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Oakhill Takes The Title For The Third Year!

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This week our Year 5 & 6 athletes competed in the borough Sportshall athletics event that we hosted at Oakhill. With the whole of our Year 9 running the event as young leaders. Our girls and boys worked together fantastically producing some excellent results and team cohesion was evident.

After performing their socks off they anxiously awaited the results to come in. During this time there was a teachers Javelin competition. For which the team nominated Mrs Smith to take part in. Nervous but with a good arm Mrs Smith took the title as champion teacher.

After lots of screaming and cheering the pupils settled and the results were read out. Oakhill took the gold medals for small schools for the third year!

We are now awaiting confirmation that we have progressed to the regional round in Blackpool. So watch this space!

Well done to all our athletes you did Oakhill proud. Also to our excellent young leaders who were commended for their mature, organised and motivation to the younger pupils.

Epiphany Traditions

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Prep have been learning about French and Spanish Epiphany traditions this week.

They have watched videos of the Three Kings arriving into town

and seen them giving out chocolates to the children.

Afterwards, they made crowns and tasted el Roscón de Reyes/ la Galette des Rois.

Léonie and Rose’s family made galettes with a fève inside.

Luckily no one ate it and Mr Lowry and Mrs Turner were King and Queen for the day in Year 3 and Elijah and Grace were the King and Queen in Year 1.

Ski Trip

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Pupils are preparing for the forthcoming Oakhill Ski Trip to Madesimo. 15 pupils wrapped up to test their ski legs at the Chill Factore. Uncertainty turned to confidence as the newest skiers warmed up on the lowest part of the slope. Soon they joined the more able skiers to ski from the top of the slope.

Back in school Ski Fitness is open to skiers of all ability to strengthen core muscles to combat fatigue when skiing for 5 hours a day! Ski Fitness is held on Monday lunch times.

Bombs Away!

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Year 6 rounded off their WW2 history topic by presenting their projects and DT work. Their task was to design a garden typical of the WW2 era which meant including an Anderson air raid shelter. Their interest and research was shown by the many extra items they included which ranged from. washing lines, vegetable plots and garden sheds with tools to sand bags to protect from any blasts which might have occurred. The results were fantastic and the children demonstrated many creative talents!



Guitar Assembly

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Last term the children in Prep were treated to a little guitar concert from those learning the instrument.

We had the pleasure of listening to The Grand Old Duke of York by Jacob,

Jingle Bells by Orlaith and Caspar and then it was We Will Rock You from Oliver, Jake and Jack with a couple of them on the electrics guitar.

It was fantastic to see them perform and although they were all nervous they did themselves proud. Well done to our budding musicians. If anybody is interested in taking up the guitar then please ask your class teacher for a letter.


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Last year the boys and girls in Year 2 took part in a Posada in their Spanish lesson. It is an old Mexican tradition where young people, dressed as Mary and Joseph, travelled from house to house asking for a room for the night telling people about the imminent arrival of Jesus.

A modern day Posada uses nativity figures of Mary and Joseph and it gives each ‘host’ the chance to create their own celebration in their home. The children enjoyed having them to stay and shared songs, said prayers and lit candles whilst thinking about the real meaning of Christmas.

Maya Civilisation

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Year 5 have had a lot of fun learning about the Maya civilisation in their history lessons last half term. They have been fascinated to discover so much about how the Maya people lived, including what food they ate, their revolutionary number system and what sports they enjoyed. The children’s learning culminated in them producing some fantastic presentations, truly demonstrating how much knowledge they had acquired.

Each presentation was quite different and reflected independent research the children had done, in addition to what they had learnt in school.  In their own individual styles, the pupils conveyed a great deal of information about a variety of topics, all delivered in a confident and professional manner. Well done, Year 5 – a fantastic reflection of your hard work!

‘Il Neige’?

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Year 4 pupils have turned into budding weather forecasters as they practised their newly-learnt skills in French. They are making fantastic progress in their weekly French lessons and have recently thoroughly enjoyed learning how to describe the current weather in France. Using their iPads, they recorded each other delivering the latest forecast. With Christmas fast approaching, they are hoping to practise using the phrase ‘il neige’ so that they can all get their sledges out and have some fun in the snow.

Flash Bang!

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It all started with a forty minute bus drive to Bolton School, where we attended the Flash Bang Show. The show takes place once a year around Christmas and we were fortunate enough to go and see it. It was run by the Manchester and District Royal Society of Chemistry and Dr. Frank Mair showed us many experiments.

There were bangs, flashes, and pops. The experiments were breath-taking from tiny pops to loud bangs.

He made clouds using solid carbon dioxide (also known as dry ice) and water.

