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May 2019

Outdoor Day Pre Prep

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Outdoor day in pre prep started with a nature walk

and the children used bags and sticks to collect their findings along the way.

On their return they shared their findings with each other,

creating a table of their finding using their mathematical skills.

In the afternoon, the children enjoyed phonic splat using water balloons,

dancing ribbons,

creative arts,

clay pots

and obstacle races to mention but a few.

Year 5 And 6 Tag Rugby

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Our Year 5 & 6 boys took part in the borough tag rugby festival held at Clitheroe rugby club. The boys made a fantastic impact both on and off the pitch. Taylor and Charlie excelled with excellent movement and timing but at times had to be reminded to keep two hands on the ball as this is different to their usual full contact game.

The found holes in the oppositions defence often and accelerated towards the try line. Resulting in us winning 3 games, losing 2 and drawing 2.

Noah played very tactically and offered excellent guidance and advice to his team mates so was Mrs Smiths player of the tournament.

There were no final results as this festival approach is how the RFU have decided to engage all pupils.

When not playing the boys were shining ambassadors for Oakhill. They innovated their own hybrid game mixing volleyball, tennis and rugby which kept them entertained between the games.

Also a lady from the rugby club commended Mrs Smith on the boys manners, conduct and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon. Well done boys, you did yourselves and your school proud!

Ribble Valley Football League Champions

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Oakhill’s year 5 and 6 boys started their football league campaign back in September. The children fulfilled 16 fixtures across the year and performed consistently playing a good brand of football. The boys won 12 of their games and drew one throughout the year finishing on 37 points. The boys won the league by just one point and a hard fought race with Gisburn primary school and Barrow Primary school. Well done boys on a successful season and finishing league champions.

Teddy Bears Picnic

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What a beautiful day for a Teddy Bears Picnic.

The sun was shining and Oakhill Prep and Nursery children enjoyed a fun filled morning,

they hunted their bears who had hidden in the play grounds,

shared their picnic and then partied with lots of dancing and games.

We even had a visit from our very own Oakhill Bear.

Under 15 Rounders Tournament

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Oakhill entered the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn u15 rounders tournament at Accrington Academy this week. With a mixed squad of girls from years 8 to 10 the girls performed very well, winning three out of their 5 games. Some were very close with rounders scored being even but with Oakhill taking the win due to the number of opposition that we had got out. A great team effort with special mentions going to Juliet with her well disguised backhand batting, Robyn with her powerful strikes with her lucky old bat and Layla who ran her socks off to score rounders and put the opposition under pressure. Well done to all of the girls involved.

Year 5 Trip To Spaceport

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It was a glorious day for a trip down the Mersey and Year 5 headed West to visit Spaceport to reinforce their knowledge on our Solar System.

With lots to look at and a planetarium it was an informative trip making the pupils consider how life exists on this planet but not others, or none that we are aware of…yet.

The river explorer cruise was enjoyed by all and showcased Liverpool’s architecture, old and new. We finished the day with a rocket workshop before heading back home after a busy day.

Inclusive Multi Sports Event

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Oakhill hosted the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn inclusive multisports event last week.

Many pupils from our Prep school were involved and our Year 9 pupils led the event after completing their young leaders training in PE lessons with Mrs Smith last term.

The pupils took part in a variety of events including fencing, boccia, new age Kurling, dodgeball and even worked on their decision making and team building skills in a variety of challenges.

Take a look at our photographs to see how much fun we had.

Well done to all involved and thank you to our Year 9 pupils for being such great role models for the pupils and ambassadors for our school.

Animal Olympics

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All of our year 1 & 2 pupils took part in the animal olympics athletics event last week. Our pupils were split into 3 teams led by Mrs Wilson, Miss Baron and Miss Bennett supported by Mrs Green and Miss Whittaker The pupils competed in events such as the cheetah sprint, bunny hopping, busy bees and bouncing frogs! We had almost 200 pupils from across the borough attended the event All of our pupils gave 100% effort in each and every activity each adding points to our team total.

Our Year 9 and 10 pupils led the event as young leaders. Teaching the techniques to be performed and scoring each event.

Once completed our pupils relaxed in the sunshine eagerly waiting upon the results.

The results were read out in reverse order with St Leonard’s Balderstone third, Gisburn being awarded the silver medals our pupils were anxious for the final result! Oakhill greens were the top scorers of the day and came home with Gold medals!

Well done to each and every pupil involved and thank you to all of the staff who supported the event.

