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September 2020

Year 7 Team Building

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Year 7 pupils enjoyed a fantastic teambuilding day at Gisburn Forest this week.

The day started with an orienteering task.


It was a delight to see the keenness and competitive spirit of the children as they worked hard to learn and put into practise new navigational skills using just a map and compass.  They rose admirably to the challenge and were suitably proud of themselves as they found the control points.

After a beautiful walk, appreciating the stunning surroundings, and a well-deserved lunch,

the class produced some fantastic natural artwork, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

Their imaginations were truly engaged as they produced a wide range of designs.

The final task of the day was to identify a range of leaves in the forest, encouraging the children to look closely at the nature surrounding them.

An ice-lolly stop was greatly appreciated by all before heading back to school at the end of a wonderful and enjoyable day.  Well done, Year 7.


Forest School

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Reception’s forest school has got off to an exciting start with lots to explore in the woods over the last couple of weeks.

We started with a minibeast hunt to familiarise ourselves with the smallest inhabitants and after learning about autumn,

we made a hedgehog house to help encourage hedgehogs to hibernate here.

We’ve also investigated colours in nature with a rainbow colour hunt and, of course, lots of splashing in the stream!

While We Can’t Hug

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Year 2 have enjoyed reading the book While We Can’t Hug.

It is a lovely story that explains all the other things that we can do to show people that we love them even though we aren’t allowed to hug due to the virus.

We can wave, pull funny faces, tell jokes, write letters, blow kisses and dance as well as lots of other things too.

The boys and girls had so many ideas which just shows how much love they have for all those around them and they certainly show Mrs. Wilson that every day. Thank you Year 2

Year 2s Autumn Walk

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Year 2 have been using iPads when out on an autumn walk.

They had fun looking for leaves, acorns, berries,  Bramley apples and the best of all conkers.

They took lots of photographs and then showed off their IT skills to make their own pic collages. Mrs. Wilson was very impressed. Well done Year 2


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This weekend our bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award groups enjoyed the great weather as they headed out into the Ribble Valley to undertake their expeditions.

Our year 11 pupils successfully completed their final bronze expedition with a two day hike from Newton to Holden and back, tackling Easington Fell in between.

They showed great positive spirit and excellent navigation skills, and we were very proud of all of them.

With things a little different this year, pupils camped in their own gardens at home and some even cooked their expedition meals for their families!

Our returning silver group were also out on their three day practice expedition, and it was wonderful to see them all again, reunited for their challenge which they took on with skill and excellent teamwork.  They will complete their final expedition in two weeks time.

Well done to all who took part, and many thanks to our DofE volunteers who gave up their weekends to allow pupils to enjoy time outdoors and some great adventures.

Badminton Club

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Mrs Smith’s badminton club was popular on Friday with our key stage 3 bubble!

Pupils worked hard refining their skills after a long six months off!

But they could still give their opponent the run around, using a well selected shot and game plan!

BMX Club

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This Thursday saw the return of Mr. Peel’s BMX club, and many pupils from Years 7 and 8 took the opportunity to get out into the school grounds and the fresh air.  For some this was an introduction to BMX riding, whilst for our more experienced pupils it was a chance to show off their skills.

Pupils enjoyed some competitive racing and a few games of ‘BMX manhunt’ with the hiders avoiding being found by the speedy BMX hunters!  Next week we hope to introduce new pupils to our downhill BMX track in the school grounds.

Reception’s First PE Lesson

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This morning Reception had their first PE lesson with Mrs Smith.

The lesson began with some ‘getting to know you challenges’ then moved on to bean bag skills.

The pupils were asked to invent ways to travel and balance their bean bag.

Mrs Smith focussed the lesson on the fundamental motor skill of under arm throwing through challenges such as colour sorting baskets and playing pirates.

The class were amazing and all began to throw correctly using the opposite arm to leg technique.

Some even demonstrated some fantastic catching skills. Star of the lesson was Sebastian who showed great speed, agility and dynamic catching skills.

Take a look at the pictures to see what fun we had. Homework has been set to play throwing and catching games at home this week in preparation for next weeks ‘catching’ lesson.