Acorn Adventures

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Nursery Children have been exploring their senses in our ‘acorn adventures’ today

we looked at what we could feel “frozen grass, frozen mole hills

and hard leaves”.

Earn Your Stripes

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As local lockdown prevented us from taking our avid runners out into Whalley we decided to create some In house running challenges.

The first one “Earn your Stripes” was a great success. A large number of students from year 7 – 10 joined us for a range of running based challenges which, once completed earned them the coveted face paint stripe.

The red challenge involved a gruelling two laps of the mud soaked, tussock riddled “Field of Doom“ (A good warm up for Cross Country after Christmas!) Made even more difficult when running with your hand over your face so the camera didn’t catch you – (year 8 girls!)

The Claret challenge (Mr Peel – of course) entailed a flat out 100M sprint – measured by the stop watch. The most spectacular time (and fall!) of the day taken by Ruairi in year 9.

The hill rep challenge was probably the most difficult- three reps of the looming ascent up towards the top of the field. Some wonderful times and feats of endurance displayed here by all students – a few pale faces at the top of the hill and then back down to enjoy it all again.

The final challenge  – the side strides running across the field and back in the fastest time you could – some people enjoyed this one so much they kept going back for another go! I am sure there were even some students attempting to cartwheel this one!

We had lots of fun and were immensely proud of each student who joined in with this event.

NEXT CHALLENGE IS TOUGH MUDDER – I hope your washing machines are ready!

Student Council Competition

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The Student Council ‘Film Night’ hamper was won by Jensen in Year 7. He can now enjoy his favourite film whilst eating snacks and drinking pop and know he has helped to raise money for charity. There were also four runners up who won chocolate: Leigha, John, Jonjo and Jess. Well done to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered.


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Well done to Year 11 pupil Lily and Year 7 whose entries have been submitted to the Royal Society of Biology’s BioArtAttack Competition. Lily produced an excellent model of the digestive system made from recycled materials and labelled each part with its name and function – superb work and an excellent tool for the classroom which has already been utilised. Lily clearly put a lot of effort into it and it was a lovely surprise when she walked through the door with her model – she has also learned a lot about the organs within the digestive system in the process of making it which is the one of the main objectives for entering these competitions. Year 7 had made specialised cells out of sweets so their Cells are Sweet entry showed various cells depicted with everything from bonbons to strawberry laces! Great effort and all entries count towards their houses.

Year 4 Are On The Phone!

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Year Four are not allowed to bring mobile phones into school. So being an inventive bunch… they decided to make them instead! All in the name of scientific learning of course.

The class were investigating how Sound travels across long distances using vibrations.

Using paper cups and twenty meters of string they made and then tested out their phones on the prep playground.

Their phone wires stretched almost right across the playground. They then whispered messages to each other with great success… to the surprise of everyone!

Fly To The Moon

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Isabel from Reception followed the instructions from her reading book to make an amazing rocket. Isabel obviously has her brother, Spencer’s artistic flair!!

Science Sounds

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Year Four are studying Sound as a science topic. As part of their studies they are investigating Pitch.. how low or high a sound is. Last week they were each given a ukulele and they created the highest and lowest sounds that they could.

They were then asked to design their own ukulele, paying close attention to detail and colour design. Mrs Moir and Mr Lowry judged their designs and Riley was the winner. Well done Riley!

Year 4 Science

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Year Four are investigating Sound as a science topic. As part of their studies they have been experimenting with a ukulele to find out the highest and lowest pitch possible.

Well done to Jessica for the highest pitch possible and Lucia for the lowest.

Year 4 Maths

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Year Four have been looking at different types of fractions as part of their maths studies. Annabel and Stanley got themselves into a bit of a STICKY situation trying to find lots of equivalent fractions equal to one whole – but they STUCK at it and found them all.

The Annunciation

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As part of their RE lessons, Year 3 pupils have been learning about The Annunciation.  They were interested to learn how God chose Mary to be Jesus’ mother as she was such a kind and helpful person.  They enjoyed producing their artwork demonstrating Angel Gabriel delivering this important news.  They were very keen to share examples of how they emulate this behaviour at home and at school.  They were also fascinated to learn about the link of Elizabeth being John the Baptist’s mother, with the fantastic work they did last term all about Baptism.  Well done, Year 3.  Keep up the tremendous enthusiasm. You are making super progress.

