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Prep Sports Day

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Well another year and another sports day: only this time, thanks to the consistent downpours of only days before, we had to abandon our usual location of the sports field! Whilst both staff and children were a little disappointed in this last minute change, its safe to say that the Sports Hall version of this Oakhill event went down an absolute treat! The enthusiasm and competitiveness seeped out of every single contender, right from our very youngest in reception to the top end of the school, our Year 6 children. Combining the fun races and the sprints allowed each and every child to give it their all and they didn’t disappoint! From bouncy egg and spoon races to slippy sack races, it was impossible not to be entertained and where do we possibly start with the relays?! Whether it was jumping over or under things or getting dressed or undressed, the children worked fantastically well in their teams and at one point the cheer of the crowd made it feel like we were at the Olympics! Dare we even mention the hotly contested parents’ races?! The worthy winners were Mr Lewis and Mrs Bentley. Well done guys. What will the wife carrying race bring next year?!


Year 5 & 6 Take A Trip To Slaidburn

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Years 5 and 6 were rewarded for all of their hard work this year when Mrs Crouch and Mrs Buttery took them out on a trip.

They took advantage of a beautiful day to travel to Slaidburn, where they admired the wonderful countryside.

They enjoyed playing together and practising their gymnastic and athletics skills – a perfect way to wind down before the start of the summer holidays.

The trip was rounded off with an ice-cream – an ideal way to end a fun time in the sunshine.

Well done, Years 5 and 6.

We hope you enjoyed your day.

We certainly enjoyed your company and the ice cream.

Merit Winners

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Collecting merits all year saw these three rewarded with the highest totals in their groups. Stanley gained the most merits in Pre-prep, George in Lower Prep and Esme in Upper Prep. Very well done to you all!

Year 6 End Of Year Awards

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The following children received awards during our Prep final assembly.

Head boys and girls, Mairead, Nellie, Roman and Noah were given shields in recognition of their services this year. Lilly-Ella received the Sports Award, Zara and Isaac were awarded the Consistent Effort cup and Charlie was given Good General Progress shield. Nellie was rewarded for her excellent academic and swimming achievements with the Outstanding Achievement cup and George was presented with the Service to the School shield by Chairman of Governors, Mr Baron.
Congratulations to all of you!

Year 1 & 2 Athletics Event

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Year 1 & 2 took part in an athletics event in the final week of term.

This was held at Wilson’s track so they got their first experience running on a real track.

The pupils worked in three groups. Team Smith, Team Edgar and Team Whittaker.

All worked exceptionally hard and had a great time participating in springs, obstacle course, howler javelin throwing, long jump, relay and agility ladders.

The sun shone and made it a fantastic final afternoon of the summer term.

Well done to all involved!

Year 6 Final PE Lesson Celebration!

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Year 6 were treated to a water fight during their final PE lesson in prep. The lesson began very organised with teams, fill up zones and rules.

Then the class dropped the teams and tactics and all turned on Mr Edgar! However, he got his own back when the fill up stations needed emptying at the end!

Take a look at the pictures to see how much fun we had. I think this is the inaugural event and I am sure will become an annual event as the younger classes looked on with envy. It will soon be your turn! Thank you Year 6 you have been amazing over the last 7 years.

Good luck in the future, keep up with your sporting commitments and thank you for doing me and Oakhill Prep proud.

Love Mrs Smith

Goodbye Year 6

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Prep held their final assembly of the year last Friday to say a special goodbye to the Year 6 pupils. We were treated to some of their memorable moments from previous years as they read accounts of their time at Oakhill.  A photo slideshow showed how they have grown from cute school starters into the confident young people they are now. We enjoyed looking at pictures of the places they have been and the activities they have taken part in during their time here. We will miss them as they start their journey into seniors but wish them lots of luck for the future.

Prep Swimming Gala

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Prep recently held their annual swimming gala at Ribblesdale Pool in Clitheroe. It was as always an amazing morning where every child from Year 3-6 took part in at least 2 races.

There was great excitement throughout and all the races were very hotly contested with some very close calls.

At times it was a difficult job to decide who had won some races.

There were some fast swims too and some records were broken. Year 6 pupil Nellie  managed to break the records once again for butterfly, back stroke and front crawl, with some amazing times! It was a great effort from everyone who took part, with some children even being asked to join the Clitheroe Dolphins. Well done Oakhill!

Performance, Service And Critical Thinking Skills Stars

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Prep children have been collecting stars throughout the year as rewards for their Performance, Service and Critical Thinking skills. And once the totals had been counted, these children found themselves being awarded with a cup for collecting the most. The highest ‘performers’ were: Annabel, Riley, Kaspar and Nellie. Those with the most Service Stars were Milo, Spencer, Scarlett, Evan and Lilly-Ella. Our ‘critical thinkers’ are Stanley, George and Roman.
You are all setting a good example by doing what you do – well done.

Race For Life

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This week children in Prep took part in their annual Race for Life for Cancer Research.

Luckily the weather stayed dry and some children and teachers were brave enough to run for the whole hour!

