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March 2020

Powering Up Outside

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Year 5 took their learning outside this week to take advantage of the milder weather and the outdoor eco-classroom.

What better place to run around and look for the information cards hidden around the play ground?

The children were trying to find the answers to complete some work all about energy and power stations.

We now know much more about the National Grid, that Scotland is the windiest country in Europe and that our TVs use most of the energy at home out of our entertainment devices.

Time to look at ways to save energy next!

Dodgeball Tournament

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We hosted the borough dodgeball tournament at Oakhill. We welcomed 12 schools to play in the ‘spirit of the school games tournament.’

This was a none competitive event where rather than being scored on the game, pupils were asessed by their teachers, officials and opposition team on the three core values of the school games. Honesty, teamwork and respect. All of the qualities we instil daily in our pupils at Oakhill. Both of our teams worked excellently well and the qualities they possess shone through. They represented Oakhill with pride and integrity, I was very proud of them, as I always am.

Out of the twelve schools that competed Oakhill oranges achieved 4th place and Oakhill greens came 1st winning the whole event. The winning team was led by Jensen in Year 6, he was a fantastic role model for his peers and our school. He initiated three cheers after every game to the opposition, gave feedback to his team mates and cheered on the opposition. Well done to all involved and good luck to Oakhill Greens who will represent the Ribble valley at the level 3 school games event held in Blackpool in July.

Year Three DT

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Year three have begun their new D.T. topic on Sculpture.

They were set the challenge of using only cocktail sticks, sultanas and marshmallows to make a sculpture.

It was a wonder that any sculptures appeared as the temptation to eat the resources was almost overwhelming!

Mountain Bike Adventure

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Oakhill cyclists of all ages got together last Sunday for a mountain bike ride across Gorple Moor and sections of the Pennine Bridleway.

Pupils, ex pupils, parents and staff made up the team who enjoyed the chance to explore and get some much needed fresh air.

As ever, the long uphills were rewarded with excellent downhills, and an enjoyable morning was had by all.

Annual Cross Country Race

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On Friday we finally got a beautiful afternoon to host our annual inter house cross country race. All of our senior pupils from Year 7 to 11 took part and yet again every single runner completed the course and we had lots of smiles along the way, for a few once they crossed the finish line.


Our elite runners had competed the previous week out in spring wood. We had our largest race to date including 8 boys and 2 girls. Showing how much running opportunities have increased in recent years at Oakhill. It was a highly competitive race with many of our younger runners hot on the heels of our older more experienced athletes. Race positions in the elite run were:


1) RJ Hudson (11)

2) Thomas Pugh (9)

3) Finlay Hall (8)

4) Noah Howson (7)

5) Charlie McHugh (7)

6) Noah Harwood (8)

7) Chris Broome (7)

8) Stefan Sabanovic (7)


1) Felicity Griffiths (9) NEW COURSE RECORD!

2) Nicole Phillips (9)


Well done to all our elite runners who chose to challenge themselves and become the best they could be. We are all very proud of you.

Friday afternoon started with the girls race, the course was quite soft underfoot due to the numerous storms we have encountered. Year 11 pupil, Holly led the race from the start, working as a great pacemaker for the rest of the runners. However, many of our runners ran smart with a fantastic race plan in place that they expected well. All of the positions changed on the long straights of the top field. With staff and our elite runners at Marshall points there was no time for easing off. Our elite runners were fantastic in motivating their peers. The race remained close until the very end, when Year 11 pupil, Juliet strode out on the down hill to take her little sisters title, with Felicity running with her and pushing her on until the very last step! Final results in the girls race:

1) Juliet Griffiths (11)

2) Maisey Dillon (8)

3) Layla Abbott (11)

The final race of the day was the boys race. A very quick start with Year 9 pupil James  hot off the line and leading with determination. Fantastic effort was seen from every single pupil, our Year 11s led by example giving their all even though they do not find the event easy. The boys event is quite a bit longer and was tough for many of our boys. But not one gave up. Final results in the boys race:

1) Ruairi Dillon (8)

2) Louis Dillon (11)

3) Harrison Crook (11)


A very successful afternoon for the Dillon family with all three children achieving either first or second place and for the Griffiths girls who both achieved first places in their respective races. However, at Oakhill we do not only support those those win the medals. We are proud of each and every pupil that completed the race to the best of their ability, marshalled the course showing excellent leadership and supported and motivated their peers at times when they struggled. This was evident throughout the afternoon especially when our Year 11 girls ran an additional lap in support of one of our younger boys who was finding the final lap tough. I must admit, I left school on Friday evening with a tear in my eye, a huge smile on my face and a feeling that ‘my work here is done’ a sincere thank you to everyone who supported the event from taking running club, cheering on our runners and marshalling the course. This is what makes Oakhill different and is the Oakhill Advantage!!

Ribble Valley Schools Swimming Gala

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Oakhill entered the Ribble Valley schools swimming gala on Monday, competing against nine other schools. Although we only had a small pool to choose from our team did fantastically well! We had a team made up of four girls and four boys. Mae, Jess, Gee, Jack, Cody, Will and Zach from Year six and Lottie from Year Five. Our both our boys and girls performed well in all of their events. With Jess, will, Jack and mae winning medals in their individual events. But special mention must go to our boys relay team who dominated their heat by half a length working with great teamwork, coordination and determination. Their super time got them the silver medals across the two heats. Once all the results were in the final results were:

Girls team narrowly missed out on medals coming 4th out of ten schools

Boy team came 3rd and won bronze

Overall, Oakhill achieved 3rd place out of ten.

