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March 2019

Year 1s Mothers Day Assembly

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It was Year 1s turn to showcase their assembly on Friday morning. It was all about our lovely mums and all the amazing things they do for us. With a little help from a wig and a pinny the hall was filled with laughter and at times tears!

A big well done to Year 1 and we hope all the Oakhill Mums and Grandmas get spoilt on Mothers Day. To watch the video have a look on YouTube https://youtu.be/Pnnw2dq56DA

Year 8s History And Art Trip To Liverpool

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The sun was shining for Year 8 on their History and Art trip to Liverpool.

They first visited the Docks area, finding out about the importance of the port of Liverpool and the 50 docks built to take advantage of the tidal Mersey estuary.

They worked their brains against the clock with a quiz around the Docks exhibit and were able to apply the classroom based knowledge of the industrial revolution.

They then visited the International Slavery Museum with a guided tour of the gallery. It was a sobering and important time to reflect on the dark side of Britain’s history and the role of the trans-Atlantic slave trade in Liverpool’s and England’s wealth.

After lunch on the Albert Dock, pupils then walked up to the Walker Art Gallery to view the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.

They have been studying his pencil drawings and drew some of their own sketches.

They then toured the gallery looking at Lowry, Monet, Stubbs and some historical paintings. Year 8 were absolutely fantastic on the visit, attentive and considerate to each other and to members of the public. Well done.


Year 10 And 11 Triple Science Trip To Heysham Power Station

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We started off the day in the visitors centre, learning about the process of how our electricity is created at a nuclear power plant.

We learnt about all the components involved, and how they are used. In the afternoon, we were privileged to go on a guided tour of Heysham 2 (the bigger of the 2 plants at the site).

We saw the nuclear reactor, control room and generator.

We all had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Heysham Power Station. We would like to thank our tour guides Emma and Julie and all the staff who made us feel so inspired. Thank you.

Written by Year 11 Triple Science group

Year 5 Maths

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The recent poor weather hasn’t stopped Year 5 pupils getting up and active in their maths lessons.  This week they have been making fantastic progress with their knowledge and understanding of fractions.  We are not even sure they realised how hard they were working as they had so much fun with their classroom treasure hunt!  Keep up the great work, Year 5!

Year 5 Are In The Premier League

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Year 5 pupils were delighted this week to receive a set of fantastic poetry books as a result of their entries into the Premier League Writing Stars Poetry Competition. This has helped to further reignite their love for poetry and children were keen to take the books home at the first opportunity.  Some have already been inspired to produce their own work!  Well done, Year 5.

Ben Brings The House Down

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On Tuesday evening 15 pupils and staff went to support Year 9 pupil Ben in his inaugural performance as Tommy in the travelling west end show Matilda (The Royal Shakespeare Company) at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford.

Ben has been rehearsing full time for the role since December and all of his hard work was evident on stage! This has been a gruelling journey for him, with living in a hotel in London for the majority of the time, having daily tutoring for his academic studies and not to mention a sugar free diet that is imposed upon all of the performers!

Ben had solo singing parts along with being part of the classroom chorus which was pitch perfect. There were lots of complicated pieces of choreography including swings, slides and scooters! All of which were performed sharply and to perfection.

Ben appeared so natural and comfortable on stage proving he was born to perform. Such a wonderful achievement Ben, well done from all at Oakhill, we are very proud of you and so pleased that we got to watch you shine in your first performance. Good luck in Edinburgh and for the rest of the tour, we look forward to hearing your tales of you following your dream!

Swimming Gala 2019

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Oakhill entered the borough swimming gala competing against 9 other schools from the Ribble Valley. Our team was made up of predominantly Year 6 and one Year 5 pupil. All worked exceptionally hard and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Each and everyone of them came home with at least one medal! Well done to all that competed!

