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Tri Golf

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Tuesday saw two boys golf teams from Year 3 and 4 take part in the Borough Trifold Tournament. This is the first event of its type and was a great taster session for the boys to enjoy a modified version of golf. There were 6 stations in the tri golf circuit that they all competed in. These were based on putting, chipping and driving skills. Challenges included the grand national, finders keepers, dominoes, zone ball and bulls eye.

Years 3 and 4 competed against one another throughout and a good sporting rivalry was evident. Final scores were Year 4 scored 227 points and Year 3 scored  207 points Giving us a total of 434 points Which made us winners of the event! Well done boys!

Prep School Choir

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The Prep School Choir took part in two competitions last week at the annual Blackburn Music Festival. Their six months of rehearsals paid off with a second place in one competition and a win in the other competition. They sang four songs in all and here are a selection of the judges report comments…a very lively and enjoyable performance, very able young voices, special solos, lovely dynamics, lots of character, bright, energised singing with lots of spirit and…memorable.

Many thanks go to Mrs Kelly for all her support, encouragement and expertise and to Mr Hawks for playing the piano so well and being able to do all the extra last minute rehearsals. The choir were fantastic and a real credit to themselves and the school. Thank you to all the parents, relatives and friends of the school who came to support the choir.


Year 11 Art and Design exhibition.

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The Year 11 art students will be showcasing their GCSE work on Monday 19th June from 2.00pm – 4.30pm.

Please come along and take a look at their wonderful work including textiles, photography, sculpture, graphics, painting, charcoal and watercolours.

Ribble Valley Tennis Tournament

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Although it may be difficult to recall, given the current weather, the sun did indeed shine brightly on the Ribble Valley tennis tournament held at the end of last term at Accrington Tennis Centre. Sam, James, Scarlett and Alisha all took part in the competition after attending the school’s lunchtime tennis club.

The seeded matches were hard fought games and overall Oakhill achieved a well deserved second place.

At the end of the competition there was even a bit of time for a couple of ‘just for fun’ doubles!


Blackburn Festival Of Speech, Music and Drama

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This year Oakhill entered 14 solo students in the Blackburn Festival of Speech, Music and Drama for Verse Speaking, Acting, Bible Reading and Prepared Prose competitions. The festival is open to all drama schools and schools across the country. All the marks were outstanding, with every student gaining a mark of 80 or above! We also entered year 3-4 and years 5-6 for the Choral Speaking competitions both groups came first in their age category as well!

These are the results of the children who took part in solo competitions and gained a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the competitions:

Abigail, Year 6 achieved 2nd place for 12 years and under Acting

Nellie, Year 4 achieved 1st place for 8 years and under Verse Speaking

Lilly- Ella, Year 4 achieved 2nd for 9 years and under Acting and 2nd for 8 years and under Verse Speaking

Isabella, Year 1 achieved 2nd place for 6 years and under Verse Speaking

Lottie, Year 2 achieved 1st place for 7 years and under Verse Speaking

Harry, Year 2 achieved 2nd place for 7 years and under Verse Speaking

Ruby, Year 6 achieved 3rd place for 11 years and under Verse Speaking

Years 3-4 and 5-6 also entered the Group Choral Speaking competitions and both gained 1st places.

Years 3-4 1st place for 9 years and under Group Choral Speaking:

Edward, Lilly- Ella, Mairead, Nellie, Zara, Imogen, Savannah, Rocco, Noah, Roman, Monty, Taylor, James, Zakary, Olivia and Georgia.

Years 5- 6 1st place for 12 years and under Group Choral Speaking:

Ruby, Abigail, Matthew, Harrison, Sorcha, Thomas, Arran, Thomas, Maisie, Ruairi, Darcy, Eve,  Paige and Mia.

Well done to everyone who took part.


French Exchange

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We are delighted to welcome 5 visitors from Jean Paul II school in Rouen. They have joined us for a week in school and are staying with 5 Oakhill pupils.

Fannely, Charles, Roman, Salomé and Capucine are engaging with all aspects of Oakhill life, from Nursery to Year 11 and are impressing us with their excellent English. They have even enjoyed some typical English weather!

They are enjoying a good social life out of school: here they are with their exchange partners at the local Bowling Alley. Super!


Reading In The Sun

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Many thanks to the Oakhill Association, who have funded the purchase of new group reading books for the school library.

Year 7 pupils are already enjoying the new books!

May Is The Month Of Mary

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Last month, Year 5 pupils learnt about the importance of May being the month of Our  Lady. They have learnt about rosary beads and the associated prayers and were even lucky enough to see some rosary beads which had been brought back from the Holy Land and made from wood grown on the trees in the garden of Gethsemane. They have also created some beautiful cards in which they have written a personal dedication and prayer to Mary.

