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Year 6 pupils celebrated the Epiphany by receiving very special Christmas cards from our partner school in Le Havre.  They had sent cards to their French penfriends at Christmas time and were very excited to receive some exceptional cards in return. They were extremely grateful to the 6ème class at Collège Saint Joseph and are looking forward to their next exchange.


Lancashire County Cross Country Championships

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Last weekend Year 6 pupil, Holly competed in the Lancashire County Cross Country Championships at Witton Park. Holly placed well in 9th and was a counter in the team’s 2nd place getting her a medal which she was really pleased with. She has also won a 3rd place team medal in the Red Rose Cross Country series this winter. Holly only really started running ‘properly’ at the beginning of last year with her 1st race in May in the Pendle & Burnley GP series subsequently joining Rossendale Harriers and training and racing regularly with 30 races completed in 2021 and managing to get 3rd best course record time at the Hyndburn 5K parkrun for her age category. She is now racing against athletes from clubs all over the region and improving with every race getting ever closer to regional podium finishes. Three Races remain in the Mid Lancashire Cross Country series and then there are the Kendal Winter League races and both FRA and BOFRA fell races throughout the year to enjoy! Holly looks up to local GB runner Eleanor Bolton and hopes to follow in her footsteps. Well done Holly we are really proud of you!

Year 4’s ‘eggcellent eggsperiment’

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To complete their teeth topic in science, year 4 carried out an ‘eggsperiment’ to find out what impact different liquids can have on your teeth. In this experiment the eggshell was acting as our teeth enamel and after leaving the eggs in the liquid for 3-4 days the class found out some ‘eggstremely eggciting’ results!!

Year 5 and 6 Sportshall Athletics

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Today our team of athletes competed in the borough sports hall athletics event. Our team worked exceptionally hard throughout the competition, winning many of their events. Our boys achieved bronze medals and our girls won taking home the gold medal!

A wonderful achieve through competing against some much bigger schools. We wait on the results of the second leg being hosted next week, to see if we have made it through to the next round.

Well done team, you did Oakhill and yourselves proud. Also thank you to our Year 9 pupils who ran the event as sports leaders.

Letter Writing

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Year 6 have been learning about the features and importance of letter writing. Mr Edgar set them a task to write to their role models and inspirations. They all wrote wonderful letters to people in the world of sport, music, TV and even TikTok!

We have already had a couple of replies. One from Rowan Atkinson, the other from Sir David Attenborough.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for a few more in the coming weeks.

Up-Cycling Club

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Our new Up-cycling club has been practising different practical skills such as sawing, drilling, sanding, pyrography and finally varnishing to produce some unique room nameplates. With the skills in place we can start to take on our projects and see what we can make. Exciting times!

Team Building

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Year 7 pupils spent a very enjoyable team building day at Gisburn Forest.  The rain didn’t dampen their spirits as they started the day with an orienteering activity.  They worked in small groups to solve the clues, with many groups even returning so quickly that they were challenged to find additional checkpoints.

Lunch was followed by a wonderful walk in the forest, one of the highlights of which was inspired by this week’s National Nature Art Week.  Pupils had studied Andy Goldsworthy, the English sculptor, photographer and environmentalist and worked together to produce their very own versions of nature art.  We were very impressed with the end results and it was fantastic to hear what an amazing day they had all enjoyed together.  Well done, Year 7!

Year 4 Fly The Flag!

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Year 4 pupils had a wonderful surprise in store for Mme Crook when she arrived for this week’s French lesson!   A group of them had been working hard on a surprise for her – a French flag made out of Lego bricks.  They had been determined to produce something extra special to show their love for the lessons and the language.  Merci!

Playground Leaders

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Today all of our Year 5 & 6 pupils were trained by Michael Frayne, our borough school games organiser to become Playground leaders.

This will enable them to set up games and activities during break and lunchtimes to engage in play with the younger years. The course started with learning about the qualities a good leaders would need to run a fun session. The pupils gave some heartwarming accounts of leaders that they admired.

The classes also played a game where they had to name popular role models within the sporting world. Finally they put their knowledge into practice. They set up games in small groups and learned how to differentiate to challenge all abilities using differing rules and equipment.

Well done to all involved, Mr Frayne was impressed with your knowledge and compassionate understanding of the needs of others.

Amazing Darcy!

