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Skills For Life

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In form Year 8 are developing their skills for life.

This week they were refining their sewing skills by reinforcing their buttons on their blazers – whether or not buttons will still be a part of future generations,

it is still a necessary skill for our adults of the future.

Forest School

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Reception had a drier day for our Forest school session last week.

The children enjoyed a minibeast hunt and found lots of slugs, worms and wood lice.

We also made symmetrical patterns using conkers and leaves.

Our final activity was using clay to make leaf imprints and clay monsters.

More forest fun after half term!


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CAKE club meets on a Friday and is aimed at enriching students’ learning beyond the curriculum.

This term we have made posters about “Where Geography takes us…” as part of the Royal Geographical Society Young Geographer of the Year competition. Students were able to explore areas of Geography which interest them, delving deeper into the theory and designing their own poster.

It has been an opportunity for students to mix, with Year 6 meeting older students and sharing their ideas. And of course, there is cake each week! Well done to students and next term we will be looking at skills in debating.

Year 8 Cementing Their Learning

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Year 8 had a very interesting visit to Hanson cement works and quarry. Paul was their guide as they toured the limestone quarry and production site, linking their classroom learning to an understanding of how important the quality of limestone is in the process.

Cement from Clitheroe is famous for its quality and was used to build the London Aquatics centre for the 2012 Olympics. They were amazed to see the heat from the kiln and the monitoring in the control room.

Thanks to Paul for his time and help and to Hanson for hosting us. Well done to the students who listened very well and were exemplary in their conduct.


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This Sunday was the first Oakhill School meet at Parkrun. To ease us into the Parkrun scene, we started off with the 2km Junior Parkrun at Padiham Greenway, a flat and fast route. First home from Oakhill was Year 8 pupil, Finlay , 3rd overall, in a time of 8 minutes 26 seconds, fantastic work, Finlay!

Next home was Year 7 pupil, Noah who was 6th overall in a time of 9 minutes 4 seconds. Hot on his heels was Year 9 pupil, Christopher 7th overall in a time of 9 minutes 20 seconds.

It was great to see Noah bring his younger sister too, Isobella, who also ran a fantastic time of 13 minutes 4 seconds. Great running everyone, and a fantastic way to start the day with a great sense of achievement.

Our next Parkrun meet will be the 5km Hyndburn Parkrun at Wilson’s playing fields on Saturday 23rd November. It would be great to see more of our Oakhill families there- everyone is welcome to run (or power walk).

Year 1 Spanish

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Year 1 pupils have had lots of fun this week in their Spanish lesson.  They love singing songs to learn vocabulary and were delighted to be introduced to the Spanish version of ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.

They quickly picked up the new words and enjoyed working in teams to test their listening skills, as they listened to the Spanish words and matched them to create their Mr Potato Head.  Well done, Year 1.  We hope you continue to practise your Spanish songs at home.

Year Two Autumn Trail

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Last week Year 2 went out and about looking for signs of autumn.

There was lots of chatter about leaf colours, different berries and of course conkers! The children used iPads to take pictures of all they could see and will be making pic collages to show what they found. They were so excited and on task that Mrs Buttery came out to find out what we were up to as she was so intrigued.

Of course the boys and girls couldn’t resist picking up a few conkers along the way, allegedly for our display but a few pocketfuls definitely went home!

However our special find was the double love heart shaped one which we thought summed up how we all feel about our wonderful school. We are so lucky to have such a great environment to use.

Year 6 Are Brockholes Bound

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A visit to the Brockholes centre in Preston saw Years 5 and 6 learning survival and map reading skills in the great outdoors.

Working in their teams, they followed a map to find a woodland clearing where they had to create 3D maps of their imaginary villages using only natural objects.

During the course of the day, they also learnt how to build woodland shelters from logs among the trees.

It was amazing to see the variety of ideas the groups came up with for their shelters.

They used their skills as a team to source materials and create a structure which would accommodate them all comfortably.

A favourite part of the day was learning to start a campfire by striking a flint and creating enough sparks to start a small flame!

Inter-Schools Cross Country Competition 2019

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Last Thursday a team of 11 Oakhill runners participated in the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley inter-schools cross country competition.  It was a great event that started with the year 7 boys race. Everybody completed the race with Noah coming a superb 32nd. After that was the Year 8/9 boys race, where Christopher came a great 55th, with Finlay just in front at 51st and Noah not far behind. Thomas made a determined effort, finishing an excellent 13th which he kept up all the way.

