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November 2019

Year Two Quiz God!

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God, (in the bodily form of Archie) visited Year Two this week. The class had an opportunity to quiz him on what heaven is like. It was a truly heavenly lesson!!!

Periodic Table

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On Wednesday the whole school made a human Periodic Table from Reception to Year 11. Hoping our Moscovium will be used in the updated Chemistry World’s Element Song 🤞🤞
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Click the link to watch the video https://youtu.be/Klay9hXALpE

Spanish Play

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Year 10 and 11 pupils were delighted to test their language ability when they went to watch a Spanish play this week. They followed the story of Maria and Carlos who were planning for a special outing together. The entertaining play was performed completely in Spanish and the pupils demonstrated their excellent comprehension skills throughout. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are confident that this will spur them on with their Spanish studies.

Unlocking Your World And Your Career

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On Monday, senior school pupils welcomed Danila Datti, a representative from the School of Language and Global Studies at UCLAN.  She delivered an informative assembly entitled, Unlocking Your World and Your Career.  The presentation encouraged all pupils to consider how continued study of a Modern Foreign Language can make a tangible difference to career prospects and earning potential.  Danila provided key facts which were very thought-provoking.  Did you know that 75% of the world’s population speaks no English at all?  During the assembly, we discussed how there is an increased demand for languages from employers, how companies are losing trade because of language and cultural barriers, and considered the wide variety of careers where speaking a foreign language can make a real difference.

Thank you to Danila for her time and the wealth of information she shared with our pupils.  We hope that they are now inspired to see new opportunities for themselves in the future.

Young Writers

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Year 1 entered their very first writing competition with Young Writers. The children had to choose a word based on their own interests and use this word to write about themselves in the style of an acrostic poem. Quite a challenge when we had words ranging from art to gymnastics and pizza to watermelon. As always the boys and girls gave it their all and we are pleased to announce that all of them were chosen to be included in special poetry book that is available to buy. Well done Year 1, we might just have the next Roahl Dahl or Julia Donaldson at our school.


Bethany Children

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Years Three and Four really enjoyed their time with the Bethany children from Tanzania. They asked some funny and serious questions and learnt some very valuable life lessons about helping others wherever and whenever they can.

Bethany Visit 2019

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The Bethany Family from Tanzania visited us on Monday 18th of November. They brightened our day with their joyful singing and happiness. Some of the children from the family shared with us their childhood stories which was an inspiration to us all.

From our fundraising, we raised £283 for the project, that was presented to them in the performance. After the assembly, the Bethany choir divided themselves between year 3 & 4 and year 5 & 6, where they were asked some questions about life in Tanzania and what everyday life is like. After a quick snack, we had to say goodbye and we thanked them all for a wonderful morning that made us cheerful.

Thomas Year 9

Read For Good

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Last half-term, pupils in Years 7 to 11 were invited to take part in a sponsored read, which would raise money for taking books and storytellers to children in hospital.  Thank you to all who took part.  Our ‘highest raiser’ was Year 7 pupil Jonjo.  Well done, Jonjo!

Year 4 Explore Ancient Egypt

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As part of their ongoing Ancient Egyptian topic, Year 4 have been busy recreating lots of different artefacts from this time period. Not only have they experienced mummifying fruit and teddies, they even tried it out on each other! Fortunately they didn’t go as far as removing any body parts! They had a far more sensible idea and decided to create body parts and their canopic jars out of clay. Great ongoing work Year 4.

ThinkTech Day

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Last Friday, 10 of our female tech ambassadors from Year 7, 8 and 9 headed to IBM’s Manchester Lab to spend the day with the experts.

After being mixed with girls from another school they were asked to give clear instructions to a robot to make a jam sandwich.

Easy you may think but it got very messy as the girls had to make sure they relayed the slightest change to the programme to make sure the robot stopped an action as well as started it!

The main challenge of the day was to think up, design and market a big idea. As always the teams came up with cracking ideas designed to benefit society which included a sleep monitoring app, a plastic eating ‘fish’, a collecting drone and an electric flying car.

The girls also had to programme a voting tool which was used by experts to vote for their favourite idea. There was lots to take away from the day as the girls gained experience in programming, presenting and teamwork.

Well done to the overall winners – the Scooper Fish, the plastic eating fish – who picked up the first prize but all teams did exceptionally well considering the short time they had to put their ideas together. Watch out Sir Alan Sugar I think you have some new Apprentices in the making!

Net And Wall Games

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Lower Prep have embarked on a net and wall games scheme of work this half term.

In the first two weeks alone they have learned the skills that are the fundamentals for tennis, squash, badminton and volleyball.

Along with learning specific movement patterns utilised in each of these sports.

The pupils have loved taking part in skills circuits and working in pairs to challenge others in the class.

Many new records were set in each activity and we will strive to build upon these records and make our skills more consistent, each week until Christmas.

Take a look at the drive and determination our pupils in Year 1 & 2 have and their love of PE.

Bebras Computing Challenge

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Last week pupils in seniors have been competing in Bebras Computing Challenge.

The international challenge introduces pupils to computational thinking skills, pupils in over 40 countries take part.

Top achieving students will be invited to a final round in Hertford College and the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University.

Good luck to all students who take the challenge.

Sport Hall Athletics

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Last week our boys and girls from year 3 & 4 competed in the boroughs sport hall athletics competition. It was many of our athletes first competitive events.

They all worked so hard to make the team and did fantastically well on the day. Take a look at our pictures and see the skills and achievements from the day.

We came out 6th of a total of 16 schools which is an amazing achievement when you compare our class sizes to the other teams. We have some definite athletics stars of the future at Oakhill. Well done everyone, we are very proud of you!