Art And Design

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Year 10 Art student Jessie has developed her own range of textile prints. As part of her Flora and Fauna project she has researched the work of Josef Frank, Graffiti Art and Italian and Scandinavian design houses.

Eco-brick Benches And Tables

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Our Eco-brick benches and tables have arrived for the start of our outdoor classroom. The children have loved sitting at them in this glorious weather and have started to fill them up with our special eco-bricks made from our waste plastic.

As you can see there is still lots of space for more eco-bricks, so please keep making them. By doing so we can help fight against our plastic waste problem.

If you want any information on how to make your own eco-bricks please contact the school.

Mother Tongue Other Tongue Poetry Competition

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Year 4 pupils have been working hard to produce entries for the Mother Tongue Other Tongue poetry competition.  This is a multilingual competition that celebrates cultural diversity across the North West of England.  It is led by the Poet Laureate, Dame Carol Ann Duffy and endorsed by British Boxer, Amir Khan and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Malala Yousafzai.  The children were tasked with producing an original poem written in a language learned at school.  They chose French and centred their ideas around the theme of their mothers to tie in with Mother’s Day and May being the month of Our Lady.

The class submitted their entries to the school’s MFL department and four have been chosen to represent Oakhill in the overall competition.

Congratulations to each and every one of you, Year 4.  You have each worked very hard to produce a beautiful poem.  Good luck in the competition.

Water Park

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The sun carried on shining all week as Year 5 and 6 continued their activities around Coniston Water. The final two days saw the groups – Brown Pike, Wetherlam, Coniston and Swirl How – out in pairs learning sailing skills, scaling rock faces, kayaking and climbing.

We have all been impressed with the way the children have supported and encouraged each other as they faced fears, took on challenges and learnt new skills.

The children returned to school having made some great memories and with new experiences to talk about.

They should be very proud of their achievements and the positivity with which they took on the whole week.

Year 6 Go With The Flow

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Year 6 proudly showed off their rivers projects which they had independently researched to support this term’s geography topic on rivers. After learning about river features and uses in lessons, they each were given one world river to find more about and presented their findings in an information booklet for the rest of the class to look at.

The booklets were impressively done and showed the high level of interest they had in doing this task.

They included pages showing the source and mouth of the river as well as the history and interesting landmarks or tourist attractions along its course. The ‘Facts’ page was a particular favourite to include and showed the amount of knowledge they had gained along the way. One pupil commented, ‘I didn’t know there was so much to find out about one river!’ The children were very interested in finding out about the many species of animals which inhabit these environments. They were also shocked to learn that several of the rivers they studied were heavily polluted but still used as a vital source of water for the local residents – a cause for concern and lots of discussion!


Tudor Houses

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The children have been busy turning cardboard boxes into Tudor houses.

They had great fun with newspaper and glue strengthening the boxes before painting them white.

Then it was time to design their own house using lots of different materials.

The children were fantastic at measuring, cutting, designing as well as helping each other with ideas too.

It was great to see them all working so independently although Scarlett and Frankie chose to work together and did so really well with agreeing on all they did. The end results were fantastic. Well done boys and girls.

Year 5 Eco-Warriors

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Year 5 pupils are demonstrating fantastic interest and engagement during their current topic about the world around us.

Whilst learning about key utilities, they produced model settlements for various groups of inhabitants, ranging from ski enthusiasts to university students.  They enjoyed using their knowledge of power stations and individual requirements to build the most efficient and effective area.

The class has also embraced the school’s eco-bricks project, with the two school council representatives delivering training on how to fill the bricks themselves.  They are extremely excited about receiving the tables and benches which are expected at the beginning of next term.

The recycling bug has really taken hold as the pupils lead the way with battery and bottle top recycling across prep.

However, the children have also extended the topic to other areas.  As they learnt about food miles, they considered the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing products from abroad or from the UK.  They produced their very own marketing campaign, which included tv and radio advertisements, posters and campaign leaflets.

They have also considered what changes they can make at home to reduce the amount of water, electricity and CO2 being used – and the financial savings their changes could bring.

Another important issue, which has captured their imagination, is that of palm oil and the plight of the now critically-endangered orang-utans.  The children have researched the fundamental concerns and each one has put together a detailed information brochure which highlights the alternatives of sustainable palm oil plantations, designed to persuade their chosen audience to think again before destroying vital forests.

We are so impressed with the attitude of the pupils.  They have considered a broad range of issues and are demonstrating an exceptionally responsible attitude which can hopefully bring to life the Laudato Si recently published by Pope Francis.  Keep up the good work, Year 5!


