As local lockdown prevented us from taking our avid runners out into Whalley we decided to create some In house running challenges.

The first one “Earn your Stripes” was a great success. A large number of students from year 7 – 10 joined us for a range of running based challenges which, once completed earned them the coveted face paint stripe.

The red challenge involved a gruelling two laps of the mud soaked, tussock riddled “Field of Doom“ (A good warm up for Cross Country after Christmas!) Made even more difficult when running with your hand over your face so the camera didn’t catch you – (year 8 girls!)

The Claret challenge (Mr Peel – of course) entailed a flat out 100M sprint – measured by the stop watch. The most spectacular time (and fall!) of the day taken by Ruairi in year 9.

The hill rep challenge was probably the most difficult- three reps of the looming ascent up towards the top of the field. Some wonderful times and feats of endurance displayed here by all students – a few pale faces at the top of the hill and then back down to enjoy it all again.

The final challenge  – the side strides running across the field and back in the fastest time you could – some people enjoyed this one so much they kept going back for another go! I am sure there were even some students attempting to cartwheel this one!

We had lots of fun and were immensely proud of each student who joined in with this event.

NEXT CHALLENGE IS TOUGH MUDDER – I hope your washing machines are ready!