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The Wait Is Over For Year 1!

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Year 1 have not been able to contain their excitement this term and have been counting down the days until their block of lessons with Coach Zoli at Flipside Fitness.

Not only have they been excited at school but also at home.

We have had many stories of children telling parents about the wonderful opportunity they are embarking upon.

Year 1 are the final Prep class to travel to Flipside to learn new skills and utilise the fantastic facility this year.

Look at their faces, they all agree it has been well worth the wait since September.

In their second lesson they have been working on improved body control, hand stands and cartwheels.

Oakhill Bikefest

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The rain didn’t dampen spirits at the Oakhill Bikefest this weekend, as the rain clouds gathered, 24 riders led by the Oakhill D2D cycle team headed out into the Ribble Valley taking on either a 10 or 25 mile challenge.

The Bikeability session headed indoors and Jill Eccleston delivered expert coaching on bike and helmet checks and worked on basic cycling skills with a few fun activities which the pupils enjoyed immensely.

As the BBQ’s were the lit the rain was relentless but each and every soggy cyclist returned with smiles on their faces and were greeted with a glass of Buck’s Fizz or pop and as many burgers and sausages needed to refuel, all expertly cooked by Mrs Pugh and Mr Chatburn.


Cyclists also got the opportunity to have a session with Tim from Preston Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic who video analysed individual cycling technique and advised on bike set up, something that our D2D cyclists will find useful when they head out this summer in their 930 mile  journey.

A superb event raising £250  for Derain House Children’s hospice, thank you all who came and for the donations.

Our Oakhill team are cycling 930 miles from Lizard Point to Dunnet Head this August.  They will undertake this epic journey from the Southern tip to the Northern tip of Britain on a 2 week adventure Our target is £5000 and all donations will directly benefit Derian House.

Please visit www.justgiving.com/L2D to support us



First Holy Communion

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June has been an extra special month for eight of our Year 3 children as they received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.  For the last few months, they have been preparing for this very important event and they were rightly excited for the big day.  After the torrential downpours of the previous day, the Lord truly was looking down on the children, as the sun shone for the special Mass at English Martyrs, Whalley.  Father David Yates ensured that this was a true family occasion as each child received the sacrament, surrounded and accompanied by their families.

In traditional Oakhill style, we wanted to ensure that the children could share this momentous time with their school family and so a celebratory Mass was held in school two days later.  

We are so proud of the children and they take our love with them as they continue on their spiritual journey.

Lilly-Ella Takes The Lead

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Another great weekend of competition for Lilly-Ella. After qualifying with her team for the rhythmic gymnastics Espoir National league back in March with her team from City of Manchester Rhythmic Academy. They have put in hours of training each week in order to master their ball routine. Lilly-Ella attended the first of three rounds of the National competition at the weekend at Fenton Manor in Stoke on Trent. After a great performance at the English championships the previous weekend, the girls had high hopes for a good result. During their first performance on the carpet there were 3 minor fumbles of the ball however they still achieved an excellent score of 7.350.

This result fired up the girls and they were determined to perform their routine cleanly and without any drops. The second panel of judges appeared to be much harsher on the day and most results were lowered during the second performances. Therefore the pressure was on for the girls to achieve their target of scoring an 8. They came out fighting and showed excellent mental strength when it was needed. The performance was clean so it was now a nail biting wait to find out where they stood in the national competition after the first round. The result they wanted came and they scored a spectacular 8.375. This placed them first position nationally in the completion after the first round. This is an amazing achievement for Lilly-Ella has only been training at the club for 6 months. We look forward to watching her progress in rounds 2 and 3 which will take place in October and November this year. To see if Lil and her team can replicate their performances keep the lead and take the title of National Espoir champions.

Bonne Fȇte Des Pères!

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Year 5 pupils have loved making their Father’s Day cards this year.  They have combined their artistic skills, carefully choosing designs that matched their dads’ key interests, with a series of individually -chosen adjectives to describe dads and grandads – all in French.   Well done, Year 5.  We hope your dads enjoyed the cards as much as you enjoyed creating them.

Spanish In Reception

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Reception have been learning the parts of the body in Spanish. They’ve loved singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes and playing Simon says. Today they covered Darcey in post-it notes and sounded out the names of the parts of the body.

Borough Orienteering Competition

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Last Friday we attended both the prep and senior borough orienteering competitions.

In the morning the weather was fine for our key stage three team to compete at Wilson’s playing field. After completing three change gets based on navigation and map reading and identifying map symbols our pairs set off on the 20 minute course. The teams had to work in mixed pairings and map their route as they ran to locate the check points. All 4 pairs performed well and we were placed third in the competition.

