Yesterday we went to Jodrell Bank to see the third largest telescope of its kind in the world. It’s a radio telescope, which uses radio waves from space. They go into the dish and bounce into the telescope part in the centre. At the moment, its mainly studying pulse stars.
When we got there, we went into the space dome and had a talk from a guide about all the constellations and planets and saw what the people who made up the constellations were thinking of. At the moment we can see 3 planets with the naked eye, Saturn, mars and Jupiter.
We looked at the orbits and why they orbit that way. Then we looked around the exhibit at the other side of the dome. There was lots of things about the history of building it.
They used the telescope to track planes and things in the sky during the Cold War, which is why there was the opportunity to dress up as spies.
We then had our lunch and went into a classroom where we learnt about stars and how they are formed, which we already knew a lot about this because we have been doing it in our physics lessons. They handed out a meteor which we had seen last week and then rounded off our amazing day with looking around the gift shop!
Overall we think it was a wonderful experience for all of us learning about stars.
Report by the Year 10 Triple Science group, Ellie, George, Mary, Lydia, Brooke, Harvey, Kyle and Stefan.