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Year 6 Visit Tatton Park

By December 5, 2019Uncategorized

Year 6 stepped back in time to visit Tatton Hall as part of their topic on World War ll. Dressed as an evacuee and equipped with gas masks, they enjoyed a day on the farm finding out what life was really like for child evacuees during the war.

The children were ‘billeted’ to Aunt May and her ‘Land Girl’ and got to experience first hand the harsh reality of life on the farm.

The children were shocked to discover the living conditions – no central heating, bed-sharing and chamber pots to name but a few of the realities of life in the 1940s.

The children, however, did get to feed the hens, goats and calves and take part in some fun wartime sing-a longs, baking and making Christmas decorations, which seemed to more than compensate for the ‘hard labour’ of the daily chores.