There were hydrogen filled balloons and he lit a fuse which ran up the wood to the balloons and made a loud pop and caused a green flame.

Dr. Frank Mair did many colour changing experiments using indicators, acids and alkalis. There was one which was a natural water colour and changed to blue, then change back and forth continuously because it could not decide if it was an acid or alkali.

For the final experiment he put three packets of Monster Munch crisps in a bowl poured some hydrogen peroxide over them and lit it. It made a huge orange flame.

It was such an amazing day filled with lots of smoke, lots of fire and lots of smiles. Thank you, Miss Stagg for organizing it.

By Year 7


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At Cookery Club we made a delicious Greek salad (Horiatiki) with all students collaborating to prepare this delicious and nutritious dish.

Even though some students were unsure of olives, they all gave it a go and there were lots of clean plates by the end.

Well done our budding chefs.

Christmas Carol Competition

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Prep children are very excited about the Christmas carol competition

currently being run by the Oakhill MFL department.

Working in small groups or classes, they have chosen a popular French or Spanish carol

and have truly got into the spirit of things by having lots of fun putting their entries together.

We wish everyone the best of luck as they celebrate – Joyeux Noël and Feliz Navidad!

Penfriends Across The Channel

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Pupils in years 5 and 6 have been very busy designing cards to send to their French penfriends. They have enjoyed creating a colourful design and have explained a little about their family and interests inside the cards – all in French of course!  They are now eagerly awaiting the return cards from their friends in our partner school in Rouen, Jean-Paul II.

Fizzle And Bubble

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This year’s enterprise team, Fizzle and Bubble have exceeded their targeted profit in what has been a busy trading window. Currently 11th in the leader board of Tycoon in Schools Enterprise Competition. The company will donate their profit to Pendleside Hospice. Summing up the experience the team; Layla, Bobby, Aaron, Joshua, Louis and Robert have found it challenging, stressful at times but in the end rewarding. “Being successful and making a profit has made it all worthwhile.”

Thank you to all of our Fizzle and Bubble customers.

Jingle Bells

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Year Three got into the Christmas spirit with a rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ on guitars from Orlaith and Caspar, who are both having guitar lessons. Very well played!

Fractious Fractions!

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Year Three have been getting to grips with the finer points of all things fractions.

Some of the lessons have been quite fractious with brain cells overheating across the classroom!

Year 7 Visit Oldest Church In Clitheroe

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Last week students in year seven were given the chance to look around St Mary’s Church in Clitheroe with Rev Andrew Froud. The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and experienced a detailed tour of the magnificent building. Rev Froud had the students enthralled with the tales of the historical fire which burnt down part of the church and once the tour ventured into the graveyard the year sevens were a little shocked to learn about some of the gruesome deaths that had taken place.

We had a fantastic time and wanted to say thank you to Rev Froud for having us.

‘¿Hay posada?’

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In Spanish this week, Year 2 enjoyed dressing up in Nativity costumes to take part in a Posada procession around the school. They knocked on every classroom door to ask ‘¿Hay posada?’ (Is there room at the inn?). Luckily, in the end, they found a place back in their own classroom where they celebrated with a piñata.

Have a look at Year 2 in action searching for a room at the inn on Oakhill’s You Tube channel https://youtu.be/lTR60z_y1CM

Year Three Explore Roman Times

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As part of their history study on The Romans Year Three recently visited Ribchester Roman Museum.

They studied a brief history of the Romans in Britain and then looked at a large variety of Roman artefacts and got to try some of them on.

They then visited some of the ruins outside…buildings that have survived for over 2,000 years!

The children really enjoyed their visit and were fascinated by actually holding original artefacts that Romans made!

Chess Tournament

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Six boys from Years 5-8 relished the opportunity to test their chess skills against Year 9 pupils at St Augustine’s last week. 

Despite the difference in age and experience levels, the boys were a very good match for their opponents and truly enjoyed each of the highly competitive games. 

The informal tournament was arranged by Year 8 pupil, Harrison, through a contact at his local chess club, Blackburn Crusaders. 

He headed up an excited team who are already looking forward to the next games, which we are hoping to arrange for the New Year.  Well done, boys! 

You all played extremely well and were a real credit to Oakhill.

Prize Giving 2018

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Pupils, parents and staff celebrated Oakhill’s Annual Prize Giving on Thursday 29th November in the Sports Hall at Oakhill. The Venerable Michael Everitt, Archdeacon of Lancaster, presented the prizes to returning and current pupils, in front of invited guests including the Mayor of the Ribble Valley, Clitheroe Town Mayor, governors and members of the Baron family.

Head Girl, Phoebe Richardson, welcomed the guests with an entertaining speech and talked about how high school is a crucial part of your journey through life, where some schools can break you but Oakhill makes you, and that is what makes Oakhill special.