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Darcy in Year Three has everything going her way this week. She is the class Wiz of the Week and the winner of the most merits. Added to this she has won a prize in the weekly Chocolate Raffle, for pupils who have been all round stars. On top of this Darcy gets to take home for a week a special story sack, full of fantastic activities to do with her family. And as if this was not enough she was very recently voted by her class to be the Year Three representative on the Prep School Student Council.

It’s fair to say that Darcy is having a great start to her time in Year Three!

Well done Darcy!

Forest School

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Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a true forest school adventure this week – jam packed from start to finish.  After harvesting the potatoes and carrots we had grown last year, we decided to cook them in the woods.  On the way, we foraged for elderberries on the school field then cooked everything on a camping stove.

It was Reception’s first visit to forest school and they had great fun exploring the woods and splashing in the stream with the older children helping them along and encouraging them to try new things.

Back in the classroom, everyone tried some of their home grown harvest and it was given a definite vote of approval. They are very keen to grow lots more next spring!

Year 7 & Year 8 First PE Lesson

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Year 7 along with year 8 enjoyed their first PE lesson. They embarked upon a variety of problem solving challenges.

The pupils worked together with respect, cooperation and a great sense of fun.

It was a fantastic opportunity to watch our new pupils bond and many natural leaders emerged as you can see from the photos.

The pupils quickly learned that ‘together we are stronger.’


Home School PE

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Our upper prep pupils who are studying from home were set a new task. Mrs Smith found a Disney dance class to follow online. Once they had completed the workout the task was extended to choreograph their own dance, with the option of dressing as their favourite character and the use of props was encouraged.

Mrs Smith was astounded by the ideas and the work submitted by our pupils. Take a look at Year 6 pupil Imogen’s excellent depiction of Snow White. A fantastic performance that brings the Snow White story to life. Excellent wardrobe choice, choreography and use of the bird as a prop.

Imogen was awarded a performance star for her excellent choreography and a critical thinking star for her innovative application of a prop. Well done Imogen! You worked really hard on this!

Watch Imogen’s fantastic video here

PE – Try Something New!

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This half term both our prep and senior school PE lessons have been based on trying something new! Each and every lesson both in school and at home school pupils have been encouraged to try new activities.

These have included Pi-yo training, yoga, viral TIKTOK fitness challenges, breathing exercise, mindfulness and dance choreography. Our pupils even designed their own new games that had to include: rules, a scoring system and an outcome.

Mrs Smith has received lots of videos and videos of pupils taking part from home and awarded these with stars and chocolate!

Over the last week in school, pupils from Years 3-11 have taken part in Volleyball lessons. This is a new activity that all have had great fun learning. So much so our classes have been seen out during break time refining their skills!

Oakhill Birdspotters

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Children in the Prep school have been joining in with the RSPB’s garden birdwatch scheme this week. They have learnt about the different varieties of birds we might see in our gardens at this time of year and how to identify them.

Some classes joined in either from home or school, with the ‘live’ BBC Teach programme which gave us lots of information and activities to do. The children were very excited to get a ‘silent’ mention as our school name was spotted scrolling across the screen during the programme alongside the other schools who were also watching ‘live’!

The next step was to fill the bird feeders ready to begin our birdwatch survey. With many children also doing theirs at home or even making their own.

All we need now are the birds and our survey sheets! Why don’t you get involved with the #BigGardenBirdWatch this weekend? Have alook on their Facebook page RSPB Love Nature and join in.

NHS Care Packages

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As part of their 12 Days of Advent Oakhill School wanted to say a huge thank you to those NHS workers who have kept us safe so far throughout this pandemic. They decided to make up some care packages using parents’ very generous gift and cash donations which enabled us to also go on a shopping trip to purchase some goodies. We were also very grateful to Tesco who donated some biscuits and chocolate and gave us a voucher to use in store too.  The children had great fun decorating the bags and writing little messages to say how grateful they were for what the NHS were doing. These bags were made with love and we hope that they bring some Christmas joy to those that receive them. A huge thank you to all those that helped to make this possible, once again a testament to the Oakhill Family.


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Earlier this week Bev from THOMAS collected the food that had been very kindly donated from our Oakhill family. On Thursday they served 70 Christmas dinners.  They were very grateful to everybody who had donated. More than ever they need our help and support.