Positions of Responsibility

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Following letter applications and interviews for Senior school Positions of Responsibility, Mrs Crouch announced the successful pupils:

Head Boy: Giles Bridge
Head Girl: Phoebe Hawks
Deputy Head Boy: Tyler Philips
Deputy Head Girl: Molly Smith
Sports Captain: Tom Temperley
House Captains Martyrs:    
Louis Coupe
Maisie Holme
Megan White
House Captains Scholars:
Chloe Gardiner
Chloe Lee
Leighton Paul
Prefect: Wesley Mitchell

Well done to you all!

Teddy Bears Picnic

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We had a scrumptious picnic in the Millennium hall to start off our day. Once our tummy’s were full we were ready for our bear hunt.

All the children had a fantastic time searching around the school for their teddy bears who were hiding. The children from Year 2 and above also took part in a treasure hunt, finding clues around the school grounds.

Once they had found them, we all enjoyed a boogie at the disco to finish off a wonderful day.


Cricket Success

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On Wednesday 15th May Sorcha, Felicity, James, Christopher, Olly, Arran and Austin from Year 6 and Lily-Ella from Year 4 entered a cricket tournament at Read Cricket Club. There were 4 teams Read, Simonstone, Whalley and Oakhill.

We played 3 games and won them all! We won the first one by 65 runs. The second game we won by 34 runs and the last game we won by 54 runs. As we were the winners we will go through to the final representing our area. A great performance by everyone. Well done. 

Report by Arran Dignan

Mother Tongue Other Tongue Competition

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Years 4 and 5 have been showing off their talents recently by producing some amazing poems – in French!  They have challenged themselves to enter the Mother Tongue Other Tongue competition.  This is a national multilingual poetry competition that celebrates cultural diversity. It is led by the Poet Laureate, Dame Carol Ann Duffy and officially endorsed by Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Amir Khan, the award-winning boxer launched the competition.

Children have devoted their French lessons to writing acrostic and other creative poems, entirely in French.   The results were then submitted to the Oakhill MFL department for an internal competition.  They were delighted to see an array of topics, including poems about sport, France, languages and even their mums! Lydia was awarded a special mention for her poem, entitled ‘Ecole’.  The winning four entries have now been submitted to the regional final.  In Year Four, the successful pupils were Savannah and Imogen and, in Year Five, Darcy and Thomas.

We wish them every success in the regional finals and look forward to hearing about their progress.


Ocean Animals

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Inspired by the poems Year Two have been learning in class, Imogen decided to independently write one about Ocean Animals. I think you’ll agree it’s excellent. Well done Imogen, Mrs Wilson is very proud of you.

Ocean Animals by Imogen age 6

Swishing jellyfish swimming in the ocean.
Dancing dolphins dashing in the sea.
Fish racing undercover from the shark and sea horses dancing away from me.
Whales blowing up water through their water holes.
Starfish sleeping on the hard jaggy rocks.
Octopuses squeezing through tiny holes and shrimps are a colourful pink just like my favourite socks.
Crocodiles waiting patiently for their next meal.
Rays gliding at the bottom of the sea.
Turtles swirling in the water and all of the creatures in the ocean are happy and sound like their in a wonderful under water musical band.

Mr Lowry Gets Made Redundant By Year 3!

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Over the last week Year Three have been taking over class lessons. Mr Lowry has taken a back seat while each member of the class has given a presentation on one aspect of The Victorians, as this is their history topic for this term. Topics have ranged from Queen Victoria herself to child labour, the Industrial Revolution, inventions, school and home life and even a Victorian Christmas. Complete with artefacts, posters, power points and IMovies each pupil gave a positive and informative presentation. Well done Year Three for all your hard work!



Quarry Bank Mill

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Last Friday Year Three went on a school trip to Quarry Bank Mill, in Manchester, as part of their history studies on The Victorians. They all looked fantastic in their Victorian costumes.

They took part in a workshop on forces and pulleys, saw what it was like to live as a Victorian child, see what school was like and had a guided tour of the mill.

Everyone had a great time and the pupils got to take part in lots of practical activities as well.

The leaders at the mill were very impressed with the pupils and they were a real credit to the school.

A special thanks for Jack’s mum and William’s mum who came with us on the trip.

Tudor Houses

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The children in Year 2 have been working hard designing and making their own Tudor houses.

They thought hard about all the different features of a Tudor house including adding a jetty, small windows, individual beam designs and a hay roof.

They enjoyed measuring, cutting, sticking and painting.