The Chair of Governors, Mr Tony Baron, spoke about the new houses which are to be built at the bottom of the car park, form which the profits of the venture will go towards building the proposed new senior block. Mr Baron thanked the governors and the Oakhill Association for all the time they give to helping school. He spoke of his sadness in losing Oakhill’s matriarch or the mother of the family, Mrs Crouch who will be sadly missed by pupils, staff and parents alike.

Before The Principal, Mrs Crouch spoke we were entertained by a video highlighting the last academic year. Mrs Crouch congratulated last year’s Year 11 on their successful GCSE results. Other events of last year were the inspection were Mrs Crouch spoke of how proud she was that our teaching is excellent, an accolade very few independent and state schools in the area share.

The Venerable Michael Everitt, Archdeacon of Lancaster, then gave out the prizes, and followed this with an amusing speech which included his thoughts on his time in Peru and how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

The Head Boy, James Sutterby, thanked Archdeacon Michael and spoke about the highlights of his time at Oakhill, including various trips he had taken, although he did have to apologise to Mr Peel for the amount of accidents he’d had resulting in several hospital visits on various trips!

Between the speeches and Prize Giving we were entertained by Year 10 pupil Holly on the violin playing a piece from Vivaldi. Following the proceedings there was an extensive buffet which provided an excellent opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to meet once more.


Year 2s Christmas Adverts

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Last Friday saw Year 2 performing their class assembly to the rest of Prep and their parents and grandparents.

The children were very excited because there were only 25 sleeps to Christmas and everyone had a premier showing of Year 2’s  own take on many different iconic  Christmas adverts.

They then went on to tell everyone about Advent, which is the coming of Jesus at Christmas, and how important it is to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

The boys and girls were amazing and made Mrs. Wilson and Miss Whittaker very proud with their efforts.

We hope everyone has a very happy and holy Advent. Watch Year 2s Christmas adverts here https://youtu.be/xeVblaHJIfU


Year Six Visit The Imperial War Museum

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Year 6 have been studying World War Two in history this term and have written some reports on a recent visit they had. Here are a selection of their comments which explain what they did and saw there.


Last Thursday, Year 6 went on a trip to the Imperial War Museum in North Manchester. “ (Isaac)

“The building was massive and the shape of it was inspired by the shards of a broken pot.”  (Monty)

“ When you went inside, it felt strange like you were lost on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean.”(George)

“We stood next to a T-55 Russian tank before we went inside.”(Josh)

“ A man showed us some WW1 and 2 helmets and gas masks. “ (Noah)

“ I personally liked trying on the Mark VI hat best – it was called ‘the mushroom’.(Roman)

“ I found out that the hats we saw from WW1, weren’t even bullet proof!” (Zara)

“ We listened to an old-fashioned wireless broadcasting a speech by Winston Churchill.” (Imogen)

“There was a 1940’s living room where you could listen out for the air-raid siren and listen to the wireless” (Taylor)

“ We watched a video called War at Home which told us what they people at home had to do to support the soldiers.” (Charlie)

We were privileged to meet war veteran, David, who at 95 was still able to recall his memories of WW2.

“He was only 19 when he joined the RAF and he worked as the ground force crew so never shot a gun. He even had to do look-out duty on his birthday.”(Edward)

Mairead says “ …he had several medals and he told us the story of him being sent a chocolate cake on his 21st birthday. It was fascinating to meet someone who had been in the war and knows how it feels.”

“I thought it was nice that we got to see a picture of him in uniform when he was younger. He had lots of medals all different shapes and sizes and joked with us that they were from Marks and Spencer’s!” (Nellie)

Lilly-Ella wrote…” We went outside to see the beautiful, ceramic poppies which cascaded downwards. It took my breath away and was a tremendous feature”.

“ It was put there to mark the 100th year since WW1 ended.” (Kyle)

“ We saw an underwater mine, an English tank and a German car. It was a really good trip and I would like to come again with my parents and explore the main exhibitions a bit more.”(Rocco)

Year 7 Are A Human Climate Graph

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Year 7 are studying the U.K. and have been looking at climate graphs. Here they are making a human climate graph of the U.K., dressed in appropriate clothing for their season. Their bodies represent precipitation so they are crouched down in the summer and the measuring tape is the average monthly temperature. The graph reads from January on the left to December on the right. Got it? Well done, Year 7!

Year 5 & 6 Basketball

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Oakhill hosted the boroughs year 5 & 6 basketball tournament last week. We hosted 12 teams from across the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn, Entering two teams of our own. Each game had to have two boys and two girls on the court at all times.