Unfortunately for our two prep teams, the weather took a dramatic turn over lunch and they had to compete in a torrential downpour but this did not dampen their spirits at all. Both the Green and Orange team were fired up and determined to do well. This was a tough competition with 39 teams entered and over 250 pupils taking part. All of the pairings set off at full pace and worked exceptionally well. Exhibiting fantastic teamwork and determination. All of our teams managed to find 9 or more of the available checkpoints during their 20 minute time limit. Special mentions must go to Taylor and Lilly-Ella who achieved a score of 14 out of 17 check points, a top score on the day beating all other teams including our seniors!

After an eager wait for the results, both Oakhill teams narrowly missed out on coming home with medals. Out of 39 teams our Oranges were placed 5th and our Greens 4th! A result to be proud of in a very tough competition. Well done to all involved, as always you did your self and Oakhill proud.

Art And Design

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Year 10 pupil, Alicia has been drawing pheasants. She has used watercolour and machine stitch to create feathers and also used copper wire to make structures.

R.S.P.B. Wild Challenge

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During their Forest School sessions, Reception have been working on the R.S.P.B. Wild Challenge. They undertook a variety of activities to explore and help nature, including feeding the birds, making butterfly friendly seed bombs and setting up a compost bin in the playground. They are very proud of achieving their Bronze award and their next aim is to build a minibeast hotel in the woods.

The Great Fire of London

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Year 2 have been finding out all about The Great Fire of London last term.

Having learned that the fire started on Pudding Lane at Thomas Farrynor’s bakery the children were excited to bake some bread.

They enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together but they found the kneading the dough the most energetic.

They had to use their muscles! It was worth it in the end though when out of the oven came some delicious bread and they could enjoy eating it with their favourite toppings of butter, jam, Nutella and honey!

Success At Blackburn Festival

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Oakhill recently entered nine of their Speech and Drama students into Blackburn Festival of Speech, Music and Dance. The festival is part of The British Federation of Festivals so is open to any one across the country. We are so pleased because all nine of our entered students performed extremely well and they all got a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their competitions, which is amazing! Students were entered in Verse Speaking and Acting competitions; they were competing in large classes against a wide range of students from different schools so we are so pleased with them. Congratulations! All these students along with our other Speech and Drama students are now working towards their LAMDA exams in June so we wish them every success again.

Year 6 pupils; Zara – 3rd 11 years and under Verse Speaking; Roman 3rd 11 years and under Verse Speaking; Joshua 2nd 11 years and under Verse Speaking

Year 4 pupil Imogen – 1st 9 years and under Verse Speaking, 2nd 9 years and under Acting, 2nd 9 years and under Verse Speaking Own Choice

Year 3 pupils Francesca – 1st 8 years and under Verse Speaking Own Choice, 2nd 8 years and under Verse Speaking; Casper 3rd 8 years and under Verse Speaking

Year 2 pupils Jemima – 3rd 7 years and under Verse Speaking Own Choice; Riley 3rd 6 years and under Verse Speaking Own Choice

Year 1 pupil Jasper – 2nd 6 years and under Verse Speaking Own Choice

Year Four Travel The World

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Year 4 had a tough call putting on their class assembly with only 9 children but wow did they amaze us. Each and every child put 100% effort into making their Round the World trip informative and fun. The class travelled at the speed of light in their bus, darting from the UK through to Europe, travelling across to Africa and then finally ending their journey in America. All of this was accompanied by music, songs and videos. Great job Year 4!

Lilly-Ella Wows At Rhythmic Gymnastics English Championships

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Our prep sports captain Lilly-Ella travelled to Bath University in half term to compete in the Rhythmic gymnastics English championships. Fourteen of the top teams from across the country competed in the event. Lil who has gone from strength to strength in the last few months since joining City of Manchester Rhythmic Academy, performed both a ball and free routine with her four team mates. The girls had had an intense week of training during the holidays so felt well prepared to take on the elite teams. First they competed in free, this was a new routine and Leotard to be performed for the first time. The funky music got the judges and audience bopping in their seats and the girls scored a pleasing first performance score placing them seventh and qualifying in the top eight for the finals the following day.