An amazing achievement as many of the school teams were made up of club swimmers. The team were rewarded with an ice cream from Mrs Smith for their fantastic effort, grit and determination.

Year Three Rock At Science

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Year three are having a ROCKIN time in science this half term. Their topic is all about Rocks.

So they went on a rock hunt last week looking for objects made from different types of rocks.


Year 6 Visit THOMAS

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Last week Year 6 had the privilege of delivering all the donations that the prep children had collected over the last few weeks to the Thomas Group in Blackburn. The Thomas Group help to support homeless people in the area and toiletries were part of a list of items that were needed by the charity. We received a very warm welcome from Beverley and her colleagues…and the sun even made an appearance just for the occasion!




St Joseph’s Penny Charity Box Challenge

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And they’re off… Francesca has laid the first pennies for this year’s St Joseph’s Penny Charity Box challenge. The aim is the raise as much money as possible in the run up to Easter for this charity which helps children and families in need.

In return for each metre of pennies that are laid out round the edge of the prep school upstairs and downstairs the pupils earn one minute of free time to use on the last morning before the next holidays begin. The aim is to make sixty metres of pennies for sixty minutes of free time. The Student Council will then decide the activities for the free time.

It looks like Francesca has earned the first minute! Well done!

Forest School

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After a few weeks of extreme weather, forest school was back on this week and we were greeted with sunshine and birdsong on a beautiful spring day.

Our den had been a casualty of the storms so everyone worked together to rebuild it then we rewarded ourselves with pancakes cooked over the campfire.

For the last half hour, we worked on our World Book Day challenge of doing some “Ridiculous Reading,” choosing some unlikely places to read our books!

Everyone had lots of fun and we can’t wait for next week!

Year 2 Poetry

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Year 2 have been thinking about their futures recently and talking about their ambitions in life. The boys and girls surprised us with some of the jobs that they want to do although the teachers surprised them when the children tried to guess which ambition matched each teacher! They then turned their ambitions into some fantastic poetry and went to visit Mrs. Buttery so she could hear them. She was very impressed and enjoyed their performances. Mr. Edgar was so impressed too that he’s entered them into a competition, so watch this space, we would love to have a winner. 🤞 Please feel free to pop by and read them as they’re on display in class. They are worth it.

Careers Week

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On Tuesday morning Peter and his associates from Peter Hitchen Architects came to give an insight to our senior pupils about careers and pathways in architecture and working in the industry. It was interesting to find out about the different avenues in from studying BTEC in Construction to a degree in Geography. The work is varied and interesting, the pupils were inspired.

Today pupils have reviewed their own skills and set targets for improving their employability. Year 11 have specifically looked at leadership, what it encompasses  and discovered their leadership type.



Independent Travellers

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Year 10 were preparing for their cultural trip to Berlin next week by finding out how to travel lightly with cabin bags. They measured various bags, gauged different combinations of liquids and looked to see if they could fit them into a small plastic bag. More hazardous items were assessed to see if they would be permitted in the cabin and they reviewed items that need to be removed from their luggage as they go through airport security. Finally, they looked at the weather forecast and discussed suitable attire to pack.

Year Two Share The Love

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Year 2 recently had their assembly where their focus was all about love. Following on from their recent trip into Blackburn to hand out packed lunches the children also showed us all the other ways in which we can show love.

They came up with some great ideas and told us all how both showing and receiving  love can make us feel:strong, powerful, protected, happy, joyful and sometimes even embarrassed! As always they gave us a great message and reminded us all of how important it is to show kindness-we never know when we might be in need of it ourselves.



Imperial War Museum North

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Year 9 visited the Imperial War Museum North and enhanced their learning about conflict in the 20th Century to the present day.

They participated in a workshop on Life in Germany and the persecution of different groups as well as the indoctrination of young people to follow Nazi ideology.

They were also able to speak to Veterans who had fought in Northern Ireland and during the Cold War, as well as meet Frank who flew with the RAF in World War Two. Year 9 were excellent throughout the day and were humbled to meet people who had fought in war and who were willing to give up their time to share their experiences.

Many thanks to the staff and Veterans working at IWMN.

Careers Week

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Senior pupils at Oakhill are taking part in National Careers Week this week with a number of presentations and activities. Our school focus for the week is key transferable skills. This morning, ex-pupil Jess Chatburn, came in to talk to us about her apprenticeship degree at Airbus. Jess is in her second year, based in Bristol. She told us about the programme and what important skills she gained from Oakhill and extracurricular activities. Leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills featured from Duke of Edinburgh and communication from her role as Head girl. It was a delight to see Jess and how much she is enjoying her apprenticeship.

This afternoon in PSHE, Year 7 completed activities to promote and use creative thinking. Adopting the personality of a celebrity they had to come up with solutions to help a struggling cafe.

A great start to the week.