In the Year 8/9 girls race Nicole gave it her all, finishing 59th and Felicity came in at an awesome 39th.

The event finished with the 5km Year 10/11 boys race and Robert-John from Year 11 ran a great race, finishing in an outstanding 3rd position which means that he is invited to run for the borough in the regional finals in February 2020.

All the races had a total of 80 to 100 participants so everybody did very well. Well done all!

Report by Thomas Year 9

Zakary And George Are Awarded Blue Peter Badges

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Zakary (year 6) and George (year 4) had some exciting news last week – they discovered that they both have been awarded a green badge from Blue Peter.

A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to people in recognition of achievement.  Green badges are awarded for sending in letters, pictures and makes that are about the environment, conservation or nature.

Zakary and George wrote to Blue Peter to tell them all about the eco-brick project they have been working on at home and at school.  They showed photos of how they fill them at home and the end result of the benches and tables being used at school.  Well done, boys.  We hope you inspire your friends to be as passionate about the environment as you are!

Lunchtime Jigsaw Club

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Tuesday lunchtime has been a busy one with the start of  jigsaw club and the children have been working in groups to complete various puzzles.

They have enjoyed the challenge and it’s been fun to see them trying things that they have never done before whilst working as part of a team.

If anybody has any jigsaws that they are no longer using then we would love to take them off your hands.

Roman Masks

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Year Three have finally finished their Roman masks!

The final stage was to add some varnish.

They should be on display outside their classroom very soon.

Come and have a look!

Prep School Student Council

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The new prep school Student Council got straight down to work at their first meeting by checking all the eco bricks that have come in since the end of the last half term

…and there are so many to check.

The council are also thinking about which charities to nominate this year and ideas to make the school a happier and even better place to be.

Go Noodle

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It’s no wonder the children are so enthusiastic towards exercise at Oakhill when they can follow some crazy fitness videos, like they do in the Go Noodle lunchtime club! This is just another of the extensive lunchtime clubs that we offer here at Oakhill. The club is bursting at the seams and with a huge range of exercises, singing and dancing, this new fitness craze feeds everyone’s appetite!

Fun Time Fitness

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Whilst the weather was lovely last week Mrs Smith used the last days of summer to get Year 9 outside during their fitness lesson.

The class completed a Birthday circuit, each pupil chose the exercise to complete for the month of their birthday.

The repetitions were decided by the date of the month. Thankfully the person born on the 3rd chose laps of our trim tail whilst the person born on the 29th opted for skipping repetitions.

The class had to complete as many month in the 10 minute given time slot, all whilst keeping the heart rate in the aerobic training zone. Fitness at Oakhill is all based on personal development, therefore the class completed a second 10 minute challenge with the aim being to beat their previous score.

Year 9 worked exceptionally hard and showed a great improvement over the three short weeks since the long summer holiday. I am sure when we complete our standardised fitness test at the end of the half term we will see some excellent results.

Along with most importantly, knowing how fitness and health develop us mentally and physically and should become part of daily life, throughout our lives.

Our prep fitness club also used our beautiful out door space for a spot of boot camp.

Pupils worked in pairs to complete the stations and we compare the differences between isotonic (moving muscular contractions) and isometric (static muscle contractions) the group understood that just because the Plank is still, doesn’t make it any easier!

Take a look at the pictures to see the fun we all had and the smiles they shared, even whilst working tremendously hard!

Oakhill’s Forest School

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The weather didn’t interfere with Reception’s first Forest  School session of the year.

Despite the heavy rain, the children had great fun jumping in puddles and exploring our school woods.

They also collected conkers and drilled holes in them, working together to make a long conker chain.

The children had a great time.

European Day of Languages

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Oakhill pupils had an exciting day on Thursday as they celebrated the European Day of Languages.

Lessons saw pupils doing fun and varied activities to learn about why languages are so important.

Special assemblies were also held. In prep, children were invited to take part in a French edition of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ as they tackled questions about the use and prevalence of languages.  Many were surprised to learn that over 300 languages are spoken in London alone and that there are over 6,000 languages spoken throughout the whole world.  We certainly cannot say that ‘everyone speaks English’, the need to learn another language is as high as ever.  In seniors, we heard from Oakhill pupils who are already bilingual.  We also saw some funny examples of how Google Translate often fails, reinforcing the need for people to speak to people in their own tongue.