Check out the results below:

Girls – Nellie Wilson: Bronze – individual medley & Gold – freestyle relay Zara Pycock: silver – 25m freestyle & Gold – freestyle relay Mairead Purves: Gold – freestyle relay & Bronze – medley relay Lilly-Ella Smith : Gold – 25m breaststroke, Gold – free style relay & Bronze – medley relay Gee Rishton: Bronze- medley relay

Boys – Noah Howson: Bronze – freestyle & Bronze – freestyle relay Charlie McHugh – Bronze – freestyle relay Taylor Beaumont – Bronze – freestyle relay Edward Starkie – Bronze – freestyle relay

Team rankings-
Girls – 1st place Gold
Boys – 4th place
Overall – 3rd Bronze

Year 7 DT and History

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Year 7 have been working on a joint History and DT project making an accurate copy of a castle from the medieval period.

They are practising their skills in working with others and they are carefully planning, designing and building their castles ready for a presentation.

Lydia and Eliza went the extra mile and baked a fantastic motte and bailey cake which they shared around school.

Well done Eliza and Lydia and all of Year 7 for your fantastic work.

Derian House Assembly

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Last Friday Susan Seddon from Derian House visited to tell us more about the vital work they do to support 300 families across the North West. Derian supports children with life limiting conditions and also provides care for their siblings and families. We learned of inspirational people who have supported Derian and of the care given to siblings of children receiving specialist support. Oakhill has chosen to support Derian this year and a team of twelve are cycling from Lizard Point to Dunnet Head, a total of 950 miles in the summer. There is a mixture of students, teachers, parents and a governor who will undertake this journey and they are already training. Please support Derian by sponsoring them on the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/L2D

The Chaplaincy Group Lead Us Through Lent

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Last week, members of the Senior School Chaplaincy Group presented assemblies to both Seniors and Prep, inviting us all to make a pledge during Lent.  Pupils were asked to either give something up, or do something extra, during Lent, and to give the money saved or raised to CAFOD.  We learnt that CAFOD will be able to buy fishing equipment, and maintain fish stocks in countries such as Bangladesh, ensuring that everyone has enough food to eat.  Special thanks to Matthew, Emilie-Anne, R.J., Leigha, Jess, Lydia and Gabby who did such an excellent job of presenting the assemblies.

Student Council

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Student council have run two hot chocolate stalls over the last month and have made £53.37 from it. Student council decided that the money raised should go to Cancer Research. Thank you for supporting the stall.

Thomas Year 8 Student Council Secretary

Year 3 French

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Year 3 have had a great time learning how to read and follow a French recipe for cookies.

They learned the names of all the ingredients and quantities, then worked together to make up the biscuit dough following the instructions in French.

After waiting patiently for the end results, what did they think? C’est délicieux!

The Last Supper

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Year Two have been learning all about The Last Supper and why Christians share the bread and wine at Communion. All the children took bread and wine (blackcurrant juice) together.

Miles Of Smiles In Madesimo

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Madesimo 2019 was an incredible and memorable trip for the 44 pupils, staff and parents who joined us on our annual Oakhill Ski Trip. The sun shone everyday on the mountains and tree lined slopes of Madesimo, where we enjoyed skiing in temperatures of 7 degrees, almost 30 degrees warmer than last year.

All the pupils made significant progress with their skiing. The beginners had mastered red runs by the end of the week, with some amusing tumbles. The intermediates successfully accomplished  black runs and piste side jumps, whilst the more experienced skiers took more daring ski jumps including 180 degree turns! A lucky few enjoyed a spot of dancing and singing in, Larici, our favourite piste side restaurant on a sunny afternoon. Our evening dinner times were always buzzing with funny stories and accomplishments of the day’s slope activities.

Evening entertainment included Mrs Smith’s renowned games night, where pupils body popping balloons and blind drawing competitions had us all in fits of laughter.  Quiz night is always competitive, the reining champions were overthrown. The Disney knowledge of the winning team gave them the top score. We wrapped up warm for evening visits into the village for crepes, hot chocolate and pizza. However our impromptu karaoke and dancing evening was the most memorable. Both pupils and staff took to the stage to surprise us with their singing talents!

We have all returned with so many happy memories of our ski trip this year. A big thank you to the staff, pupils and parents who made Oakhill’s 2019 trip to Madesimo – Miles of Smiles! Thank you as always to Rayburn Tours for another excellent trip www.rayburntours.com

Year Three Rocks!

