socks off they anxiously awaited the results to come in. During this time there was a teachers Javelin competition. For which the team nominated Mrs Smith to take part in. Nervous but with a good arm Mrs Smith took the title as champion teacher.

After lots of screaming and cheering the pupils settled and the results were read out. Oakhill took the gold medals for small schools for the third year!

We are now awaiting confirmation that we have progressed to the regional round in Blackpool. So watch this space!

Well done to all our athletes you did Oakhill proud. Also to our excellent young leaders who were commended for their mature, organised and motivation to the younger pupils.

Epiphany Traditions

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Prep have been learning about French and Spanish Epiphany traditions this week.

They have watched videos of the Three Kings arriving into town

and seen them giving out chocolates to the children.

Afterwards, they made crowns and tasted el Roscón de Reyes/ la Galette des Rois.

Léonie and Rose’s family made galettes with a fève inside.

Luckily no one ate it and Mr Lowry and Mrs Turner were King and Queen for the day in Year 3 and Elijah and Grace were the King and Queen in Year 1.

Ski Trip

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Pupils are preparing for the forthcoming Oakhill Ski Trip to Madesimo. 15 pupils wrapped up to test their ski legs at the Chill Factore. Uncertainty turned to confidence as the newest skiers warmed up on the lowest part of the slope. Soon they joined the more able skiers to ski from the top of the slope.

Back in school Ski Fitness is open to skiers of all ability to strengthen core muscles to combat fatigue when skiing for 5 hours a day! Ski Fitness is held on Monday lunch times.

Bombs Away!

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Year 6 rounded off their WW2 history topic by presenting their projects and DT work. Their task was to design a garden typical of the WW2 era which meant including an Anderson air raid shelter. Their interest and research was shown by the many extra items they included which ranged from. washing lines, vegetable plots and garden sheds with tools to sand bags to protect from any blasts which might have occurred. The results were fantastic and the children demonstrated many creative talents!



Guitar Assembly

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Last term the children in Prep were treated to a little guitar concert from those learning the instrument.

We had the pleasure of listening to The Grand Old Duke of York by Jacob,

Jingle Bells by Orlaith and Caspar and then it was We Will Rock You from Oliver, Jake and Jack with a couple of them on the electrics guitar.

It was fantastic to see them perform and although they were all nervous they did themselves proud. Well done to our budding musicians. If anybody is interested in taking up the guitar then please ask your class teacher for a letter.


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Last year the boys and girls in Year 2 took part in a Posada in their Spanish lesson. It is an old Mexican tradition where young people, dressed as Mary and Joseph, travelled from house to house asking for a room for the night telling people about the imminent arrival of Jesus.

A modern day Posada uses nativity figures of Mary and Joseph and it gives each ‘host’ the chance to create their own celebration in their home. The children enjoyed having them to stay and shared songs, said prayers and lit candles whilst thinking about the real meaning of Christmas.

Maya Civilisation

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Year 5 have had a lot of fun learning about the Maya civilisation in their history lessons last half term. They have been fascinated to discover so much about how the Maya people lived, including what food they ate, their revolutionary number system and what sports they enjoyed. The children’s learning culminated in them producing some fantastic presentations, truly demonstrating how much knowledge they had acquired.

Each presentation was quite different and reflected independent research the children had done, in addition to what they had learnt in school.  In their own individual styles, the pupils conveyed a great deal of information about a variety of topics, all delivered in a confident and professional manner. Well done, Year 5 – a fantastic reflection of your hard work!