Thank you to Harry for bringing in the hay

even though it went everywhere and everybody commented on the smell!

Great fun was had and I think you’ll agree that they look amazing.




Pastoral Groups

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Mrs Everitt’s pastoral groups succeeded in making origami dogs this week – after two sessions of following a YouTube video very carefully!

Hyndburn and Ribble Valley School Sports Partnership

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Year 5 have worked in pairs to design a flag to represent the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley School Sports Partnership. Each pair had to design their flag and support it with a statement. These have been fantastic to read and included the children’s hobbies, passions and experiences gained through taking part in sport at school.

The pupils, supported by Mrs Crook have researched colours that indicate their emotions and how sport makes them feel. This competition is open to all Year 5s across our borough so we will have to wait and see if one of our creative pupils designs is chosen to represent our borough at the school games in July.

Year Three Turn Over A New Leaf

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Year Three, (joined by some pupils from Years Five and Six) have been turning over a new leaf…in fact lots of them, as part of their science topic on plants.

They recently visited the woodland area to collect many different examples of leaves and then took them back to class to examine them to find out just what they do.


Wiz Wiz of the Week!

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A first for Oakhill Preparatory School…this week William in Year Three received the Wiz of the Week certificate from not just one teacher but from two. As far as we know this has never happened before. Mrs Wilson presented him with the certificate for perseverance in learning the recorder whilst Mr Lowry gave him a certificate for excellence in writing. So well done William, the Wiz Wiz of the Week!

Plant Sale

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The recent Oakhill Association plant sale was a blooming success.

With over a thousand pounds worth of orders made the delivery of all the orders made for a spectacular display in itself.

Happy planting everyone!

Year 11 Leavers Meal

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This year’s Leavers Meal for Year 11 was held at The Fence Gate in their private room. Pupils arrived by various modes of transport ranging from a Maserati, bright pink Nissan Figaro, a tractor expertly driven there by Jack and a 6 series BMW.

After enjoying a beautiful meal Head Girl and Boy, Harriet and Alfie thanked the staff and even told an amusing tale about one or two!

To end the evening Mrs Crouch used Norman Rockwell paintings to describe each pupil, a design and a Ladybird book pertinent to them and of course showed the obligatory baby photos of each of them which had been kindly and eagerly handed in by parents!

We are all incredibly proud of our pupils and it really was an evening to remember. All the staff at Oakhill wish them the very best in their upcoming GCSE’s.


Tower Wood

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Teamwork and individual achievements were in abundance during an action-paced stay at Tower Wood. Years 5 and 6 have just returned from an amazing week in which they all participated in a range of exciting challenges.

They were blessed with fantastic weather and they certainly profited from it with every activity.  Each day started with the children learning how to make their own packed lunches, something which proved an interesting sight for the teachers to watch!

A cooked breakfast was devoured and set the children up for each busy day, as they headed off in their groups to embark on their adventures.  Many surprised themselves with their stamina and determination to tackle everything that came their way.

They relished the chance to try something new and show off their newly-discovered skills and confidence.  Eve and Felicity appeared to have turned into Spiderwomen with their rock climbing, such was the speed and skills they demonstrated!

Archie proved a complete natural with his sailing on Lake Windermere.  Pippa, Harrison and Austin climbed to the very top of the Jacob’s Ladder – no mean feat!

Joe and Florence even found time to stop to help an elderly lady with words of encouragement during the demanding mountain walk, demonstrating such thoughtful kindness.

Ollie and Oliver demonstrated terrific teamwork by helping every single member of their team with specific instructions on how to successfully climb the rock face.  Kayaking, raft building, obstacle courses, mountain biking – the list of enjoyable yet testing activities went on.

The fun didn’t stop after tea, as the children found a new surge of energy to participate in the evening activities.  These included orienteering and a competitive treasure hunt. Hide and seek proved particularly popular with the highlight being the whole group looking frantically, and unsuccessfully, for Mr Edgar – only to discover that he had been hiding right in front of their base!

The list of accomplishments is truly endless and the teachers are rightly proud of the children.  They worked so hard and achieved so much!

The children demonstrated the ethos of Oakhill, working together to rise to every challenge.  The only one they didn’t see coming was the gentle wake up call from Mrs Hellewell on the last morning!

Dover 2 Durness Training Cycle

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Our D2D cycle team met last Saturday to step up their training to another level, taking on a 55 mile ride around the Fylde Coast.  Setting off from Lytham the team headed up the sea front via Blackpool and up to Fleetwood, taking the ferry over to Knott End for a well earned lunch.  The route then went East to Winmarleigh turning South to return to Lytham.

