GCSE results may have fallen nationally but at Oakhill the opposite is true, with students receiving significantly better results than in previous years. Nearly a quarter of all the exams taken by this year’s students received the highest grade of 9, awarded to a very small minority of pupils in the country for exceptional performance. This is a marked contrast to results in schools nationally where a 9 was awarded in only 6% of cases. An astonishing 93% of students received a 7, 8 or 9 in their GCSEs which would be equivalent to an A, A* or A** and this places Oakhill students very much at the highest level both locally and nationally.
This year, students completed the first summer exams series after two years of cancellations owing to Covid-related disruption. Although in the vast majority of schools, students have failed to match the teacher assessed grades of the last two years, at Oakhill they have exceeded them. In addition to the exceptional performances at the highest levels, the results overall show students of all abilities have received grades either one, two or three levels above what they were predicted to achieve in nearly all examinations. Principal Jane Buttery said, ‘We are absolutely delighted with the students’ results. Despite all the challenges we have faced we have maintained a high standard of teaching throughout and together with our pupils’ tremendous hard work and positive attitude, this has meant that they have received outstanding results at every level and can now go on in every case to their first choice of sixth form college.’