Clara la Cabeza

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Pupils in Years 1 and 2 have had a lot of fun learning how to talk about body parts in Spanish.  They have impressed Señora Crook with their pronunciation and enthusiasm.  They particularly enjoyed extending their skills to create Clara la Cabeza to celebrate Halloween. ¡Fantástico!

Parable of the Talents

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Year 6 pupils have been learning about parables and the Parable of the Talents inspired them to share their very own talents with the class.  They confidently presented about an impressive range of talents, ranging from recently discovered ones to those that they had been practising since they were toddlers.  As you can see from the photos, the talents included a wide range of sports and physical activities such as football, dance, horse-riding, cricket, trampolining and swimming, whilst other children spoke about their love for photography, origami, gaming and rock collecting.  We are very proud of the presentations you delivered, Year 6, and it was fascinating to learn all about your passions outside of school.  Thank you!


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Year Four invited the Principal of Oakhill, Mrs Buttery, to their classroom to listen to the stories they had written on the themes of Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs and an adventure story.  The children read with great enthusiasm, expression and fluency. Mrs Buttery was very impressed by both the quality and choice of the language in each story.

Well done budding writers.

Year 5’s Planet Trail

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Making the most of some rare autumn sunshine to enjoy some lessons outside, Year 5 went on a fact-finding mission in science this week.

As part of their topic on the Earth in Space, they had to complete a fun planet-fact trail and learn more about the planets in our Solar System.

Which planet has the longest day?

Which one is the largest? How many moons does Saturn have? How long is a year on Jupiter? We now know all the answers!

Back in class, the children got to work ordering the planets using different sets of criteria.

There was an impressive mix of fun, determination and the Oakhill enthusiasm for learning, shown by the children as they completed their challenges.


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Year 5 have been finding out why we wear a poppy at this time of year. They were particularly interested to learn about the different colours of poppy which can be worn as well as the more familiar red ones.

They made their own to wear, some choosing red but others choosing to make a purple one in remembrance of the animals who have served their country alongside the many men and women.

Bonfire Night Biscuit Baking

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After learning about some of the different Bonfire Night food traditions, Year 5 decided to bake some firework-inspired biscuits to jazz up their own celebrations.

They smelled delicious while they were cooking – but was this matched by the taste?

It was! They each got a ‘baker’s treat’ and tried one….’just to make sure’!

The Oakhill Tree Of Hope

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Before the first lockdown year three (as they were then) were thinking very much about recycling. After researching different ideas they voted to use recycled toilet roll tubes to create a tree and of course it had to be an oak tree.

But whilst the tree was still barely a sapling lockdown happened and the toilet tubes were left to gather dust. Then with the return to school in September year four (as they have now become) redoubled their creative efforts and week by week the Oakhill Tree grew and grew.

It is now fully grown and stands tall and proud on the top corridor of the Prep School.

For year four it is a tree of hope… hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter, healthier and safer 2021.

UK Parliament Week

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Year 7 debated in Geography whether the UK should remain united and put forward excellent reasoning on both sides. They called each other, “Honourable Friend” and showed great respect for each other. The final vote was 8 in favour of the UK remaining united and 4 against. Excellent debating skills, Year 7!

House Challenge 2 – Code Breaking

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It’s All about Taking Part was the message that was revealed when the code was broken, and lots of the pupils got involved and took part. In particular, very well done to Year 9 who all entered and got points for their house. In fact the first three entries came in from Year 9 with Isobel cracking the code first, closely followed by Gabby D then Gabby S.
In the end it was a close run competition with Scholars just sneaking ahead by 3 points.
Scholars 26 points
Martyrs 23 points


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Every year we celebrate our Harvest by collecting food for our friends at the local charity, THOMAS. Even with the crazy world we are living in, this year is no different. More than ever they need our help and support.

We just wanted to thank God for how lucky we are and our Oakhill Family for all their donations. You still have time to bring in your donations before they’re collected on Wednesday.


European Day Of Languages

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Pupils across the whole school were treated to a week of celebrations to honour this year’s European Day of Languages.

The children were keen to enter competitions to design a poster, T-shirt or bookmark demonstrating why the learning of languages is both fun and useful.

The high standard and fantastic amount of entries from both prep and seniors was magnificent and the winners were rightly proud of their efforts.