A windy day offered a challenging ride, but thankfully there were few hills to contend with.  For many of our young riders this was the longest cycle ride they had ever undertaken and they should be very proud of their efforts.  The mileage of our training rides is gradually increasing and the next part of our training will focus on climbing some hills

Our team are cycling 800 miles this August from Dover to Durness – the most South Easterly and North Westerly points of Britain.  They will be raising funds for the Peru Mission to support the Oakhill visit taking place in 2018.

The Mission directly benefits the lives of those living in poverty through Christian acts of faith with projects to improve living conditions, health, education and social welfare.  You can find out more about our training and fundraising, leave a message of inspiration for our team, and help us reach our target by donating online by visiting www.justgiving.com/OakhillThePeruMission

Quad Kids

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Years 3 and 4 took part in the Ribble Valley Quad Kids Competition. This is an athletics meeting in which a team of boys and girls all perform in the 4 competitive events.

These are 400m run, 50m sprint, howler javelin throw and the long jump.

It’s a great event because it allows the athletes to become more wholesome performers getting involved in a variety of track and field rather than just specialising in one event.

Our team put in a massive effort and did themselves proud, all achieving great positions in their runs.

Our girls team were commended on their throwing ability and all of our boys performed well in long jump.

We were up against larger schools which was very difficult but our team should be proud of what they achieved coming in 9th out of over 20 teams! A valiant effort by all and 100% effort and determination was evident throughout. Well done!


Bronze Practice D of E Expedition

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Our Year Ten explorers headed out this week to undertake their first full 2 day practice expedition.  They have now completed all their training and have proved themselves as skilled map readers and navigators.  They are also able to survive a night in the open, building their own camp and cooking meals for themselves.

Heading out into the Ribble Valley, pupils took on the challenge of a 25km circular journey from Newton, taking them up and around Easington Fell with some fantastic views across the Ribble Valley

They were blessed with sunny weather but faced strong winds on the summits.  They made an overnight camp at Bolton By Bowland.

They also had the additional challenge of carrying everything to survive for two days and parents would be very proud to see the excellent meals they cooked for themselves at camp!

All our explorers rose to the challenge brilliantly, maintaining a positive approach throughout and enjoying their adventure.

They are now looking forward to their final assessed expedition which will take place later in May in the more remote terrain of the Yorkshire Dales.  Best of luck everyone!


Race For The Line Regional Final

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Our STEM groups really did us proud last Wednesday when we went to 101Bn REME army base to make and test rocket cars. Two of our teams had qualified from the area trials and went on to build their own models under controlled conditions and tested them against 22 other teams.

It was an excellent day and although Gabriel and Alexander’s  car was a little narrow the first time they managed to remake one just in time for the race.

Both teams did really well and the OOB, named after its makers Olly, Oliver and Ben, managed to whizz into third place in the Primary challenge.

This means they get their own names listed on the tail fin of the Bloodhound car when it races to try to beat the land speed record later in the year.

A fantastic day out and some excellent engineering skills shown. Well done boys, lets go for gold next year!

Mental Health Awareness Week

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Student Council decided to launch a week of activities to raise students’ understanding of issues surrounding mental health and strategies for maintaining mental well being. Students attended a talk with Mr Lemon, the school counsellor, who explained the broader issues around mental health.

Student Council then led a session with a specially made video to help students think about the people around them and what they may be dealing with. Miss Cunningham then led a session on identifying and managing anxiety before students then looked at some of the strategies to maintain mental well being: some went for a morning run and others looked at mindfulness and meditation.

The final session, led by Council reps, allowed students to reflect on what they had learned and to give feedback. Thanks to all speakers, teachers and Council reps.



National Skipping Day

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Prep were all encouraged to take part in National Skipping Day.

It was a great opportunity for fun and to use our new play ground equipment.

Pupils from Year 6 to Reception engaged in fun skipping activities during lunchtime and breaks.

From skipping with hoops, to ropes, to French elastic and everyone’s favourite, the large rope team skipping.

Many staff got involved too. I think Mrs Hargreaves enjoyed it more that anyone!

Well done everyone! Keep skipping, it is a fundamental skill that leads onto many sports specific skills and physical movement patterns! Come on parents, you can get involved too!

Ribble Valley Tennis Tournament

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Thursday 27th April, two teams from Oakhill took part in the annual Ribble Valley tennis tournament. The pupils from Year 3 and 4 did themselves extremely proud. We were seeded in a very difficult group up against : Salesbury, Gisburn and St Leonard’s. One of the teams won three out of 4 games and the other won 2 out of their 4 games. Sadly we missed out on qualifying by just one point!