All of our Year 9 pupils ran and officiated the event, numerous comment were made from staff from other schools on the way they conducted themselves with warmth, pride in their schools and a fantastic manner with the younger children.

The borough school games organiser described them as stars who were efficient, well organised and able to lead with authority. Well done Year 9.

Year 5 Assembly

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Year 5 danced their way around the Solar System with their planet-themed assembly last week.

They combined the facts they’d learnt in Science lessons with their concern about our own planet, to get across the message that we all need to work together to help our planet survive – a topic they are very passionate about.

A visit from some aliens looking for a new planet to inhabit and, whose own planet had been destroyed by years of existence, led them to explain that we are not being very careful with our own planet. The aliens soon decided to look elsewhere!

Year 5 gave them a ‘Fox-trot’ tour around the other planets – waltzing and salsa-ing their way through space.

Some great dancing skills, Year 5 – you certainly entertained!

Pairs Body Weight Resistance Circuit

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Year 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed Funtime fitness on Monday lunch.

Mrs Smith designed a pairs circuit where the pupils used their own and their partners body weight as resistance to train against.

The pairs had to work cooperatively to perform the exercises. This did take some practise but was all part of the fun!

Take a look at our pictures to see what a hard workout we did and how much fun we had!

The pupils have been set a personal challenge to create a new exercise at home this week with their parents and bring their ideas into school next week for us to try!

Feel free to send in your photographs.

Roman Numerals

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Year Three are continuing their history topic on The Romans this half term. Each week they are looking at a part of Roman life that is still a part of our lives today.

This week they studied Roman numerals.

They had a go at making the numerals from 1 to 12 out of lolly sticks and them used them to help solve some secret codes.

Year 7 Visit St Mary’s Church, Clitheroe

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Last week year 7 were fortunate enough to be invited to visit the beautiful St Mary’s church in Clitheroe with Vicar Andy Froud.

Year 7 were taught all about the church, including the history of the fire which resulted in the church being partly rebuilt. They were also shown the two altars and the numerous memorials inside the church from various wealthy local families. They were tested on their Coats of Arms pictured on the large stained glass window and were treated to tales of Church wardens armed with poles to prod people who may have fallen asleep during services.

We learnt about cryptography through a Da Vinci Code type puzzle on the church wall and we were even allowed to see a stone sarcophagus in the small chapel.

Year 7 had a great time and asked Vicar Froud lots of questions testing all of his local and historical knowledge.

We would like to thank Andy Froud for making this a brilliant visit for us. We learnt a lot and the students really enjoyed spending the time at the Church seeing in the flesh what we had been learning about in our lessons.

Vocab Express

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Pupils from both the prep and senior school have recently been excitedly joining in the latest MFL competition at Oakhill.  Children challenged themselves to learn key vocabulary in a range of languages.  Many chose to seize the opportunity to practise and further their learning from the classroom by studying French or Spanish.  However, a large proportion of entries were in languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese and Latin.

Thomas in Year 9 worked extremely hard and was rewarded with the school’s Top Overall Genius status.  James and William, Year 6 were victors for the prep department.  Special mention must go to Stanley, Year 3, who was entering the competition for the first time.  His focus and determination resulted in him receiving a variety of awards across a plethora of languages.

The MFL teachers have been very impressed to see the children bringing their newly-acquired language into the classroom, demonstrating that the new vocabulary has been truly embedded.

Well done to everyone who participated.  Your enthusiasm and passion for languages was a joy to see.

Chess Master

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Harrison, Year 9, is an avid chess player and has made real progress since joining The Crusaders Chess Club in Blackburn last year.  This was epitomised recently when he was joint winner of the club championship, and is now holder of the Crusaders Chess Club Challenge Trophy.  This is a truly impressive achievement as he is only 13 and this is a predominantly adult-based club. The club reported that this year’s competition was one of the best to date.

In school, Harrison is currently running a chess club at lunchtimes, training fellow Oakhill pupils for the forth-coming friendly tournament against a local school.  Well done, Harrison.  We are very proud of you.

Houses Of Parliament

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Year 2 have been finding out about why we celebrate bonfire night. They were very upset that King James didn’t like catholics and found it difficult to understand. We used chalk to make our own bonfire pictures above Houses of Parliament.


Run The Lights

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During the half term holidays a group of 25 Oakhill runners headed to Blackpool for our own annual ‘Run the Lights’ trip.  This is now a traditional event and a great alternative way of experiencing the Blackpool illuminations.

Running south to north, and the full length of the light show, the route is over 5 miles long and takes in all the sights along the way including the piers and Blackpool Tower.  Our running group kept up a great pace, motivated by the fish and chip supper at the end in Bispham.  Staff, parents and pupils of all ages took part from Year Eleven right down to Reception.  Well done everyone!

Whole Senior School Walk

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Pupils and staff from the Senior School enjoyed spending the afternoon together at the end of half term as they ventured out of the classroom to enjoy the annual school walk.  The walk has become a great tradition where pupils of all ages to share time together. This year those taking part were raising funds for The Bethany Project. 

Heading out from school we climbed our local summit of Wiswell Moor to earn a picnic lunch and some amazing views of the Ribble Valley.  We then enjoyed the annual Interhouse Conker competition with teams from each year group going head to head.  The victory this year belonged to Martyrs house.

We then headed towards the Nick of Pendle before returning to school.  Members of the Senior running club also opted to run the return leg via Pendleton.   Well done all!

The National Apprenticeship Show

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The National Apprenticeship Show was the destination for Years 10 and 11 at Bolton Arena.

Pupils had the opportunity to meet with over 40 different employers and learn about their apprenticeship programmes. Some had opportunities available from the age of 16, all from the age of 18.

Apprentice veterinary nurses, racehorse care, hospitality management through to building, accountancy and software developers. Plenty to inspire our future generation workforce.