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Year Three had a ‘rockin’ science lesson least week. They are finding out all about rocks and fossils and went on a rock hunt around the school grounds.


Year 10 Business Studies

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The Year 10 Business group took a trip into Clitheroe town centre on Friday to look at various businesses and the key factors that would influence the choice of location. The pupils had to find a barbers, a taxi company, a dry cleaning service, the cement works and a cafe. They made observations of the business’s surroundings to write a post visit report.

Eco-Bricks Project

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Prep children are very excited about their new eco-bricks project!  This week, a representative from Cambodia Craft, Bob Turner, visited the school and spoke to the children about how they can make something useful out of the plastic that we throw away.

Bob began by explaining how Pope Francis is encouraging everyone to become more environmentally responsible.  The children learnt about the negative impact on the planet of the plastic from every day items such as a packet of crisps and a bottle of water.  They discussed practical steps that they can each take in order to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

In school, they are now going to commence their work with eco-bricks.  At home, they will build bricks, made out of bottles, filled to the brim with used plastic.  These will then be placed in benches and tables which will become a fantastic outside resource.  They will be for recreational use on the school playground but, in the future, we would love to extend them to being used as an outdoor classroom and for outdoor worship.

Good luck, prep!  We are looking forward to seeing the progress you make as you work together, taking steps to save make our world a better place.

Senior Cross Country

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Before half term our annual cross country event took place for seniors. We had the usual three races boys, girls and those that push themselves that little bit further and like to enter the elite race.

Due to the building works on our school site new routes were planned to perfection by Mr Peel who ran each one numerous times to ensure the distances remained the same.

Our boys ran first and this was a much tougher course as they had to run the difficult up hill middle field twice. The boys set off extremely fast and Yahya in Year 8 led the race for the first lap.

But the older boys had planned their race and waited until the youngsters tired before changing gear and accelerating through the pack in the second lap. The final results were

  1. Niall  (Year 11)
  2. Alex  (Year 10)
  3. Ellis  (Year 11)

The girls race was next and yet another fantastically planned and paced race with at times some surprising performances proving to some of the girls that they are far more capable than they give themselves credit for.

Felicity in Year 8 ran a fantastic race picking off 6 places in the final down hill section of the race to finish first. The results were:

  1. Felicity  (Year 8)
  2. Taylor  (Year 11)
  3. Layla  (Year 10)

Our elite race this year was much tougher and took place off site at Spring wood.

Mrs Mousley had run and planned the course and set a target for our runners to chase.

We only had boys entered this year but they ranged from year 7 to year 11 and we are very proud of these athletes for pushing themselves that extra mile!

A fantastic effort was put in by all and some very pleasing times were achieved. The final results were:

  1. Robert-John  (Year 10)
  2. James  (Year 11)
  3. Thomas  (Year 8)

Thank you to all of the staff who helps plan the courses and train the athletes and well done to each and every runner!

Another year of smiles over the finish line and no DNFs, Well Done Oakhill!


Year 3 & 4 Dodgeball Tournament.

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Oakhill hosted the school sports partnership annual Dodgeball tournament. A favourite activity for many of our pupils.

Three teams from year 3 & 4 took part in the event. Twelve other schools entered the tournament which was fast paced and furious.

The competition focused on three of the attributes that the school games partnership aim to instil into its pupils, Team work, Respect and Honesty!

After each games the teams were given a score out of 5 for their performance in these areas. Everyone worked hard and to the best of their ability to achieve the full 15 points.

Although it was a none competitive competition our teams all showed the skills they had learned in our popular lunchtime club and won most of their games.

We were very proud of all three teams and when the sport mashup and team work points were added up two of our teams managed to bring home medals.

Oakhill Blues with Year 4 Isabelle as their captain came away with bronze medals and Oakhill Oranges led by Year 4 Jake came away with gold as the overall winners of the event. Well done to all three teams that competed!

Also, well done to our excellent Year 9 young leaders who were commended for their mature, organised and motivation to the younger pupils.