Well done to everyone who took part and kept going. There is still time to sponsor the children as we are about £150 away from our target of £1000! Please use the link to help us hit our target:


Reception Visit Stonehill Garden Centre

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To finish off their topic of “Growing,” Reception enjoyed a visit to Stonehill Garden Centre in Blackburn. Edward in Year 6 gave the children a guided tour, showing them all the different plants and flowers. They especially liked smelling the herbs and roses. They then chose some bedding plants to create their own colourful pots to take home. Thank you to Jayne and the rest of the staff for a great trip out!

County Cricket Finals

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The year 5 and 6 girls represented Oakhill at the county cricket final which were held at The Northern cricket club in Liverpool. The girls were placed in a difficult group and faced last years champions in the first game. The girls were set a tough score of 296 and despite some excellent batting we fell short.

In the second game, the girls put in a much better bowling and fielding performance. We restricted St Johns Burnley to 252. The girls struggled to score against some excellent bowling but left it a little late to score the runs. We sadly fell 15 short. In our final game we faced Woodlands from Skelmersdale.

The girls finally pieced together the strong batting performance from the first game and the strong bowling performance from the second game. We narrowly won by 2 runs in a great game. Unfortunately the girls didn’t make it through but did themselves and the school proud.

Year 10 Work Experience

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“An absolute delight” and “… he has been an asset to the shop” were comments amongst the feedback that pupils received following their work experience last week.

Year 10 students took up positions with various employers from local small businesses to large international companies.

Work experience has given the pupils the opportunity to explore future career options and develop their employability skills; communication, team working, self-management, business and customer awareness.

The pupils have enjoyed and valued their experiences, “I feel I have gained confidence in talking to adults and people I don’t know” and “It has given me an idea of what I want to do in the future”, are some of the comments made by the Year 10 students.

A big thank you to all the organisations who have made this important and valuable experience possible for Oakhill Pupils.

Forest School

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In our final Forest School session, Reception had a campfire and enjoyed toasting marshmallows.

We also made journey sticks by decorating our favourite sticks with natural materials then took it in turns to tell stories around the fire.

Greek Club

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Greek club celebrated the last session of the year with a picnic outside to which they invited Mrs Crouch. Esmé made a banner in Greek to wish her Ευτυχισμένη συνταξιοδότηση (Happy Retirement) and we all enjoyed lots of Greek food in the sunshine. There was Greek salad, yoghurt and honey, watermelon, spanakopita, tzatziki and taramasalata and lots more and everyone dressed in blue and white, the colours of the flag.

Year 1 Visit The Alpacas

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After listening to Miss Bennett tell us stories about her alpacas all year we thought it was time for Year 1 to pay them a visit, so one sunny morning we set off to Ribchester… and what a treat was in store for us!

We got to feed the alpacas, brush a horse, rub the dogs tummy, pick up freshly laid eggs and listen to Charlie the parrot shout “Ariba!”

Year 1 were also lucky enough to name one of the baby alpacas and after many interesting suggestions Mrs Bennett chose Oakie, you can see Oakie on the pictures.

We then finished the morning off with a play on the park and a refreshing ice lolly. Thank you so much to Miss Bennett and her family for having us.


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Both year 2 and year 6 made the most of the sunshine this year by playing pétanque or boules.

Year 6 are quite proficient now and showed some skill at knocking each other’s balls away from the cochonnet.

This was year 2’s first attempt and, once they had worked out how to aim the heavy metal balls, they soon showed some promise.

Year 9 Activity Week

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Year 9 had a great start to Activity Week when they spent two nights at Coniston. On the way there they stopped at Grizedale Forest where they went orienteering and made clay sculptures.

Day Two and they spent the morning kayaking on Lake Windermere

After a good night’s sleep they set off to climb the Old Man of Coniston before returning to Oakhill. Thursday, and they headed off to Chester to the Crocky Trail

Year 9 ended their week at Towneley Park.

International Day Of Yoga

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Recently the Nursery children took part in ‘international day of yoga’.

Megan carried out yoga sessions with all the rooms, and they all made their own ‘little bags of happiness’.

Even the babies and toddlers took part in a yoga sensory experience.

Year 10 Donates Money To Pendleside Hospice From Business Enterprise Competition

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The Year 10 Business Studies class took part in Tycoon in School Enterprise Competition run by The Peter Jones Foundation.  Fizzle and Bubble finished in 13th position out of over 100 schools and made a profit of £268. Their profit is being donated to Pendleside Hospice. We chose Pendleside hospice because one of our fellow class mates Great Grandma received palliative care there, so we felt a connection to the place.

Written By Year 10 Business Studies

Year 5 STEM Challenge Shield

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This year our Year 5’s competed against each other for the Oakhill Year 5 STEM Challenge Shield.

The challenge this year was to make Whalley’s longest marble run.

Using limited resources and tight time constraints pupils had to design and build a marble roller coaster that would safely transport the marble from top to bottom in the longest time.