Oakhill oranges played very well convincingly winning their first two games but unfortunately came unstuck in their final two games against Gisburn and Simonstone who both progressed from the group stages.

Oakhill greens played fantastically well winning all 4 of their group stage games some by up to 17 points. Progressing to the quarter finals in first place in their group. In the quarters the met with Simonstone who had knocked our oranges out of the competition. So we knew it would be a tough game and we wanted to win for both teams. Great teamwork ensured a win but it was closely contended, Oakhill greens finally winning 7-4.

This meant we entered the final unbeaten in the tournament. We knew this would be a tough game but also knew we were the most structured team in the tournament. The game was end to end and full of excitement, unfortunately after our unbeaten progress the passion took over and we lost our formation at times rushing and struggling to get the much needed baskets. It was a great game finishing with Gisburn winning 4-2 a great Afternoon was had by all. Well done to all of our players, you did Oakhill proud! Also a big thank you to year 10 who organised, managed and umpired the event, working as young leaders in sport.

Learning About Other Religions

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We were very fortunate last week to have guest speakers in school in RE to help bring to life a range of different religions for our students.

On Tuesday year 9, 10 and 11 were entertained by Ashraf Varachhia from the Clitheroe Mosque who gave a fantastic presentation to students and answered lots of questions about the Islamic faith. The students learned so much about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. Mr Varachhia really opened the students’ eyes to the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity and we have asked Mr Varachhia to come and visit again, as what the students gained was so beneficial and directly relevant to their exam.

We were also fortunate to have Rev Andy Froud from St Mary’s Church in Clitheroe visit us to speak to year 7 and 8 about Christianity and being a vicar of a Parish. The students really enjoyed this visit and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions about  the role of a Vicar, reasons for choosing this vocation and were even entertained with magic tricks from the former TV Celebrity star of “The Chase”. We have been invited to go to St Mary’s to have a look around and further our knowledge of Christianity and look forward to this.


On Wednesday, Richard Foster who is a Buddhist came in to talk to year 7 and 8 students about Buddhism and the links between Buddhism and other faiths. He brought in lots of Buddhist objects used in meditation and spoke to us about Buddhist principles and the Buddhist way of life. We were very fortunate and the students learnt a lot about the Buddhist faith.

We really appreciate our visitors taking the time to come to Oakhill and to talk to us about their religion.

El Viejo Saloon

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On Monday 19th November, the GCSE Spanish students went to Blackburn to watch an Onatti Spanish production called El Viejo Saloon. The play was set in the Wild West and told the story of a saloon owner and his daughter losing their money and trying to win it back again through a talent show contest. They held a talent show of their own to decide the best contestant for the competition. In the end, they won the contest and the $100 prize but the prize money was stolen yet again! We all managed to understand it but the plot kept us guessing!


Year One Toys

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Year One have been learning about toys. They researched what their parents and grandparents played with and then enjoyed playing with some old toys in school.

They also got the chance to make their own thaumatrope , which they all enjoyed playing with. Although they all agreed their own toys were much better!


Inclusive PE Event

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Oakhill led and hosted the inclusive event for the Ribble Valley & Hyndburn school sports partnership. We welcomed 15 schools from across the borough last Wednesday morning to our sports hall. A range of our pupils from reception to year 6 took part in the event working alongside pupils with a range of social, physical and mental disabilities.

Our year 9 pupils worked as sports leaders on the events and guided the participants through various modified activities such as athletic activities, boccia, parachute games and new age Kurling. Along with enjoying the activities it was a great opportunity for our pupils to meet and interact with pupils from across the borough.

Our young leaders did us proud and a great morning was enjoyed by all. We have since received emails and verbal feedback from a number of schools commending the performance of our year 9 leaders. Robyn stole the show with her excellent introductions, demonstrations and motivation of the pupils.

A special mention should also go to Louis who was a participant in the event throughout his years in prep, but now is working as a young leader and role model to the pupils. Well done Louis, we are very proud of the confident young man you have become. We look forward to the next event in March as we have been promised that we will be able to take part in wheelchair basketball.

Vocab Express

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Year Three proved themselves to be amazing linguists during the recent Vocab Express competition. They completed activities using languages ranging from French and Spanish to Polish and Portuguese. So ‘Fantastico’ and ‘Molto Bene’ to Year Three!


Mountain Biking – Gisburn Forest

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Nine pupils from years 6 to 11 enjoyed a day of mountain biking adventures at Gisburn Forest last Saturday.

The group took on the blue route with an added couple of loops of the ‘Hope Line’ – a fast downhill section with lots of sweeping bends and jumps.

The group did very well, riding safely and skilfully covering nearly 20km.  We were pleased to welcome some new riders from Year 6 to our regular rides, and we look forward to more in the future.  Well done everyone!