Lunchtime was a delightful array of food choices, ranging from souvlaki and halloumi to churros and apple tarte tatin.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sample a new dish.

However, the fun didn’t stop there!  Across the school, pupils have been working towards two competitions. The first saw them designing a t-shirt with a European-theme.

Mrs Buttery had the challenging task of judging from the impressive number of entries but, eventually, chose the winning designs of Yahya in Year 9 and Scarlett in Year 3.

These will now go forward as entries in the Routes into Languages national competition.

The second competition was Oakhill’s answer to ‘Bake Off’.  There was a wide variety of entries, with many children choosing to demonstrate friendship and teamwork by producing a final design in a pair.  Mrs Buttery managed to resist the temptation to sample the entries and chose the cakes of Georgia and Felicity in year 9 and Georgia and Saul in Years 5 and 6 as the school winners.

An amazing week’s efforts, culminating in a fantastic day last Thursday.  Merci.  Gracias. Danke.

Year 1 Enjoy Spanish

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Year 1 pupils have had lots of fun this week practising their numbers in Spanish by playing dominoes.  They are increasingly confident with speaking Spanish on a range of topics.

All pupils in prep receive a full hour’s teaching of Spanish or French, by a specialist language teacher.  This is supplemented by in-class practice from their individual teachers and a weekly language club in Spanish or German.  We love to hear how much they enjoy this subject and invite you to school to see them in action.

Read For Good

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Last week, pupils in Years 7 to 11 have taken up the challenge to ‘Read for Good’.

They are reading as much, and as often, as they can in order to raise money for children in hospitals who need new books and storytellers.

Pupils have been reading in lessons, at break times and at home, and it is lovely to see them showing such a positive attitude towards helping others.

All pupils have been provided with a sponsor sheet and have been encouraged to ask friends and family to sponsor them.  As an incentive, the pupil who raises the most money will receive a £10 book token, and we will get the equivalent of 20% of the money raised for new school library books.  Please can we ask that all sponsor money is paid online, or brought into school, by 14th October.

Are Year Two The Chosen Ones?

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Year Two have been learning about what it means to be CHOSEN by somebody to do a special job. They have been learning about the bible story of Abraham and Sarah and how God chose them to have a baby. They loved dressing up as the characters and acting out the story…especially the cattle, whose noses made a noise when pressed!

Lunchtime Recorder Club

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A mixture of Year Three and Four enjoyed their first Recorder Club of the new school year. Very quickly they were playing away to backing tracks and making a great sound. They can’t wait for next week’s lesson!

Oakhill Peru Mission

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Last August Oakhill pupils, staff and parents travelled to Iquitos in Northern Peru as part of the Oakhill Peru Mission.  A large part of our work was to assist with the reconstruction of a primary school in a very deprived area of the city.  We were delighted to receive news recently that the school is now complete.  The school is now named the ‘United Kingdom School’ as a tribute to the hard work and donations from the UK.

The school now accommodates around 500 pupils in 17 classrooms.  These classrooms are now of permanent brick and concrete construction, having previously been made from salvaged wood and metal.  They offer a much safer, cooler and more spacious environment for the children.  The school now has proper toilet facilities, significantly improving sanitation and hygiene.

The Oakhill team worked each day on the project, offering assistance to the construction team by shovelling soil, sand and concrete, plastering walls, and digging trenches for new toilet facilities.  The funding of the project came from all areas of the Oakhill community who supported charity events and made generous donations.  We can be very proud of our contribution to greatly improve this desperately poor and deprived area, and in providing its people with a safer and more dignified place to grow and learn.

Roman Masks

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Year three have been making salt dough,

following a recipe and then designing their own masks/busts as we have been studying the Roman busts of famous emperors (our history topic this term is on The Romans).

Next step is painting and varnishing them and then they will go on the corridor outside our classroom.

Having make their Roman style masks out of salt dough last week Year Three have been painting them. They have used either white to represent marble and silver or bronze to represent precious metals. Just how the Roman masks would have looked!

Next step…varnish!

Fantastic Finn Gets Selected For Northwest Squad!