Year 11s Leavers Meal

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This year’s Leavers Meal was held at The Fence Gate in their private room. Pupils arrived by various modes of transport ranging from many high performance cars and even a mountain rescue vehicle!

After enjoying a beautiful meal Head Girl and Boy and Deputy Head Girl and Boy, Phoebe, James, Isabelle and Arthur thanked the staff and even told an amusing tale about one or two!

To end the evening Mrs Crouch talked about each pupils personality and how they had blossomed during their time at Oakhill, and of course showed the obligatory baby photos of each of them which had been kindly and eagerly handed in by parents!

We are all incredibly proud of our pupils and it really was an evening to remember. All the staff at Oakhill wish them the very best in their upcoming GCSE’s.

Day Three At Water Park

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The sun is continuing to shine for us and the children are continuing to enjoy their adventure. Some of Year 6 had their most gruelling challenge yet when they took on the Old Man of Coniston – and made it to the top! A huge achievement.

Year 5 canoed across the lake to do some rock climbing and spent a session sailing on the lake. The rest of Year 6 had great fun paddle boarding which proved to be a challenging but rewarding experience for them.

Day Two At Water Park

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A second action packed day at Water Park saw Year 6 scrambling to the top of the sky pole before leaping off the top and testing their skills whilst having fun on the low ropes course. They also spent a fabulous session canoeing on the lake. The weather was perfect for it and meant the children especially enjoyed jumping in the lake at the end.

It was the turn of the Year 5 children to tackle the Ghyll and enjoy the challenging walk upstream. They then had fun on the high and low ropes courses too and exploring the beautiful grounds with an orienteering challenge.

All the children are excelling at team work and have impressed the instructors with their enthusiasm for everything.

Finn Gets Bronze

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Year 7 pupil Finn travelled to Ipswich to compete in the Pipers Vale Challenge Cup against the countries top mens gymnasts. This was Finns first time representing his new club Manchester Academy of Gymnastics where he trains 20 hours 5 times per week alongside Commonwealth, European & British champions.

Finn competes  6 pieces of equipment, floor, pommel, rings, parallel bars, vault & his favourite the high bar.

Starting gymnastics at the age of 18 months old at his mum’s club, Ribble Valley Acrobatic Academy it was soon evident that he had a flare for gymnastics and entered his first floor & vault competition at 4 years old. Each competition saw him constantly improving and walking away triumphant. He needed a new challenge in order to improve so his parents sought out further training on all 6 pieces at Longridge gymnastics club where he trained 9 hours a week for just over a year.

Having trialled at MAG academy in November 2018, he was offered a place on their mens squad training programme which requires almost as many hours as he attends school!

In the Pipers Vale U12 challenge category Finn managed strong performances on all 6 pieces which helped him place a respectable 18th out of 49 other top flight gymnasts. He really stood out on his high bar routine where he managed to score an amazing 12.200 which in turn saw him walk away with a bronze medal.

Finns commitment and attitude towards his training has to be commended as he constantly strives to improve in whatever he does.

Eco Brick Campaign

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The Prep School Student Council Eco Brick campaign is well underway! With the new tables and benches for the prep playground due to arrive very soon, pupils have been VERY busy packing plastic bottles with all kinds of waste plastic as part of their efforts to recycle and raise awareness of the need to recycle. Some pupils have set up mini plastic recycling centres at home and have brought in many bottles.

Keep up the good work prep. The world will thank you for it!



Harrison’s A ‘Supremo’

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Harrison, Year 8, took part in the UK Chess Challenge earlier this month.  This is the largest children’s chess tournament in the world. Over 40,000 children compete in this prestigious event.

Having remained completely unbeaten throughout all six games he played, Harrison finished top of his age group and was crowned the ‘supremo’. He is now moving on to represent Oakhill and his local club, Blackburn Crusaders, at the North of England Gigafinal in July. We wish him the very best of luck.

Water Park

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Year 5 and 6 had an amazing start to their activity week at Water Park. The sun shone and the children were excited to start their first activities.

Some went Ghyll scrambling and enjoyed a dip in the stream. Others were out on the lake in kayaks.

After a well-earned tea we were out again, taking in a short hill climb with a fantastic sunset view of the whole lake.

The children have been amazing and have entered in to everything with great enthusiasm.

