Children in the Prep school have been joining in with the RSPB’s garden birdwatch scheme this week. They have learnt about the different varieties of birds we might see in our gardens at this time of year and how to identify them.

Some classes joined in either from home or school, with the ‘live’ BBC Teach programme which gave us lots of information and activities to do. The children were very excited to get a ‘silent’ mention as our school name was spotted scrolling across the screen during the programme alongside the other schools who were also watching ‘live’!

The next step was to fill the bird feeders ready to begin our birdwatch survey. With many children also doing theirs at home or even making their own.

All we need now are the birds and our survey sheets! Why don’t you get involved with the #BigGardenBirdWatch this weekend? Have alook on their Facebook page RSPB Love Nature and join in.