As well as using limited resources our ever environmentally aware pupils were also tasked and judged on ensuring that there was minimal wastage of resources.

It was, as always, interesting to see how the pupils approach the task and how they work together as a team to solve problems. All the teams produced excellent structures but there was one clear winner – Team William – whose teamwork and attention to detail produced a long, safe and reliable journey for our marble.

Well done to all the teams for an excellent afternoon of STEM.

Year 8 Activity Week – Day One

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On Monday 24th June, Year 8 visited Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.

We learnt about the sun, solar system, rays and the aurora.

We attended a workshop kindly led by Sofiya and discovered new facts about ultra-violet rays.

We had a great day out and learnt many new things.

By Sorcha and Georgia Year 8

Dramatic Wounds

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In this week’s drama lessons, Years 8 and 9 had lots of fun experimenting with special effects make-up.

They learnt how to produce a ‘fresh’ wound, and some had a go at turning each other into old people.

We certainly have some budding make-up artists in our midsts!

Year 5 Assembly

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The final prep class assembly of the school year was certainly worth waiting for!  Not only did Year 5 entertain their fellow pupils and families, they also wowed them with their fluency in French.  The assembly started with the children ‘reminiscing’ about an imaginary French lesson when their teacher taught them something more akin to the poor French seen in ‘Allo ‘Allo than at Oakhill School.  Their ‘attempts’ at speaking French had the audience in stitches and Esmé was very convincing as the teacher.

The second half of the performance was a telling of the traditional fairy tale, Cinderella – or ‘Cendrillon’ as it is known in French.  The children had worked very hard to learn their lines with complete accuracy and authenticity.  They performed fantastically and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Well done, Year 5.  Your assembly was a true delight and your talents were a joy to watch.


Quilling Club

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The Victorian art of quilling has been a popular choice for a lunchtime activity this term. The children have learnt how to make basic shapes and what they were called. Then they have designed their own patterns or pictures by putting them together.

They had some very creative ideas between them too!

Year 7 Activity Week Day One

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In the morning, we learnt about ingredients and the translations into Spanish, along with the portions and weights in Spanish.

After break, we entered the “supermarket” and asked the teacher for the ingredients.

We had to do so in Spanish with proper sentences and manners.

Then we made our dishes based on the recipes that we chose, this took us all up until lunch.

After lunch, we played outside a bit whilst Mrs Hennighan prepared a surprise dessert.

Then we were welcomed into the “tapas restaurant”, where we enjoyed our finished dishes.

Written By Year 7

Year 1 Visit Whalley

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Year 1 enjoyed a gentle stroll into Whalley as part of their topic work on the local area.

In between sheltering from showers they managed to find some of the amenities in Whalley.

They learnt some of the street names and also identified the different types of houses.

Finally, they got to have a little play on the park.

Year 10 Journey To The Democratic Republic Of Congo

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Year 10 Geography took a virtual journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo using the BBC VR Headsets which are currently on a UK tour of libraries. Students visited Whalley library and were helped by the fantastic staff, Alison and Tom, to use the headsets and take part in a 7 minute journey on the Congo looking at issues of development and deforestation.

Alison also gave the students an introduction to library services and how to access study tools using the Lancashire Libraries website. Many thanks to Alison and her team.

Georgia Gets Gold

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Recently Year 5 pupil, Georgia and her doubles partner Olivia competed in their first competition in the North West Aerial Arts Championships and scored in the top 5% gaining 1st place!  They were on last and did everyone proud including their instructor pictured below!

Prep Girls Cricketers Are Borough Champions

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On Wednesday after many wet weather cancellations we finally got to take part in the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn  Girls cricket tournament. A team of 8 girls fro Year 5 & 6 competed in the tournament. During our first game against SASJ Mairead opened up with bullet speed bowling and putting the opposition under pressure. Excellent fielding meant we only allowed one four to slip through our clutches. We batted strongly taking advantages of the gaps in the field. Lilly-Ella stepped up to bat her over and scored six fours in a row, giving us the opportunity to pull away. The final score was an Oakhill win 248-204

Second game was Peel Park, a large strong team. As they stepped up to bat Gee was our star taking two wickets and making a fantastic catch. Excellent safe fielding ensured the score was kept down. Zara, Jess and Lydia showed excellent agility in the field backing up and keeping the boundary firm and secure. More great batting from our for pairs ended up in our second win and a result of 242-218.

In the final game we took on Benjamin Hargreaves who similarly had won all of their previous games with a great amount of runs. The girls had to remain focussed throughout. Strong supportive fielding meant only single runs were scored. Nellie made a fantastic catch to be proud off. Rebecca bowled well on her debut in cricket and made some good decisions whilst fielding. We knew that we needed lots of runs to ensure a win. And that is what we went out and did. The girls made good calls and excellent communication meant no one was out. Some more strong batting ensured another win with a score of 236-218.

Well done to all the girls who were commended once again on their manners and skilful play. The girls were unbeaten and came home with gold medals and a pass through to the county finals that take place at Northern cricket club, Liverpool in July.