St Joseph Penny Boxes

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Year Three spent their Friday afternoon counting money! Firstly they emptied out all the donations for the St Joseph Penny appeal brought in by the children in the Prep School and separated them into trays of the different coinages and notes.

Then they bagged up the money in proper banking bags which involved some clever calculations. Bags were then double checked to make sure that they were correct. Before everyone’s brains went into meltdown a grand total was reached…£247.21.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who donated to this very worthy cause!!!


Lancashire School Games Flag Competition

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Designing a flag to represent the diversity of young people in sport was the latest challenge that Year 5 pupils have risen to.  They have each produced a piece of artwork, in the form of a flag, which has been entered into a competition organised by the Lancashire School Games.

The spirit of the School Games values focuses on personal excellence through competition. The values of respect, determination, passion, honesty, team work & self-belief were developed by young people to identify what the experience of school sport should be built around.

The judges will be considering a number of criteria ranging from good visual impact to the uniqueness and creativity of the design, linked to the school games and sport.

The children are very excited to hear if theirs will be the chosen design to represent the Ribble Valley at the 2019 SPAR Lancashire School Games in Blackpool.  Good luck to each of you!

Gorple Moor Mountain Bike Ride

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A 20 strong team of Oakhill mountain bikers got together on Sunday 28th April to enjoy a group ride.  The team were made up of pupils from years 6 to 11 who were joined by staff and parents.

The ride took them from Hurstwood over the Pennine Bridleway and Gorple Moor, crossing briefly into Yorkshire and Widdop reservoir, before enjoying a superb downhill back into Lancashire.

The ride provided many challenges with three big climbs and, thankfully, some excellent downhill sections.  The weather was kind, making for an enjoyable morning.

All riders did very well, particularly younger pupils from years 6 and 7.  For many it was the biggest mountain bike challenge they had undertaken.  Well done everyone – we look forward to the next one.

Year 7 Traffic Survey

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Year 7 enjoyed an outdoor lesson in Whalley on Wednesday. They conducted a traffic survey, counting vehicles at both the Mitton Road and Accrington Road roundabouts. They then interviewed those working in Whalley and pedestrians about their use of public transport and the new parking measures in Whalley.

When they return to the classroom, they will analyse their results. Good work!

Prep’s Spanish Club

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Prep’s Spanish club has had lots of fun this week learning all about the annual celebration of Cinco de Mayo. This famous event commemorates the battle of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862. The children were surprised to learn how such a small group of people could prove victorious – we hope this message inspires them to believe in themselves and never give up!

They even tried their hand at making their very own sombreros and tambourines.  We think they look fabulous!

Year 6 Assembly

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Going back to the time of the Pendle Witch trials was how Year 6 began their class assembly, showing how the local legend began when Alison Device begged for pins from a lone pedlar. She didn’t get her pins and ended up being accused of witchcraft along with some of her family and friends.

But of course, any self-respecting witch nowadays would go to Hogwarts and certainly not end up getting themselves hanged at Lancaster Castle. Hogwarts was the scene for the Potions, Levitation and Flying classes which saw an intimidating Snape making Harry quiver, a triumphant Hermione using the levitation spell successfully and a whole host of students learning to fly their own broomsticks.  With special appearances by Dumbledore, Hagrid and Harry himself, they told how friends are important and should always be valued.

Well done, Year 6 – you did a great job!


Billy Is The Players Player Of The Year

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Billy, from Year Three, has recently been awarded the Players Player of the Year Award from his teammates at Wilpshire Wanderers Football Club. This is a very special award as it’s for his performance across all matches throughout the season. Amazing news and massive CONGRATULATIONS to Billy.

Year 3 & 4 Tennis Tournament

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Sixteen teams from the Ribble Valley took part in the annual borough tournament. Our team was made up of Caspar, Thomas, Sophie and Leonie.

In the group stages all games were played with focus and determination resulting in us winning all 3 matches against St Leonards C, (winning 38-16) St.Leonard’s A (winning 40-17) and Gisburn (winning 26-23). Caspar was the star of the show winning all of his games by at least 6 points.

Thomas also impressed winning one game 10-0 and pulling back from being 9-3 down to narrowly missing out on a win at 9-10.

We progressed to the quarter finals to take on Salesbury B team. Winning 3 out of 4 games and winning 32-30. In the semi finals we faced Whalley, winning two games each we narrowly missed out on the final with 26-34 points.

Our team proudly gained third place, well done team! Many thanks to Mark Schofield who has coached our prep pupils during lunchtime sessions throughout the year.