In addition, children worked on a range of challenges in school ranging from researching facts about languages to producing European origami creations.  One of our year 5 pupils was so inspired that she even treated her family to her very own paella dish!

The week culminated in an outstanding menu created by our superb catering team,

who once again provided a truly delicious range of European dishes, encouraging children to try something new.

Well done to everyone who took part in this fantastic celebration.

Forest School

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In our latest forest school, we had our first outdoor cooking session of yummy chocolate bananas!

We prepared them in the classroom, wrapped them in foil and cooked them around our campfire.

They were delicious!

Year 1’s Autumn Hunt

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Year 1 have been enjoying looking for signs of Autumn. They collected some conkers and have used them to weave these incredible conker webs that they have decorated their classroom with. Lucky for Mrs Thomas conkers are said to keep spiders away!

5 A Side

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5 a side was a welcomed addition to our senior extra curricular programme this week.

Both the KS3 and KS4 bubbles got a lunchtime practice in our county grade sports hall.

It was a quick fire round robin of 3 minute games. Brilliant attendance from boys and girls in all years and much fun had by all.

Positions Of Responsibility

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Congratulations to Year 11 pupils Ben and Emilie-Anne who are our Head Boy and Head Girl for this year and Scarlett and Louis who are their deputies.

We have a new post this year of Pastoral Leader and Lily and Robyn will be taking a lead working on pupil welfare and wellbeing in school.

Roman has his work cut out for him this year as school Sports Captain to find ways to encourage participation in sport with limited opportunities to play other schools in fixtures at the moment.

We also congratulate Leigha, Gabriel, Max, John, Sophia, Betty and Matthew who will be House Captains and prefects during this year.

Bouncing, Balancing And Burrowing Bunnies

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This weeks reception PE lesson was all focussed on the letter ‘B.’ Our pupils became little bunny rabbits.

Taking part in bouncing challenges including hoop skipping, jump rope and rope ladders. Balancing on benches, beams and tightrope walking.

Bouncing balls to enhance their catching skills from the previous week. Along with burrowing through tunnels.

The class worked on a skill then completed a lap of the bunny assault course, trying to improve their teams time.

The class developed their skills throughout the lesson and gained confidence, this was evident when they knocked a whole minute of their first attempt of the Bunny run (assault course)

Take a look at our pictures to see how much fun we had!

Build A Bodybuilder

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Year 10 GCSE PE students sat a very different exam this week. Rather than a written exam they had to work in teams to ‘ build a body.’

Each group had to build a life size Muscle model. They had to name the 11 muscles listed in their exam specification, spell them correctly, locate them within the body and cut them into the correct shape and size.

This was a fun activity with a competitive edge that really consolidated their knowledge and understanding of muscles. The Broome Brothers won this challenge against the rest of their class. A great effort from all exhibiting an excellent level of knowledge, well done everyone.

Modern Art

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Former head girl Georgina Watson has very kindly donated two 2 metres tall 3d printed sculptures from her Bachelor’s Degree Show from 2017. The two pieces are an example of how modern technology can advance contemporary art.

On contacting school Georgina said, ‘it seems such a long time since my days at Oakhill; I’m still studying, and I’m currently researching connective approaches to trans-Mediterranean diplomacy between Christianity and Islam in the early modern period on the PhD History Programme at UoM. I’m hopeful this will allow me entry to a career in the United Nations – all those student council meetings will come in handy!’

We are very grateful to Georgina for her kind donation and wish her all the best for the future.

Year 7 Team Building

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Year 7 pupils enjoyed a fantastic teambuilding day at Gisburn Forest this week.

The day started with an orienteering task.


It was a delight to see the keenness and competitive spirit of the children as they worked hard to learn and put into practise new navigational skills using just a map and compass.  They rose admirably to the challenge and were suitably proud of themselves as they found the control points.

After a beautiful walk, appreciating the stunning surroundings, and a well-deserved lunch,

the class produced some fantastic natural artwork, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

Their imaginations were truly engaged as they produced a wide range of designs.

The final task of the day was to identify a range of leaves in the forest, encouraging the children to look closely at the nature surrounding them.

An ice-lolly stop was greatly appreciated by all before heading back to school at the end of a wonderful and enjoyable day.  Well done, Year 7.