Next up was their intense Queen of hearts ball routine which had seen them make the national league back in March. All of the hours of training and journeys to Manchester paid off. They scored an amazing score, almost double what they had scored in the past. This ranked them third over all in England for ball. A fantastic achievement and experience for all of the girls and coaches involved. This weekend Lil travels to Stoke on Trent to compete in the first round of the National league with a further two rounds to take place in October and November. Well done Lil, as a school we are very proud of you! Keep up the hard work and keep on shining as you do!


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On the day before the summer half term holidays began nearly 300 food items were delivered to the THOMAS Group in Blackburn from pupils and staff donations across the Prep School. The Student Council set everyone a challenge…to bring in five items of food which would by swopped for one minute of ‘free’ activity time on the last day before the half term break. That target was very nearly reached and so everyone enjoyed a choice of movie time, colouring, jigsaws, Ipad time or chilling out on the playground. A great way of serving others and getting something back in return. A massive thank you to all those who did donate and for Mrs Rishton for taking all the food items to THOMAS.


Quarry Bank Mill

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Last week Year Three travelled back in time and became posh or poor Victorian children for the day and visited Quarry Bank Victorian Mill.

They discovered what a grim life children faced back then working in a cotton mill.

They visited the areas where they worked, had a go at some weaving, looked at where they lived and what they ate and experienced a Victorian schoolroom lesson that was very different to how schooling is now.

The teacher was very strict!

In spite of all the doom and gloom children and staff alike had a great day and now have a much better understanding of what life was like in Victorian times.

We were all very glad to return to 2019 and so much more appreciative of how we live today!

Lydia Represents England

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Year 7 pupil, Lydia represented England U13s Ice Hockey over in Belgium over the Easter weekend. They had a great tournament finishing in Bronze position. The team competed against regional teams from Belgium and Holland.

Lydia started ice skating at around 5 years old and developed her skating skills at Blackburn and Blackpool ice rinks. She progressed to ice hockey soon afterwards and joined the Bradford Bulldogs, who have a strong reputation for nurturing and developing elite junior players.

Lydia was put forward by her club, and attended various trials across the country. Typically competing with older girls across the UK for a slot in the squad, Lydia was not only successful but was also appointed Assistant Captain for the tournament in Belgium.


Outdoor Day In Nursery

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Outdoor day for nursery children started in Fort Noble.

They had to walk the plank before they enjoyed activities such as; den building, water wall play,

painting on a large scale and physical activities on the climbing wall.

This was followed by a picnic lunch and a nature walk in the afternoon with further activities such as; potion making and painting with mud and sticks.

I’m guessing the children slept well that night….the staff did!

Outdoor Day In Preschool

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Outdoor day for the preschool children had an array of activities to enjoy,

from potion making,

using sticks and mud to make a tally chart,

spray paint bottles to make art,

a builders yard

and a water wall, to name but a few.

Oh what fun!

Outdoor Day Pre Prep

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Outdoor day in pre prep started with a nature walk

and the children used bags and sticks to collect their findings along the way.

On their return they shared their findings with each other,

creating a table of their finding using their mathematical skills.

In the afternoon, the children enjoyed phonic splat using water balloons,

dancing ribbons,

creative arts,

clay pots

and obstacle races to mention but a few.

Year 5 And 6 Tag Rugby

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Our Year 5 & 6 boys took part in the borough tag rugby festival held at Clitheroe rugby club. The boys made a fantastic impact both on and off the pitch. Taylor and Charlie excelled with excellent movement and timing but at times had to be reminded to keep two hands on the ball as this is different to their usual full contact game.

The found holes in the oppositions defence often and accelerated towards the try line. Resulting in us winning 3 games, losing 2 and drawing 2.

Noah played very tactically and offered excellent guidance and advice to his team mates so was Mrs Smiths player of the tournament.

There were no final results as this festival approach is how the RFU have decided to engage all pupils.

When not playing the boys were shining ambassadors for Oakhill. They innovated their own hybrid game mixing volleyball, tennis and rugby which kept them entertained between the games.

Also a lady from the rugby club commended Mrs Smith on the boys manners, conduct and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon. Well done boys, you did yourselves and your school proud!

Ribble Valley Football League Champions

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Oakhill’s year 5 and 6 boys started their football league campaign back in September. The children fulfilled 16 fixtures across the year and performed consistently playing a good brand of football. The boys won 12 of their games and drew one throughout the year finishing on 37 points. The boys won the league by just one point and a hard fought race with Gisburn primary school and Barrow Primary school. Well done boys on a successful season and finishing league champions.

Teddy Bears Picnic

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What a beautiful day for a Teddy Bears Picnic.

