Year 8 pupil, Joel has created a lifelike lego model of school. The impressive model was started in January for the ‘Year 8 Challenge Project’ and took over 6 months to complete.
The model, which was based on an outline of the school, alongside Google Earth images, was built by Joel and includes internal structures to support the roof, alongside the external building which is to scale.
With Joel being a keen lego fan, the model was built with over 7000 pieces, using existing bricks from his expansive lego collection, alongside parts which were ordered from Poland, Denmark, Ohio, North America, South America, and even Uruguay to create the uber-realistic model.
Joel commented on the creation saying:- “It wasn’t a straightforward build. I couldn’t build it from just standard bricks alone so I had to put different pieces together to get what I wanted. An example is on the front of the building, for the 3 roofs, I put together different hinges to create the correct angles. All over the building, I used different techniques to create the look I needed. The hardest thing I found whilst the building was trying to get it to scale and supporting and building the roof.”
Having attended the school since the beginning of year 7, Joel has been a Lego fan since he was young, getting Lego sets as gifts for his birthday and Christmas. The complicated build proves to be a fantastic example of how Oakhill encourages students’ interests and hobbies.