Throughout their first half term of GCSE PE theory study, our Year 10 class have engaged in a lot of play! Mrs. Smith has been given many strange looks from both staff when borrowing equipment and her pupils when they arrive to lessons to find out they will be playing with Barbies, jelly babies, play doh and origami!

However, the class have reaped the rewards showing an excellent knowledge of the most difficult parts of the GCSE PE syllabus including: Physics – planes of movement and axis of rotation. Biology – Composition of blood and the double circulatory system within the human body! Along with a little bit of Art with heart origami!

Take a look at the work produced by our pupils, to bring the subject to life and hopefully stick in the long term memory in preparation for their exams. The class have also been heard singing and dancing to remember mnemonics of certain theories that are tricky to recall, but there is no evidence of this!