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Gymnastics Competition

By February 12, 2019Uncategorized

Last Monday Oakhill entered two teams of gymnasts into the KS2 key steps gymnastics competition held at St. Augustine’s.

Each of the gymnasts had to perform a set floor routine and also two vaults. The pupils had been working with Coach Zoli for 4 weeks and all were keen to compete. It was a tough decision to decide upon the teams.

There were 21 teams in total that competed. We entered Oakhill Oranges this team was made up of George, Saul, Isobella, Sophie and Francesca. Our Oakhill Greens were Caspar, Billy-Roy, Orlaith, Leonie and Imogen.

The teams competed on the vault first all making clean vaults and sticking their landings. Leonie and Saul deserve special mentions for this as they were awarded the highest scores from the judges.

Next came the set floor routine and with only one chance each the gymnasts knew they had to make it count. Some were nervous as they were still mastering the cartwheel and backwards role!

All performed excellently well achieving both of these difficult components within their routines. Imogen and Isobella’s performed tremendously and each achieved an excellent score of 9 points. Each and every gymnast performed their best routine extending from the tips of their fingers to the tips of their toes!

We are very proud of them and very grateful to Zoli for his expert teaching and giving our pupils a love of gymnastics.

The final results were long awaited and revealed by email the following day! Oakhill Greens scored an excellent 62.2 placing them 9th out of 21 schools. Our Oranges performed outstandingly well and achieved second place with a score of 65.6 and they were awarded the silver medals! Well done to everyone involved and thank you to all the parents that came to watch and support our teams.