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Competing on Sunday at the northwest regional compulsory grades in Wigan in the Under 12’s grade 4 category, Year 8 pupil, Finn had 7 apparatus to show he was good enough for a place in this years squad selection, high bar, parallel bars, vault, pommel, rings, floor, and physical prep.  Achieving scores in the 9’s on his top 3 pieces high bar, floor & vault, whilst achieving his personal bests on parallel bars, rings & pommel.

Finn who trained throughout the summer holidays 20 hours per week in preparation for this competition, had lots of inspiration as he was lucky enough to train alongside current Olympic gymnasts such Nile Wilson, Dom Cunningham & Giarni  Regini-Moran as well as being coached my former Olympian Dan Purvis too!  Finn managed to finish 7th in his category which takes him to squad training in October in the hope of further selection to make it to Nationals in November this year.

LAMDA Distinction

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Mrs Buttery’s assembly was all about pride and feeling proud of ourselves and for others. We certainly felt proud of all our LAMDA students as their recent exam certificates were also handed out during this assembly. We had 33 students take Verse and Prose or Acting exams with The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in June and all 33 students gained the highest mark achievable with a distinction! These achievements are certainly something that our students should take great pride in. Well done to all our LAMDA students and keep up the excellent work!

Year 1 – Olivia – 95, Avani – 85, Ava – 96, Edward – 83, Penelope – 92 and Darcy – 82

Year 2 – Oliver – 93, Grace – 96, Hannah – 97, Archie – 90, Jasper – 98, Jaxon – 82 and Elijah – 93

Year 3 – Jacob – 98, Scarlett – 95, Jessica – 95, Ivy – 97, Riley – 98 and Lucia – 96

Year 4 – Isobella – 82, Katie – 90, Francesca – 92,Evan – 90 and Thomas – 86

Year 5 – Charlotte – 98, Isabelle – 88 and Imogen – 94

Year 7 – Noah – 80 and Joshua – 89

Year 8 – Gabrielle – 84

Year 9 – Thomas – 90

Year 10 – Louis – 91 and Finn – 83


































Year 7 Trip

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Year 7 pupils enjoyed a superb trip to Gisburn Forest on Friday.  They were very lucky to have exceptional weather for the day and they certainly capitalised on it.  Working in small groups, they challenged themselves to tackle the orienteering course.  Their competitive and team spirit certainly shone through as some groups even came back asking for further points to find!  After an enjoyable picnic lunch, they scoured the countryside for materials to produce their very own piece of nature art.

Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, that they had already looked at in school, they were truly inventive with their ideas.  As you can see from the photos, they produced a wide variety of designs: a bus, Mr Pea, a deer and a colourful rose garden.  Well done, Year 7.  You are a fantastic group of young people and we are very excited to see how you grow and progress as you embark upon your school career at Oakhill.

Mountain Biking Adventure – Darwen Tower

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A group of 13 mountain biking pupils, staff and parents ventured out onto Darwen Moor on Saturday.

The weather was glorious which made for an excellent adventure as the group took on the trails through the forest at Tockholes, before climbing up onto Darwen Moor for a brief stop to climb the tower and enjoy some excellent views.

A speedy descent took the group back to the cafe for a quick pitstop, before enjoying a second loop of the forest.  Well done all, particularly our younger pupils from Years 7 and 8.

Year 6 Learn About WW2

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Year 6 have started learning about WW2 and as part of the cross curricular nature of this topic they have been making their own gas masks in DT and will be designing and making a gas box over the following weeks. In Science they will be researching the toxic gases that were actually used during the war and the effects that they would have.

Archie Harrison Thanks Year 5

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Before breaking up for the summer holidays, Year 5 pupils designed cards to send to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex congratulating them on the birth of their son, Archie Harrison.  They were delighted to be greeted with individual thank you cards upon their return to school.  Each child received their own message from Kensington Palace – something which they will treasure for a long time.


Materials Science

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For most of us School was out for summer but our head boy, Sam undertook a three day summer school in Materials Science in London. The residential course was a three day course for Year 10 pupils fully funded by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) and held at St Paul’s School. He undertook lots of practical activities using equipment and methods which are cutting edge that pupils would never have the chance to normally use in a school environment with Materials specialists. It was a great opportunity which Sam had to apply for. He was fortunate enough to secure a place with 23 other pupils from around the country. I am sure that he will share the experience and knowledge that he learnt from the experts.