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Las Posadas

By December 17, 2019Uncategorized

Year 2 pupils had a lot of fun commemorating the ancient Mexican tradition of Las Posadas yesterday.  This event consists of a procession through the streets of cities and towns, with children dressed as Mary and Joseph.  As they knock on the doors of local residents, they ask the question ¿Hay posada?, remembering the time when Mary and Joseph were looking for shelter so that Mary could give birth to Jesus.

Year 2 enjoyed reenacting this by walking from classroom to classroom, visiting all Oakhill pupils, from pre-school and prep through to seniors, asking for room.  They confidently introduced themselves in Spanish before asking the special question.  Teachers and pupils alike joined in by delivering the news ‘No hay posada’, until the children finally found refuge back in their own classroom.

Well done, Year 2.  We are very proud of the way you helped us all remember the true meaning of Christmas and prepare us for this very special time.