Association Raffle

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The Association are pleased to announce that Emily, year 5 was the winner of the Association Nativity raffle. Well done Emily, we know that you will cherish it! Also, congratulations to the six runners up;  Gabriella (nursery), Abigail (nursery), Archie (Y3), Harvey (Y8),  Cleo (Y6) and Annabel (Y4) who were equally excited to receive a lovely knitted snowball decoration their tree. Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets, bought ‘lucky dips’ and took part in the on-line Christmas quiz, these activities raised almost £400 for the Oakhill Association. which is a fantastic amount.


Twelve Days of Advent

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Everyone has had an amazing time participating in the festive activities recently. Thank you to the Oakhill staff for your fantastic efforts and thank you to the pupils who continue to make us all very proud.

If you missed any of our festive videos on Facebook, head over to our YouTube page: youtube.com/user/OakhillCollege1

Wishing you a peaceful, holy and happy Christmas from everyone at Oakhill School and Nursery.


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Year 11’s reading of ‘Macbeth’ came to a climax this week, which resulted in Macbeth being beheaded by Macduff, and Malcolm being crowned King of Scotland.  Thank you to Matthew, John and Ben who brought the play to life for the rest of their class.

Spreading CHRISTmas Joy

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The boys and girls at Oakhill School very much wanted to send their thoughts, love and Christmas greetings to those who have found 2020 an especially hard year. Year Four have written to a group of ladies who live at the almshouses in Waddington. We hope that these letters bring joy at this CHRISTmas time. Well done children… you have done a wonderful service for others!

RSPB Wild Challenge

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Reception have been working hard for nature in our forest school sessions and have gained their bronze award for the RSPB wild challenge. They completed six activities including building a hedgehog house and a log pile habitat for beetles, making a compostarium and going on a minibeast hunt. They are now looking forward to working on their silver award next term. Great work, everyone!


Jesse Tree

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Year 2 have been finding out about the Jesse Tree which is a tradition most often associated with Advent.

It’s a fun way of tracing the roots of Jesus, discovering his family tree and they have enjoyed listening to stories from the Old Testament.

It was challenging trying to work out which symbol represented each story as some were easier than others but they didn’t give up.

TT Rock Stars

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The pupils in years three to six have recently been taking part in a times tables competition using an app called TT Rock Stars. After a few days of fierce competition Year Four emerged as the winners! Well done to all the classes for a very good competition and to Mrs Barnes for setting it up.


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Year Four’s equivalent of Elf-on-the-Shelf… named Flo-on-the-Go has been busy again for a second week running. Flo the frog lives in the year four classroom and she has been providing much entertainment for the children during Advent. Each night she wanders away from the classroom and gets involved in adventures around the school. She leaves a clue for the pupils to follow to try and find her the next morning. Here’s what she’s got up to this week!
One more week of adventures to go as we celebrate Advent together!

Tough Mudder

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We had a record number of students from all year groups attend our Oakhill Tough Mudder event last week.

Students were given challenges such as hula hooping, skipping and the Tunnel of Doom. Obstacles such as the Swampy Crawl challenge

and the ladders were tackled admirably and a lot of fun and laughter was had by all.

We are hoping to arrange a summer Tough Mudder complete with Soapy slide and some climbing challenges.

Olivia’s A Creative Rainbow

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Olivia in Year 2 has been very busy on her Rainbows Zoom getting lots of new badges as well as getting a certificate for being the most creative Rainbow. Well done Olivia. Mrs Wilson was particularly pleased to see she got a Book Lover badge.

Year 3’s Advent Wreath

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Year 3 pupils have been learning about the importance of Advent in their RE lessons.  They were interested to learn about the significance of the different coloured candles on an Advent Wreath and keen to work together to produce their very own class wreath using their hand templates as ‘leaves’.  Well done, Year 3.

The Oak

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Students were delighted to received their printed copy of the History Magazine they have been working on since September. The contributing writers all worked very hard on their contributions and George worked hard to produce the front cover and edit the articles. Students have researched and written their work in their own time and at a lunchtime club on a Wednesday so this is on top of their usual school work. We hope all families enjoy reading the articles and also the quizzes written for Christmas. There is also a Crossword competition on the back, closing date 15th January. We plan to produce a second edition in the summer and any student who would like to research and write their own article should let Mrs Pugh know in the new year.

Our thanks to Mrs Hipwell, Mrs Spencer, Miss Astin and Mr McGuinness for their support in getting the finished magazine to publication and well done to the fantastic students.