Over 40 years of

education excellence

Oakhill has thrived and transformed over the years and is well know and loved for its family atmosphere, excellent teaching and the individual, nurturing education it provides.   

Welcome to Oakhill

Across this website we hope to give you a real sense of the wonderful atmosphere here at Oakhill. We are proud to say that we are a small school and can therefore provide an individual education to each and every pupil. We are like a family and as such, guide, support and nurture the character, talent and educational ability of our students.

 We believe every pupil has enormous potential and we are a school that has a strong track record of transforming futures. Quite simply, we can enhance every child’s potential, achieving excellent results and ‘value added’ scores.

 Our values and beliefs are based on faith and this solid foundation forms good citizens who respect and serve others. We instil a strong sense of self worth and a confidence that will stay for a lifetime.