The sun was shining and Oakhill Prep and Nursery children enjoyed a fun filled morning,

they hunted their bears who had hidden in the play grounds,

shared their picnic and then partied with lots of dancing and games.

We even had a visit from our very own Oakhill Bear.

Under 15 Rounders Tournament

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Oakhill entered the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn u15 rounders tournament at Accrington Academy this week. With a mixed squad of girls from years 8 to 10 the girls performed very well, winning three out of their 5 games. Some were very close with rounders scored being even but with Oakhill taking the win due to the number of opposition that we had got out. A great team effort with special mentions going to Juliet with her well disguised backhand batting, Robyn with her powerful strikes with her lucky old bat and Layla who ran her socks off to score rounders and put the opposition under pressure. Well done to all of the girls involved.

Year 5 Trip To Spaceport

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It was a glorious day for a trip down the Mersey and Year 5 headed West to visit Spaceport to reinforce their knowledge on our Solar System.

With lots to look at and a planetarium it was an informative trip making the pupils consider how life exists on this planet but not others, or none that we are aware of…yet.

The river explorer cruise was enjoyed by all and showcased Liverpool’s architecture, old and new. We finished the day with a rocket workshop before heading back home after a busy day.

Inclusive Multi Sports Event

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Oakhill hosted the Ribble Valley and Hyndburn inclusive multisports event last week.

Many pupils from our Prep school were involved and our Year 9 pupils led the event after completing their young leaders training in PE lessons with Mrs Smith last term.

The pupils took part in a variety of events including fencing, boccia, new age Kurling, dodgeball and even worked on their decision making and team building skills in a variety of challenges.

Take a look at our photographs to see how much fun we had.

Well done to all involved and thank you to our Year 9 pupils for being such great role models for the pupils and ambassadors for our school.

Animal Olympics

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All of our year 1 & 2 pupils took part in the animal olympics athletics event last week. Our pupils were split into 3 teams led by Mrs Wilson, Miss Baron and Miss Bennett supported by Mrs Green and Miss Whittaker The pupils competed in events such as the cheetah sprint, bunny hopping, busy bees and bouncing frogs! We had almost 200 pupils from across the borough attended the event All of our pupils gave 100% effort in each and every activity each adding points to our team total.

Our Year 9 and 10 pupils led the event as young leaders. Teaching the techniques to be performed and scoring each event.

Once completed our pupils relaxed in the sunshine eagerly waiting upon the results.

The results were read out in reverse order with St Leonard’s Balderstone third, Gisburn being awarded the silver medals our pupils were anxious for the final result! Oakhill greens were the top scorers of the day and came home with Gold medals!

Well done to each and every pupil involved and thank you to all of the staff who supported the event.

Art And Design

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Year 10 Art student Jessie has developed her own range of textile prints. As part of her Flora and Fauna project she has researched the work of Josef Frank, Graffiti Art and Italian and Scandinavian design houses.

Eco-brick Benches And Tables

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Our Eco-brick benches and tables have arrived for the start of our outdoor classroom. The children have loved sitting at them in this glorious weather and have started to fill them up with our special eco-bricks made from our waste plastic.

As you can see there is still lots of space for more eco-bricks, so please keep making them. By doing so we can help fight against our plastic waste problem.

If you want any information on how to make your own eco-bricks please contact the school.

Mother Tongue Other Tongue Poetry Competition

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Year 4 pupils have been working hard to produce entries for the Mother Tongue Other Tongue poetry competition.  This is a multilingual competition that celebrates cultural diversity across the North West of England.  It is led by the Poet Laureate, Dame Carol Ann Duffy and endorsed by British Boxer, Amir Khan and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Malala Yousafzai.  The children were tasked with producing an original poem written in a language learned at school.  They chose French and centred their ideas around the theme of their mothers to tie in with Mother’s Day and May being the month of Our Lady.

The class submitted their entries to the school’s MFL department and four have been chosen to represent Oakhill in the overall competition.

Congratulations to each and every one of you, Year 4.  You have each worked very hard to produce a beautiful poem.  Good luck in the competition.

Water Park

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The sun carried on shining all week as Year 5 and 6 continued their activities around Coniston Water. The final two days saw the groups – Brown Pike, Wetherlam, Coniston and Swirl How – out in pairs learning sailing skills, scaling rock faces, kayaking and climbing.

We have all been impressed with the way the children have supported and encouraged each other as they faced fears, took on challenges and learnt new skills.

The children returned to school having made some great memories and with new experiences to talk about.

They should be very proud of their achievements and the positivity with which they took on the whole week.