Oakhill Preparatory School

Oakhill Preparatory School

Welcome to Oakhill Preparatory School, Whalley in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley.

Oakhill Preparatory School is a friendly, family oriented, independent primary school, offering ‘excellent’ all round education and care for children aged 4-11 years. The highly qualified staff are devoted to ensuring that your child achieves their personal potential. The class teachers and teaching assistants play a key role in bringing out the best in our children. We encourage excellence in academic attainment, behaviour and individual performance.

Our manageable class sizes are considered the optimum for our teaching staff to truly engage individually with every child in each of their lessons, while still enabling multiple and diverse friendships to thrive.

The staff here really do know, like and take an interest in every single child, just as their own families do. The team are devoted to achieving each pupil’s personal potential, whatever that may be.”


Thank you so much to all of the Oakhill Team for supporting and encouraging my daughter to be the best she could be. It has been reassuring to watch her progress in all areas of school life and we know that moving her to Oakhill was the
best decision we could have made.”


Our class sizes mean that there is always time to listen if someone needs to talk. This is critical to our success. No-one feels dismissed or undervalued – we make everyone feel priceless.”


Our Oakhill Family

When a new pupil starts at Oakhill, whichever primary school class they join, we gain a whole new family – children, parents, grandparents and relatives. Everyone can become a part of our community. Parents are seen as a vital link in every child’s education and we love to see parents in school at the start and end of the school day, to catch up, see what we’ve been doing and have a chat if needed. At the end of the school day the children are brought out by the class teacher and this is another opportunity to convey any significant information. All pupils have a homework diary which is another useful source of communication between parents and staff.

Where is Oakhill Preparatory School?

Our Primary School is housed in a modern, purpose-built building within the impressive grounds of Oakhill School, Whalley in the beautiful Ribble Valley.

I looked at other primary schools for my daughter, but after 3 wonderful years watching her grow and thrive at Oakhill Nursery, I couldn’t see any real reason to lose that connection and friendship group. She’s now settled in Reception and the move was so smooth we know we made the right decision”


Our Facilities

Reception and Key Stage One (or infants for ages 4-7) classrooms are downstairs and Key Stage Two (juniors for ages 7-11) classrooms are upstairs. All classrooms are bright and airy with lots of natural light and well designed for learning. Each is equipped with interactive whiteboards and class iPads.

Every pupil at Oakhill School from Year 3 (age 7-8) is presented with their own iPad which is used to enable their learning. We continuously teach pupils in the set up, ownership and use of this technology. Some class activities are carried out on these iPads and they can be used to complete any homework.

We have our own primary school play area where we have lots of fun no matter the weather. We also have access to the school computer suite where we learn with technology from a young age, and dedicated rooms for creative subjects like music and art. Our PE and sports department is right next door in Oakhill Leisure where we can access the 3G pitch, Sports Hall and Dance Studio. We even have our very own Forest School with a woodland and a stream.

Year 6

Our oldest pupils in Year 6 are encouraged to be ambassadors for the school and take on roles of responsibility. From roles with the School Council to acting as playground leaders, our children are encouraged to give service to the community and to think of others before themselves.

Our School Day

Thanks to our breakfast club and a whole host of after school activities, every day of the week is jam-packed from 7.30am until 6.00pm.

We find this works well for our busy families, allowing a flexible drop off and pick up time outside of the usual school day. Whether you’re working or have plans of your own, you can rest easy knowing that the children are in safe hands and enjoying one of up to 50 extra-curricular activities on offer, including languages, sports and art.

We even have our own private buses to offer a safe and bespoke journey to school.

In short, our staff consistently achieve excellence in academic attainment, behaviour and, perhaps most importantly, adding value to each individual child.